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Author Topic: there can I find website that sells black templars rhino rear door ramp upgrade  (Read 412 times)

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I know forgeworld used to sell black templars rhino upgrades and no longer sells them. I have plenty of black templar tank upgrade parts form games-workshop, so wont be getting any more from them.

I am looking for a company that sells black templars rhino rear door ramp, (some time called templar) Anyone know of a website that sells black templars rhino rear door ramp and other rhino black templars parts ?

I know that the following companies below sells black templars parts:


Templars Space Knights Top Hatch for Light Vehicles

 Templars Space Knights Door for Light Vehicles


Templar Conversion set 1 and 2.

Also I know that these websites sell black templars parts: Max mini, Anvil Industry, Kromlech, Armorcast and Puppetswar (I don't like Puppetswar as there part seem to be too small)

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Hi rexrapter1234 and welcome to 40konline. You must be pretty desperate to find these doors as I see you have posted on Dakka, B&C & wiki.

You have listed all of the main sites other than Bitzbox, so all that I can suggest is eBay or Amazon.

Actually instead of buying them, if you have any of the Templar doors already, have you considered making a mould and casting your own?
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