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Author Topic: Competitive Alaitoc 1750 - for List-building Challenge  (Read 793 times)

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Competitive Alaitoc 1750 - for List-building Challenge
« on: November 24, 2017, 03:59:09 AM »
This is my potential entry for the LBC :)

Being a practical player with some background in competitive play, and seeing that Alaitoc is by far the strongest of all craftworld attributes (I personally consider it pretty OP), I just had to come up with something really brutal. Here it is  8)
HQ 1: Farseer (Witchblade) - [100]
- Doom, Executioner; Relic: Faolchu's Wing
HQ 2: Illic Nightspear - [80]
Troops 1: 5 Rangers - [60]
Troops 2: 5 Rangers - [60]
Troops 3: 5 Rangers - [60]
Fast Attack 1: 7 Swooping Hawks (Exarch, Hawk's talon) - [94]
Fast Attack 2: 7 Swooping Hawks (Exarch, Hawk's talon) - [94]

HQ 1: Autarch (Banshee mask, Star glaive, Reaper launcher) - [99]
- Warlord, "Mark of Incomparable Hunter"
HS 1: 8 Dark Reapers (Exarch, Tempest launcher) - [221]
HS 2: 3 Dark Reapers (Exarch, Tempest launcher) - [86]
HS 3: 3 Dark Reapers (Exarch, Tempest launcher) - [86]
HS 4: 3 Dark Reapers (Exarch, Tempest launcher) - [86]
Transport: Wave Serpent (Spirit stones, Shuriken cannon, Twin shuriken cannon) - [144]

Crimson Hunter - [160]
Crimson Hunter - [160]
Crimson Hunter - [160]

Total: 1750
CP: 8

This list is 100% straightforward and designed to table the opponent.

17 Reapers are the main force here. They wreck any normal T7 vehicle or kill about 21-23 GEQ models (guaranteed) per shooting phase with no buffs at all or kill 1 vehicle and cripple another one or remove about 35 GEQ models (also guaranteed) with help of Doom/Autarch. Naturally, Autarch is there primarily to buff them. 8-strong unit begins the battle in Webway, 3x3 deploy in the Serpent along with Farseer and (potentially) Autarch. Against certain armies in the first couple of turns 8-strong unit might also make a great use of "Forewarned" stratagem.

15 Rangers + Illic + sniper Autarch himself can make short work of any minor character. Obviously, Rangers can also camp objectives or infiltrate around the main force to keep deep-strikers away.
Note that the Autarch wields Reaper launcher because he can surely do it per the recent FAQ; banshee mask is there simply because the classic model of Autarch with reaper launcher has it.

Hawks act as mobile objective grabbers and assist with killing hordes. They also have initial unit sizes healthy enough for efficient use of grenades - I envision these as an extreme measure that would help to fight back a massed deep-strike assault like what you might expect from Grey Knights (or, quite likely, from soon-to-be-released Dark Angels and their Death Wing).

Crimson Hunters kill vehicles/monsters (also pretty much guaranteed 1-1.5 kills per turn) and use their mobility to go after targets hiding out of LOS.

Farseer mainly uses Doom, and of course Smites/Executes anything that comes within 18".  Faolchu's Wing will help him get in range.

Everything will be operating at 24" or more from the enemy, and thus will benefit greatly from -1 to hit. Also, if we're going second, the only valuable things that our opponent has to fire upon will be 3 flyers (at -2 to hit) and a WS (also crazy durable at -1 to hit) - and in addition to that, the opponent's first volley (or the strongest one if it is identifiable) against any of those 4 targets will be blunted even further by the use of Lightning-fast Reactions stratagem. That's in fact a guaranteed 7th ed Invisibility on any one of the flyers! Just roll that in your mind for a moment...

As always, comments/suggestions welcome! :)
In particular, need suggestions about a relic - perhaps Faolchu's Wing on the Farseer?
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