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Author Topic: Ulthwé 2,000 pts Friendly All-Comers  (Read 690 times)

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Ulthwé 2,000 pts Friendly All-Comers
« on: November 29, 2017, 01:18:56 AM »
Hi 40ko,

I recently played in a tournament with a list that was:
Eldrad, Foot Autarch, Warlock,
2x5 Dire Avengers (Share Serpents with Dragons)
5 Rangers
2x5 Fire Dragons (Share Serpents with Avengers)
2x5 Wraithguard with D-Scythes (In Serpents)
8 Wraithguard with Wraithcannons (Webway portal)
4 stripped-down Wave Serpents

I want to have a more mixed list similar to this that presents some more options and is more casual/friendly. Bringing my "here's a bunch of wave serpent hulls" list to friendly games I think has been a bit too much. I still want something effective, of course, but I figured it would be more fun to get a bit more into the Ulthwé feel as well.

Here's the list I came up with, which I think should be pretty good.

1997 points of Ulthwé Eldar
2 Battalions, 1 Vanguard - 10 CP

++Ulthwé Battalion Detachment - 665 pts
Farseer with Will of Asuryan, Fortune
Warlock with Protect/Jinx
20 Guardian Defenders with 2 Bright Lance Plaforms
10 Guardian Defenders with 1 Shuriken Cannon Platform
5 Rangers
6 Dark Reapers, 1 is Exarch with Aeldari Missile Launcher

++Ulthwé Battalion Detachment - 415 pts
Eldrad Ulthran with Guide, Doom, Executioner
Autarch on foot with Spar-Glaive (WARLORD - Fate Reader) (RELIC - Faolchu's Wing)
5 Dire Avengers, 1 is Exarch with 2 Avenger Shuriken Catapults
5 Dire Avengers, 1 is Exarch with 2 Avenger Shuriken Catapults
5 Rangers

++Ulthwé Vanguard Detachment - 917 pts
Warlock with Quicken/Restrain
5 Fire Dragons, 1 is Exarch with DB Flamer
5 Fire Dragons, 1 is Exarch with DB Flamer
6 Wraithguard with Wraithcannons
Wave Serpent with Twin Shuriken Cannons, Shuriken Cannon
Wave Serpent with Twin Shuriken Cannons, Shuriken Cannon
Wave Serpent with Twin Shuriken Cannons, Shuriken Cannon

So the idea here will be to deploy the 3 Serpents, 2 of them with a squad of Fire Dragons and a squad of Dire Avengers each, and one with a squad of Wraithguard with Wraithcannons. Eldrad and the Quicken Warlock will probably go along with them.

On foot, I'll have 30 Guardians, 6 Dark Reapers, 10 Rangers (coming in from reserve), a Farseer, an Autarch, and a Warlock with Protect, which should give a good amount of firepower.

The Wave Serpents will run up and blow away valuable targets, ideally vehicles or support units with their shurikens and anti-tank guns. The foot element will simply walk up at the opponent and put a ton of shots into them when close. Rangers might hang out wherever. The Farseer and Protect-Warlock should be able to keep alive the Dark Reapers or Defenders with some protective spells, and Will of Asuryan will keep the Guardians from fleeing.

Compared to my other army, it's giving up 10 D-Scythe Wraithguard, 2 Wraithcannon Wraithguard, and a Wave Serpent, in return for a Farseer, a Warlock, 30 Defenders, 5 Rangers, and 6 Dark Reapers. I think it will probably look a lot more impressive on the field with the Defenders, too.

What do you think? A reasonable friendly-but-tough list? Do I have any major gaps that need closing? I was worried this list might not have enough anti-tank, but the Dark Reapers could be able to handle it in a pinch.
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