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Author Topic: 1850 Battle report  (Read 1175 times)

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1850 Battle report
« on: May 6, 2014, 12:02:16 PM »

Pictures are of my assembled army and one of some old school buggies I have. dropbox link Dropbox - Saturday, May 3
1850 Battle Orks vs SM/IG
Orks list
HQ boss in mega, BP, CB
HQ Big Mek with SAG CB BP

Elite – 10 Lootas
Elite – 11 tankbustas plus Nob w/ TH and BP

20 shoota boys including nob w/ PK BP
20 shoota boys including Nob with BP and BC
18 Shoota boys including Nob with BC
12 Sluggas with nob/ BP, PK – Trukk / Boarding plank
12 Sluggas with Nob / BP, PK—Trukk / Boarding Plank
12 Sluggas with Nob BP – Trukk / boarding plank

THREE BS w Deffrolls and BS

Fast -2 units of 1 Rokkit Buggy.

Marines/IG List – ideas as I do not know for sure
Two planes, talons? Skyfire missles on one.
Land raider
Leman russ
Two sentinels
Rhino with Tac squad and commander – Tiberius?
Tac squad with chaplain in Land raider
Standard dread
Squad of IG

Game was Emporer’s will and the hammer and anvil long table, which is not usually good for me.
My goal was to RUSH HIM! Go figure.  He set up on the back edge of the table. Land raider and Leman Russ in front of the chimera and rhino. Dread off to their left.  He set up after I did, and he used terrain to block my Los from the lootas and SAG.

I dropped out the weaker Boys and ran them to my objective, which allowed my tankbustas to jump in the trukk.  I set up on my forward line keeping two of the trukks behind some cover in case he seized, which he of course did!
Turn 1 – he shot a trukk with a lascannon which killed it, but it ramshackled 12 inches into the center of the board before blowing up.  He attempted to hurt the BW, but did nothing.  HE shot up the 12 boys that came out of the trukk, but they survived a leadership test with 5 left.  My turn 1 was moving everything 18 to 24 inches across the table.  Both rokkit buggies were able to fire, but no damage. Lootas and SAG waited for the flyer. 
Turn 2 He advanced maybe 3 inches. One of two flyers came onto the board. Shot up a trukk, but left it with 1 Hull point.  Russ and land raider did nothing of note. Dread fired at BW with the multi melta and did no damage.  My turn 2, Lootas locked velocity on the flyer, but failed to kill it.  Tankbustas, failed even worse – no 6’s rolled to hit.  Rokkit buggy took a hull point from a sentinel, and the other fired at the dread, no effect.  BW all moved, one 18, one 12, and one 6 deploying the 20 man PK squad in front of the leman russ.  Two things my opponent did not know – I can assault out of my BW and Trukks as they are assault vehichles. His Leman Russ with 3 Heavy Flamers cannot fire overwatch. My PK nob ate the leman russ in a glorious charge. 

Turn three – he was pissed. His second flyer came onto the table. He deployed both HQ and Tac squads around my poor 20 boys. That squad died in a flamer, bolter fire, las cannon fire to a man- which is fine because they killed double their points.  Flyer and lascannon took out another trukk. Dread only took a hull point from a rokkit buggy and failed a 10” charge to get into HtH with it.  He could not charge as his tac squads fire their bolters that round at a squad that was not there anymore. My turn 3 I put the displaced trukk boys into the BW and fired into the tac squad. My other BW tank shocked the otherTab squad and hit the Land raider with its Deff rolla, my third BW rammed the sentinel squad and then the landraider.  The tac squad had 1 marine die as they moved aside, while I hit the landraider and took 3 hull points away. The other BW crushed the sentinel squad and ran into the landraider, rolled 1 hit and then no damage, damn raider survived.  Lootas and tankbustas took out the 1st flyer and took a hull point away from the second.  Rokkit buggies hulled the dread and chimera. 

Turn 4, he flew off the table with the flyer, advanced his tacs into my BWs. Fired psychic power melta at the side armor and failed to wound it much.  Dread took out one rokkit buggy.  Then he assaulted both BW.  Took 3 hull points off of one, but did not do much to the other as my 18 shootas killed 3 marines on overwatch. My turn 4 deployed my WARboss and is unit. I deployed my trukk boys out of the BW. I rammed the land raider again with the 3rd BW.  I Killed the landraider this time.  Charged the tac squads and my warboss wiped out his chaplain in a challenge.  He had 2 marines left to my 17 boys. The other went well as 12 boys survived the overwatch and held up against Tiberius. He missed with 3 of 4 attacks. The other guys killed 3 orks, but I killed 4 marines with the PK and the other multiple attacks.

Turn 5 saw the demise of both tac squads and the last HQ tied in combat with the remaining 12 man squad and the warboss and his 15+.  The BW advanced and dropped my last 20 boys within inches of his objective with the IG squad defending. The flashlights did nothing on overwtach and they were slaughtered to a man in the assault phase.  The Tanbustas took out the chimera. 

He conceded at Turn 6. I had both objectives and had killed all 3 of his troops.  He had a rhino an HQ who was about to die, a dread, and a flyer that was off in reserve.  I did not get to use my Lootas or SAG much at all.

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Re: 1850 Battle report
« Reply #1 on: May 6, 2014, 06:49:32 PM »
Hehehehehe...I like it...nothing is more satisfying than an opponent who overestimates his own abilities and underestimates ours.  Good Job!  Keep up the great fight!
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Re: 1850 Battle report
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2014, 11:15:52 AM »
A Great Victory!  ;D

I love it when the orks krump even against opponents who you think you will lose against. Even more when your opponent thinks he already has the game in the bag only to get severely krumped.

You have lived up to the motto: To krump the enemy, to see them flee before you, and hear the lamentations of their players.  8)

So, to show how much I loved it, I am giving you five favoritism teef. You will see them in the bank account next time I update it.

Good Job, and may you enjoy much more krumping.  :D
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