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Author Topic: US H: Crapton of Chaos W: Flames of War  (Read 1215 times)

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US H: Crapton of Chaos W: Flames of War
« on: April 30, 2014, 11:46:35 AM »
First and foremost I am looking to trade for Flames of War with a high preference to Soviet and minor armies first. Only need selected items for US/Brits/Germans. This will be in your favor since I'm greatly paring down my 40K and want this gone. Unless noted consider anything listed as primed or basecoated. Now on to the list:

Typhus (painted well)
Daemon Prince(plastic) (painted well)
Kharne (FC) (painted well)
Warpsmith (FC) (painted well)
Sorcerer w/Force axe/PP
Sorcerer w/Force Staff/BP
Dark Vengance Lord

AutoCannon/Powerfist - 2
combibolter/Powerfist - 1
Combibolter/Possesed Arm -1
Combibolter/Power Axe - 4
Combimelta/Powerfist - 2
Combimelta/Mace -1
Combibolter/Chainfist - 2
Heavyflamer/Powerfist -1
plus 2 that are free to a good home.

Forgeworld Heresy Autocannons (bare plastic/Resin)- 4

Chaos Troops
Banner/Bolter/Chainsword -1
Built for bolters - 5
Bolters - 8
Sonic Blaster -1
Heavy Bolter - 1
Plasma - 2
DV Marines -15
Metal Chaos with Bolter- 10
On Sprue - 20 or more

Champ Shotgun/Sword -2
Champ Staff -2
AP/CCW- 16
Autogun- 16
Heavy Stubber -4

Aspiring Champs
Bolt Pistol/Chainsword -2
Bolt Pistol/PS 1
Bolt Pistol/PF 2
Bolt Pistol/LC

Khorne Berzerkers
Bolt Pistol/Chain Sword 14
Bolt Pistol/Chain Axe 15
Plasma Pistol/Chain Axe -5
Plasma Pistol/Chain Sword -2
Chain Sword/Chain Axe - 2
Chain Axe/Chain Axe- 2
Bolt Pistol/Bolt Pistol -1
On Sprue 8

Khorne Acs
Plasma Pistol/Power Sword-1
Bolt Pistol/Lightning Claw - 1

Bloodletters (have at least this many more somewhere)
On round base - 3
On round base with Icon - 1
On square base -14
On square base with Icon -1
Furies -20 (painted well)

Obliterators (Finecast Bare) -3
Predator (in shrinkwrap)
Vindicators -3
Rhino -5
Bikes -3
Defiler X2
one with RAC/CCW - 1
one with RAC/HF - 1

Hades AC -1

Metal PC/CCW -1

Plasma Cannon/PF- 2
LasCannon/PF - 1

2 sets (-) DV Chaos. Might be a model or 2 used, think one of the Lords was.
Chaos DEX X2
Chaos Psykic power cards -1
Plus a bunch of bits if you can define a bunch.

Flames of War Soviets/Japanese and minor armies
Brits - Self propelled Bofors or Priests
US - M37, M12, Mortar half tracks
Anything else offer up.

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Entire lot pending.  Thanks for the PMs.
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