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Author Topic: 7th Edition Space Elves on Foot?  (Read 2524 times)

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7th Edition Space Elves on Foot?
« on: March 31, 2015, 03:25:10 PM »
Lately, I've been having a surprising amount of success with unmounted craftworlders. I've also been weighing my desire to stop using papercraft transports with my desire to not spend several hundred dollars sticking my dark eldar in venoms and raiders.  So!  I was wondering if anyone had had any success with dismounted dark eldar lists in 7th. 

I think we're all familiar with the drawbacks to trying such a thing, but if you had to put together a foot-based dark eldar list, what would it look like?  Obviously, this isn't going to be much of a tournament list, but I'd like to look at non-vehicle options for the army.

My Thoughts:

*Webway portals are wonderful things that could help me get, say, a blob of warriors or even *gasp!* wyches across the table. Probably warriors though.

*Corsair allies would, if I'm not mistaken, let me deepstrike three units and give me access to some jetpackes and wasps.

*Taloi and Croni (Taloses and Cronoses?) are tough as nails, cheap, and come several to a slot.  They'd be semi-safe marching up the board and keeping me from being tabled while reserves arrive.

*Scourges are great at killing tanks at a range and have the option to deepstrike.

*Reavers can cover ground fast and potentially have a 2+ jink on turn one if nightfighting is in effect. I could also theoretically enforce nightfighting with the aforementioned corsair allies.

*A shadowseer from the (affordable) heroe's path formation can easily hide from line of sight and get a 2+ cover save, and said seer could also be guaranteed to have veil of tears to keep, say, an advancing wych blob safe.  dance of shadows wouldn't go amiss either. 

*Grotesques.  They're beefy, and I've had success with them coming out of a webway portal.

*Mandrakes.  Not especially popular, but they're great at harassing opponents on turn 1 thus taking a bit of pressure off the rest of my army.  They can also outflank if I'd rather go even heavier on reserves with such a list.

*There isn't an option on the strategic warlord trait table that doesn't mesh well with what I've mentioned so far.


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Re: 7th Edition Space Elves on Foot?
« Reply #1 on: April 5, 2015, 04:23:58 PM »
If I was going to make a completely foot based dark elder list what would it look like?

I would take a corpse thief formation and dark artisan formation from the Hemonculi book.  The dark artisan would deep strike and the Haemonculus in the formation would probably be the warlord in order to get the FNP boost. 

I'd have at least two different 20 man warrior squads running around with minimum upgrades.  I'd take an archon with a blaster and a webway portal that would go with 4 trueborn with blasters and either an archon or a haemonculus with a large squad of grotesques that would deep strike in.  I'd then have some trueborn in the back with either dark lances or splinter cannons.

The idea would be to create a hammer and anvil between the two deep striking close combat units and the scouting corpse thief formation. I would then have some shooty units with the warriors and trueborn squad behind the corpse thief to provide some fire support (though with limited range).

It wouldn't be a bad list but it wouldn't be very fast or maneuverable.  It would be hard to kill with 7 monstrous creatures on the board and some large warrior blobs sitting in cover.
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Re: 7th Edition Space Elves on Foot?
« Reply #2 on: April 6, 2015, 06:40:46 AM »
I don't think I've ever really considered it - I like the vehicles too much.  And the way I play Dark Eldar, mobility is king.  It is all about concentrating my force where the opponent doesn't want it, and then moving on to concentrate somewhere else (other side of the table, perhaps).

That said, if I was going to try a transport-free force, I would probably end up somewhere between Ludo and Wyldhunt.  A solid anvil of Grotesques and pain engines in formations from the Haemonculi book, with a super-mobile hammer of massed Reaver jetbikes, and probably a couple of squads of scourges for anti-tank duties.  Thing is, that list would have to be unbound unless I fielded a few troops to make up a realspace raiders detachment.  Depending on points, I would either be looking at token small squads of warriors to fill the troop tax or 20 man blobs to strengthen the anvil.

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Re: 7th Edition Space Elves on Foot?
« Reply #3 on: April 6, 2015, 11:10:37 AM »
I put together a potential 2k list with no vehicles:

Corpse Thief
5x Talos (no upgrades) 600 points
Dark Artisan 370 points
Cronos w/ spirit probe
Haemonculus w/ WWP and Flesh Gauntlet
Talos w/ ichor injector

Dark Eldar CAD
Haemonculus WWP & Flesh Gauntlet (grotesques)115 points
Archon WWP Blaster 110 points

20 Warriors w/ 2x splinter cannons 190 points
20 warriors w/ 2x dark lances 200 points

5 grotesques w/ 1 upgrades to aberration w/ scissor hands 95 points

trueborn w/ 2 dark lances 95 points
trueborn w/ 4 blasters 115 points

I would disperse the 5x talos in the Corpse thief so they are in a single wide line with my warriors and dark lance trueborn hopefully all in cover behind them.

I have 5 grotesques, the dark artisan formation, and 4 trueborn with blasters all deep striking without scatter.  The haemonuculus in the dark artisan is the warlord for the re roll on FNP for his formation.  I think this type of a list would be fun to try out but would have to use close combat to really kill any vehicles and has no flier defense.  It's primary FMC defense would be 5 TL splinter cannons from the 5 talos.
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