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Author Topic: Chaos in Newhammer Some first impressions.  (Read 562 times)

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Chaos in Newhammer Some first impressions.
« on: June 8, 2017, 06:47:50 PM »
Well, I've been looking through the datasheets for Chaos. For those who know, I play Iron Warriors chaos marines.

My Army was typically lead by a daemon prince, a couple squads of marines in rhinos, a few mutilators, obliterators, helbrute, bikes and a vindicator.

I'd like to share my thoughts on how my units have changed in the new game.

Daemon Prince.

So, my 320pt Tzeentch, Fleshmetal prince is gone, although I'm not too upset about that. The Daemon Prince is very similar to how he was before (minus upgrades), but has double the wounds. All the melee weapons are equally valid, and the introduction of a ranged weapon is a nice touch too. I'm going to probably run mine with a pair of claws and awarp-bolter and wings.

The best thing, as the Prince is under 9 wounds, he can no longer be picked out by enemy shooting if he is not the closest target. Not that he really needs it, but he's going to be a lot harder to pick off the table before being committed. All the gods get access to the CSM powers and smite, except Khorne, who gets bonus attacks instead.

Chaos Marines

I see these guys as being far more ubiquitous in the new edition. I'll want to run them as ten man units, as now their heavy weapons can shoot a seperarte target as their bolters. So, finally the guy with the lascannon can shoot a tank, while the rest of the squad mows down infantry. All the melee weapons are really nice too for the champion. Although it's the priciest choice, I love the lighting claw.

Only downside, is the drop in leadership, but they went down in points too, so I really can't complain.


Odds of all your rhinos being blown up turn 1 before you get a turn is drastically reduced. Drive up full speed and pop smoke T1, unload T2 and charge the rhino into melee first to soak up over watch. If it survives the game after that, then bonus. Just gotta be careful, as vehicles cannot drive through enemy units, so if the Rhino becomes surrounded in melee, it's not getting away unless it can fight it's way out.

Twice as expensive as they were before, so it's a lot harder to spam these things.

Chaos Bikes

Pretty much the same as they were before. However, they get an extra wound for funsies. They unleash 4 bolter shots each at 12" (as rapid fire is double shots, not re-rolls). Not much else to say, they are basically fast, tough, marines.


Random amount of shots, but those shots really bring the pain. Amazing AP and Damage output. This is a great unit to burn a command point re-roll on if the number of shots is lower then wanted. Perhaps not as great at mowing through hordes, but will crippled any single multi-wound model. Points went up accordingly. This sucker sits at roughly 50% more expensive then before.


Like all vehicles, a lot more expensive then before, but a lot more deadly. All it's ranged weapons are viable (at different costs), and because it's sub 10 wounds, it has no damage chart.

Absolutely a monster in melee. Striking at S12 with it's basic fist, dealing a lot of damage.

Still goes crazy, but doesn't jeopardise your control over the model. It can now make attacks immediately after it suffers damage.

Obliterators + Mutilators

These guys changed a bit, and are both the same cost. They no longer have a choice of weapons, but now have randomly determined attacks. All based on a D3, or D3+ a number for the attribute, so the variables are not too drastic. Obliterators will not be as good at horde control, instead will be better suited tearing wounds off multi-wound models and units. Mutilators are the same, but in melee.

Both can deepstrike, which helps put them in a good position for their attacks. I like them a lot actually.

Units I'm now considering


Dirt cheap, and still little better then chaff, but will be great at screening units for the inevitable first turn charges, or to be a screening unit to protect characters from being shot (maybe a bit optimistically). They will die quick brutal deaths, but as long as they protect their superiors for a turn, that's all the matters.

Chaos Lord
Almost a must take due to his aura buffs to nearby Chaos Marines. Such a valuable unit for that reason, plus he can put on the hurt in melee.


All four bloodthirsters look really cool, but I really like the Unfetted fury one. Tons of wounds, great save and super deadly. Plus, a shooting attack which can target units in melee. However, he went up 50pts from where he was before.

What do you fellow chaos players think of the index units?
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Re: Chaos in Newhammer Some first impressions.
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2017, 03:36:16 PM »
I've been running Death Guard with a pretty decent record of wins and losses so far. Here is a brief summary of my opinions

Daemon Prince - Used it several times now. Use it only alongside a mass of bodies that will prevent him from being picked out. Lascannons will make short work of him seriously avoid getting shot by anything that can do a great deal of damage.

Typhus - Best unit i've used so far. Amazing force multiplier always bring him alongside masses of Poxwalkers.

Malignant Plaguecasters - Good units the powers are useful and tossing mortal wounds while hiding behind tough bodies works wonders!

Chaos Lord - The 6" bubble of re-rolls are GOLD, this ability is so good that I was very glad I gave these guys a shot and are now one of my biggest considerations when list building. Very very useful, decent in melee.

Poxwalkers - Always take alongside Typhus. If you aren't going to use Typhus then dont bring these. Another strong consideration for them is the Noxious Blightbringer I feel it is near mandatory if you want Poxwalkers to get to the enemy and spread the wealking dead..pox i mean.

Plague Marines - Awesome!! Awesome!!! Completely dominated Tau in 3 games I played against them. Plague Marines make amazing meatshields for characters to stand behind.

Noxious Blightbringer - This was my least favorite unit when I initially skimmed through the Dark Imperium set. Once i actually fielded them and saw what they actually do for your army...my opinion was instantly changed. This unit single handedly gave me the positioning needed to win games with ease. The extra speed when advancing placed my Plague Marines in the midfield in terrain. It made the poxwalkers reliable meatshields by allowing them (whom dont have guns and will always advance anyway) to keep up with my faster units and provide bodies to take bullets for my characters. I have a solid respect for blightbringers, if you have units that must be in the midfield to maximize their benefit or units that will always advance to make it to the enemy then these guys are a must-have.

Foetid Bloat-drone - This unit i had limited experience fielding but it did it's job decently. It auto hits and re-rolls wounds of 1 with it's shooting attack. It is a decent harrasing unit for sure and it is very very very tough with it's 5+ inv.

Chaos Landraider - Amazing. It is expensive to field but it will put in a LOT of work all over the place even against the mighty Tau who will be hard pressed to kill the land raider. Make sure to use it's transport capacity! Rush midfield turn 1, smoke launchers and disembark everything then drive away and shoot because we finally have machine spirit!!! woot!

Other things to note

Melee - Models don't really do much damage in combat, personally unless you know it's something you'll put several wounds on I would totally avoid it.

Rapid Fire - There is no assault limitation. Unload and charge

Disgustingly Resilient - Amazing. I can't say it enough this thing saved me so many times, maybe my dice were just hot all day but jeezus i saved a ridiculous amount of wounds thanks to this.

Minus 1 to hit - This thing is gold. Use it whenever you can.

Mortal wounds - also a big seller, if you can put mortal wounds on something make sure to do so!!!

Cover saves - Very important for resilience specially on deathguard it makes them insanely tough when they have a 2+ base.


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