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Author Topic: The Craftworld Eldar Avatar and Warlord Traits - multiple FNPs?  (Read 617 times)

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The Craftworld Eldar Avatar is an HQ choice with the Character attribute, which means it can be designated the army's Warlord and it can take a Warlord trait.

The Avatar already has a "Feel No Pain" on 5+ roll to prevent it taking a wound.

If I took the Warlord trait that gives the Warlord a "Feel No Pain" on a 6 (i.e. ignore a wound, 1/6 chance to do so)

Would I be able to stack these two rolls?

That is to say, let us say I fail my Avatar's armor save, or the Avatar takes a mortal wound from something.

Do I first roll on a 5+, and then on a 6+, before ever taking a wound in such a case?

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