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Author Topic: Ideas on a second army for me to start?  (Read 258 times)

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Ideas on a second army for me to start?
« on: November 7, 2018, 01:47:33 PM »
So background: I've played 40k on and off for a long time since 2nd ed as a tiny kid. I've skipped out on most of the last few editions though, and the only army I still have is a (fairly small) SoB list. I'm excited to add some new things to that when the new models come out (and am seriously hoping that repressors make the real codex), but was thinking about starting up a second army with a different playstyle.

My first choice was blood angels. I like the idea of a (fairly) elite force that can come in hard and strike fast in close combat, but isn't strictly forced to only use cc. But I really don't dig what's up with the primaris situation. I don't want to just do primaris BA, because I honestly don't like several of the primaris models (hate reivers and the repulsor tank... not a fan of several others). I don't want something as over-the-top elite as custodes. But I could have got on board with the primaris profile were it not that I just don't like several of the models.

I don't want to do regular BA either, because as a historic WHF Bretonia player, I'm very aware of what it feels like when GW decides to not drop support for your army, but not ever provide it with any updates either. ... actually, my 40k experience with SoB sort of puts me on that list twice. And that feeling? It's not a good one.

So I guess my question is whether there are any armies out there that match the blood angels playstyle reasonably well these days?

I thought about Chaos marines a bit as well, but I'm sort of surprised that GW would introduce primaris SM without giving Chaos a solid overhaul at some time in the near future as well.... and I don't want to buy a whole bunch of marines that get redone right after my purchase.

One secondary question - how does the primaris scale compare to normal marines (most importantly, can you stick normal marine heads and shoulder pads on primaris marines without making things seem off?) If I could work some conversions I might think about a primaris army.

So yeah. Any thoughts? Or need any more info on my end?

Lastly: (Sorry this got a bit long), it's nice to post here again. I was looking around the internet and there just isn't much in the way of 40k forums that I found, outside of huge huge ones like bolter and chainsword. This one seems very quiet of late, but be-the-change, I guess? I'm not sure where all the 40k talk went. Reddit? Facebook? I'm a bit old and not really involved in either :(
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Re: Ideas on a second army for me to start?
« Reply #1 on: November 7, 2018, 02:36:43 PM »
Hello, welcome!

I am in the process of thinking of a new army as well, but I'll see if I can help you a bit.

For sisters of battle, it's going to be a very exciting release, and the new chapter approved coming out in the next couple of months will have a Beta codex to try out. I highly doubt repressors will be in the book however, as GW and Forge World tend to keep their toys separate. Although, that doesn't mean we won't see a different vehicle. Who knows. I imagine with the Beta Codex, they won't include datatsheets for new units, which might be a surprise when the real book is released.

For Marines, you are under no obligation to play Primaris marines if you don't want. You can also easily play a mixed army, a lot of folks do, and it's supported in the lore.

I don't think we'll see non-primaris marines phased out. Primaris are just an option. I do doubt we'll see many more non-primaris releases though. I think it's safe to assume if it's in the codex now, it'll stay.

Blood Angels, are very similar to the rest of the space marine line. The biggest difference, is in the collection of specific units, like the Death Compant, and Sanguinary Guard. However, as they are marines, you can build your Blood Angels anyway you want.

Prmaris Marines, stand around a head taller than Space Marines, and the shoulder pads and heads are interchangable. Deathwatch use the same shoulder pads for their Space Marines, as their Primaris Marines.

For Chaos, there is a couple new-designed Chaos Space Marines featured in the new Blackstone Fortress game, and speculation says we might see new Chaos Marines released in the next little while, along with a Plastic Abbadon. Also, some folks are equally saying we might get an Emperors Children and/or World Eaters book/Releases soon as well. But, that's all speculation, so it's hard to tell.

Death Guard, and Thousand Sons new plastic lines are both similar quality to the Primaris Marines, but not as tall.

For where the community went, it's pretty much all gone to Facebook groups. People don't care much for fourms anymore.

Anyway, I hope that helps a bit, and if you have some specific questions, feel free to ask.

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