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Author Topic: 3000+ Point Deathwing Army  (Read 724 times)

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3000+ Point Deathwing Army
« on: March 25, 2018, 04:15:17 PM »

Looking to Trade my Deathwing army.

30+ Terminators,
8x Storm Shields - 1 Unpainted
2x Storm Shields and Cyclone
1x Lightning Claws and Clycone
4x Lighting Claws
1x Banner Bearer With Magnetized Storm Shield/Claws
3x Power Weapon & Storm Bolter
4x Deathwing Knights
1x Knight Master
5x Storm Bolter and Chainsfist.
6x Storm Bolter and Powerfist
3x Assault Cannon and Powerfist
1x Flamer and Chain Fist
1x Flamer and Powerfist - Unpainted
2x Venerable Dreadnoughts Dreadnought CCW & Flamer 2x Lascannon 1x Multi Melta
2x Plasma Cannon 2x Assault Cannon - Unpainted
Dark Vengeance "Azreal"
Terminator Hero Conversion - Sword/Bolter
Terminator Hero Conversion - Lysander Claws
Terminator Hero Conversion  Belial - Hammer Shield
Terminator Hero Conversion  - Deathwing/Knight - Sword/Bolter - Unpainted
Terminator Chaplin, Combi Flamer
Land Raider Crusader
Drop Pod
Case, Codex Cards

Looking to trade for any other imperial faction army :)

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