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Author Topic: reaver versus Caos  (Read 456 times)

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reaver versus Caos
« on: April 18, 2003, 08:46:07 PM »

Hi there :)

The other day I post this Army list in the forum looking for help. After make some changes I give a try to this army against Chaos space marine. This is the report.

Dark eldar army

Lord on bike whit tormentor helm AG CD SF

2 haemonculus on bikes destructor Scissor hand

Jet bike Squad  7 strong  2 blaster ,succubus whit TH AG

jet bike squad 7 strong 2 blaster succubus TH AG

 raider squad DL
10 warrior               X2
1splinter cannon
sybarite AG PLASMA grenade

raider squad Daisies
10 warrior
sybarite AG

RAVEGER whit three disises


lord pair of lightning claw master craft weapon Terminator armour

LT Jericho jumpack demon mark pair of lightning claw

chosen squad whit 4 terminator 6 space marines
1 chain fits

chosen squad 1 terminator the rest normal space marines
champion PF frag grenade

Land Raider (transport for the lord terminator and the chosen squad whit one terminator)

tactical squad 7 whit melta gun  aspiring champion power fist

tactical squad 7 whit plasma gun  aspiring champion PF

tactical squad 7 whit  aspiring champion power sword Plasma pistol missile launcher

1 Defiler

Mission RECON


The SM form a front line in the following order from left to right

TAc squad behind a sand bag trench , obliterator, Defiler, Terminator squad, tac squad in a forest, Tac squad half of them in the forest a land raider whit the Terminator lord and is chosen squad, behind the LR the lord whit jumpack.

Dark eldar deployment

The terrain have just 3 pieces big enough to hide the all army one forest at the extreme left hide a raider squad
In the middle a big rock hide a raider ,one squad of reaver, and the lord on bike and his two haemonculus bodyguard on bikes to. At the extreme right a forest and other big rock hide a ravager the other bike squad and the last raider.

The two army keep a distance of 24 inches

We roll to chose who go first and I lose but my friend was no able to see my army at all so he let me go first. Tactical mistake.

DE first turn:

The three raider squad get out of cover an move 11,99 inches and the warrior disembark in this order.
Warrior on the extreme left in front of SM behind sand bag trench and obliterator. the warrior in the middle in front of the Defiler and Terminator squad the warrior on the right disembark in front of the big rock that was occulting them and in cover from a sand bag trench. The reaver squad whit the lord and the two Haemonculus turbo boost the bikes and fill the gap between the warrior squad on the left and middle of the board. The ravager move to the left side of the rock that was protecting him. And the last bike squad move behind the forest at the right of the board.


My tactical decision was tide all of his troops whit my warrior and avoid taking casualties in the bikes That protect my lord.

The two dark lances of the raider in the middle and right shoot at the defiler. Without result. :o. So I flee on foot the two warrior squad , A couple of 5  was the roll so they finish in assault range of the tac squad in the sand bag, the defiler ,obliterator, and terminator squad. The Ravager shoot at the tac squad in the right close to the l land raider and kill just 3 . the squad on the extreme right take a shoot whit is blaster at the land raider and boooommm penetrating hit and a 6 scatter d6 inches killing two HQ passenger and a member of the tac squad close to him. the disintegrator of the last raider in the right take a shoot and kill another member of the HQs.


The warrior squad in the extreme left roll for difficult terrain and engage the tac squad in cover . The syb use the plasma grenade hit and kill two SM whit is AG the rest of the warrior do nothing and the SM kill one warrior and the obliterator kill a warrior and run free of combat , tide combat ,I pass the ground check but the SM donít break .The warrior squad in the middle assault the defiler and terminator squad. the Syb of this squad kill a terminator and for the position of the remaining terminator they can just  make a support attack that  miss my warrior and the defiler just kill one warrior and another tide combat. that is the end of my turn.

SM turn one

 whit the land raider out of game and heavy casualties in the HQ and the rest of his army engage in combat whit two of my warrior squad the SM decide to go for the warrior squad in the extreme right of the board .


the HQ whit the other lord whit jumpack move in range of assault. The remaining of the tac squad close to the destroyed lad raider join them and the other tac squad in the forest stay and was able to see me and shoot, the obliterator that escape the assault, after consolidate move close to my bikes protecting the lord

the combine fire of the HQ and the tac squad in the forest and close to the land raider kill three of the warrior and stun the raider, I hate flame templates. I pass my morale check and move to the assault phase.
The obliterator shoot at my bikes and kill two


OK we do it from right to the left of the board.

THE syb hit first and kill a space marine the rest of my warrior wound the other HQ whit the jumpack nothing on return from the space marines. the  chaos lord kill three warrior and  I pass the morale test againg.

IN the middle of the board the syb fighting the terminator kill another they kill one in return and the defiler take down another. because I was rolling so bad I make my test and pass againg.

