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Need a 1500 point Necron army list...

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read the title.i was thinkin

necron lord(all that stuff thats good with warsyth)

24 warriors

6 scarb swarms

3 destroyers

1 h. destroyer

6 immortals

1 night bringer

well what do u think?

try posting in the Necron forum here

you'll probly get better results that way, and thats where it goes anyways.

Necron armies should always be at 2000 or higher.
Put in like 2 Troop choices more (twelve in each and disruption feilds but i think you have done that with your other troops) and some more wargear about 20 or some other stuffs and you get a healthy 2000 pts army *smiles*

Why should Necrons always be in 2000pts games or higher? I have fielded many 1000pt and 700pts armies in tournies and have won many battles with them.
And, the only thing i can think of to change in that list is more Warriors, but that my personal prefence.  Give the Lord a R orb and VoD and stick him with the Immortals. Give your Scarbs D fields, but don't give your Warriors D fields. They already have Gauss weapons, and they will very rarely get into CC with a vehicle so they don't need them.

go with C'tan man... also id say ditch the NB.  he is way too many pts for only 1500.  for the cost of JUST the NB, you can field 20 warriors.  also the warriors will prevent you from phasing out... the NB wont.  there is a very famous anti necron saying:
"in games under 2000 pts, necrons will always fall due to the necrons using a C'tan."  not many people ive seen actually USE C'tan, but the whole point is that if your playing 1500, even the deciever would be 1/5 of your army.  as i said before, the NB might help you win in certain situations, but more warriors will help you not lose.  and there IS a big difference between the two.


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