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Author Topic: 1850 Harlequins & Eldar Allies  (Read 1229 times)

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1850 Harlequins & Eldar Allies
« on: April 5, 2015, 12:32:18 AM »
I will be attending a tournament at the end of May, and my clowns won't be fully complete by then.  So I had to find some way to fill in the points with what I have to field a list that will be fun and effective to play.  Here is what I came up with:

Cegorach's Revenge

10 Harlequin Troupes:  9 Caresses.  242pts

10 Harlequin Troupes:  9 Kisses.  215pts

5 Harlequin Troupes:  4 Embraces, Troupe Master with Embrace.  120pts

3x Deathjesters180pts

Shadowseer:  The Laughing God's Eye, Mastery Level 2.  105pts

2 Shadowseers:  Mastery Level 2.  170pts


Fast Attack
2 Skyweavers:  Zephyrglaives / Haywire Cannons.  130pts

2 Skyweavers:  Zephyrglaives / Haywire Cannons.  130pts

Heavy Support
Voidweaver:  Haywire Cannon.  75pts

Allied Detachment (Eldar)
Autarch:  Mantle of the Laughing God, Eldar Jetbike, Fusion Gun.  135pts

3 Jetbikes51pts

Falcon:  Scatter Laser, Holo-field.  150pts

Total Points:  1848
Model Count:  42

The unit with the embraces would be joined by either a Jester or Seer in the Falcon, most likely the former so they have something to do the turn they are dropped from the tank.  I may have the Warlord be the Master who rides on the Falcon, but I also like having the protection from shooting with Veil of Tears.
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