IN the left of the board the syb take down one space marine and a warrior another the space marine kill two of the warrior and tide the combat. The obliterator assault the bikes and this time he kill one bike and because the drug roll was ignore all fallback result the bikes stay in combat. And miss the obliterator

DE second turn

The lord and Haemys move to support the squad engage whit the terminator the ravager and two raider move close to the tac squad in the forest and the reaver behind the forest donít move


The haemonculus flame the squad in the forest and kill three and the ravager  two more. But this guys are tough and donít break. the first raider try to finish the job but was no able to see through 6inches of the forest, the other take a shot at the other tac squad close to the fight at the right of the board and take down one


The warrior at the left of the board kill one space marine and the marines two of the warrior but I pass againg, we stay fighting. IN the middle the lord assault the terminator and kill two the rest of the squad do nothing and the haemonculus was out of reach to hit the rest of the terminator. The defiler kill two warrior and I pass the test , those warrior keep the defiler busy. At the right the combat was really bad for my warrior, they were reduce to four but stay for another round . the bikes engage whit the obliterator lose two member and the sybarite wound in return of the favor.


just two member of the squad in the forest were able to move and they move close two the terminator in the middle they take a shoot at my haemys an wound one .


In the right the HQ lord and the other whit jumpack make my warrior flee and the aspiring champion of the tac squad destroy  the raider . they consolidate in cover behind the destroyed raider. ON the middle the two space marine of the tac squad in the forest assault the Haemys. We strike at the same time the marines miss and the haemys wounded 6 times in return, they attempt a save but failed two, and die. The lord take down a space marine and a terminator. A terminator wound the lord but the shadow field save him. The combat in the left was doom, no a single hit was made from both sides.  That help me  a lot because a keep that squad unable to support the defiler next to them. And the obliterator kill another bike jeje, they are fearless we stay fighting


The reaver in the right of the board  get out of cover and move over the  HQ  squad, the HQ whit jumpack  and the remaining of the tac squad that was hiding behind the destroyed raider. The ravager and the two raider  move to better fire position.


The combine fire of the two raider reduce the tac squad to just the aspiring champion .THE ravager  donít have LOS. The reaver shoot and kill one of the HQ squad.

From right to left

The reaver assault and kill all but the HQ and aspiring champion and the HQ jumpack.   those are the only ones that survive the charge and they kill four of my bikes so I lose and fail the morale test and run, but the job was done. the space marines HQ consolidate out of the wreckage. Two HQ whit nothing to shoot (lightning claw) and a aspiring champion whit a bolt pistol again two raider and a ravager.
IN the middle the lord and Haemys take down the rest of the terminator  and consolidate close to the bikes fighting the obliterator. The squad of warrior keep the defiler tide  for another turn, just three of them remain, I pass the break test. The obliterator kill another bike, the succubus was a shame even with a tormentor helm she miss all his hit. that obliterator kill 6 bikes in three turns.
At the left the warrior lose the combat  and flee the space marine consolidate at the rear of one of the raider and close to the obliterator.

SM turn
The tac squad at the left move and take a shoot at the back of the close raider and destroy it
The aspiring champion take a shoot at the other raider and miss  the HQ whit jumpack  move and assault the warrior that fallback in the previous turn and kill them all and try to consolidate behind a rock out LOS of the ravager.


At this turn the SM have a defiler in combat whit three warriors  a obliterator lock in combat whit a succubus  two HQ whit lightning claw and a aspiring champion whit a bolt pistol and a power fist really far away and in front of a raider and a ravager and a tac squad whit four members in front of the Dark eldar lord and the two Haemys . So I decide to move the lord to support the succubus and send the haemys to deal whit the tac squad and the ravager and raider aim to the jumpack lord an aspiring champion.


The two haemys torch the hell of those marines every marine was cover by the two templates and this time the dices do the job  8 wounds and  the AP was all 1,2 and 3
The ravager blast the jumpy pack lord and the raider miss the aspiring champion.


The lord get over the obliterator and killed  and send the succubus to consolidate againg the defiler but was to far and can not reach it. The lord consolidate whit the haemys. The warrior miss the defiler and this time the machine kill them all and consolidate close to the lonely succubus.


The aspiring champion and terminator lord move toward the raider and ravager and the defiler move close to the succubus and aim to the lord and haemys.

BOOOOMMM the defiler shot for the first time in the game at my lord and haemys and kill the two haemys my shadow field save the lord . unable to reach whit the bolt pistol the aspiring champion rise the hand to the raider an do a signal . The defiler canít charge the lord  because the succubus was in the middle so he charge the succubus the succubus hit whit the AGONAIZER three times and score two glancing hit and destroy a weapon and destroy the machine  YYYEEEESSSS!!!!!!!


We decide to sort it out  like gentlemanís and my lord make a sing two the raider and ravager the vehicles move to the left corner of the table in the deployment zone of the space marines and watch the combatÖ(but keep the aim in he marines just in case)

The succubus  move to engage the aspiring champion and the DE lord over the terminator lord. The Succubus hit twice and wound one ,The lord hit four and wound four .All the Space marines die ÖÖ

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