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Author Topic: 2,000pt World Eaters matched play  (Read 851 times)

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2,000pt World Eaters matched play
« on: July 17, 2017, 03:55:06 AM »
Been a while since I've been on here or played 40k, but the new rules have got me interested again.  This list is just something to try until the new books come out.

Straightforward medium to close range mobilized force.  Dark Apostle rides w/ termies in the Landraider.  Berzerkers and CSMs in the Rhinos.  Everything rushes forward w/ the DP hiding behind.  CSMs provide medium range friepower, zerkers team up with dark apostle and termies for crazy to hit rerolls.  Zerkers w/ chainsword + chainaxe get tons of attacks to take advantage of the Dark Zealotry/BftBG combo.  Combi meltas are on the rhinos to make them a threat, force the enemy to divert firepower at them even after they deploy their troops.  Termies rapid fire 4 plasma guns then rush in with powerfists, taking advantage of the Dark Apostle reroll buff to offset their -1 to hit.

Everything is Mark of Khorne and World Eaters, zerkers count as troops letting me use the Battalion Detachment.  What do you guys think? 

Deamon Prince w/ wings            180pts
malefic Talons x2

Dark Apostle                       76pts
frag and krak grenades
bolt pistol
power maul

Khorne Berzerkers   x8        165pts  x  2  =  330pts
frag and krak grenades   8
chainsword   8
chainaxe   7
power fist   1
Icon of Wrath   1

Chaos Space Marines   x10       210pts  x  2  =  420pts
frag and krak grenades   10
bolt pistol   10
boltgun   7
missle launcher   2
powerfist   1
Icon of Vengence   1

Chaos Rhino                        91pts  x  4  =  364
combi bolter
combi melta

Chaos Terminators   x4        274pts
combi plasma   4
powerfist   4
Icon of Wrath   1

Chaos Landraider                  356pts
twin heavy botler
twin lascannon
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