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Author Topic: Campaign vs CSM  (Read 1226 times)

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Campaign vs CSM
« on: February 19, 2014, 03:15:42 AM »
A buddy of mine are starting an escalation campaign that follows of the war of dark revalations. My starting DE (CWE allies) vs his Night Lords. We are using some old rules with this. His night Lords are using the old Night Lords special rules that give them 4 fast attack slots (for raptors) stealth and night vision. Here is my first attempt at a pure DE list...

1000 points
Hamonculus w/ Scissorhand (goes with grotesques)
Grotesques w/ Abberation
In Raider w/ chain-snares, torment grenade launcher, enhanced aethersails, nightshields

2 identical squads of 10 warriors w/splinter cannon
In raider w/ splinter racks, enhanced aethersails, nightshields

2 Razorwings w/ splinter cannons

My opponent has lots of terminators, CSM, raptors and a fondness for tanks.
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Re: Campaign vs CSM
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2014, 12:06:39 PM »
If you're running against CSM with lots of termies and MEQ saves, you'd be remiss not to take some Incubi and at least one Ravager with triple Disintegrators.

As for the rest of your list, you're spending too many points on your Raiders. They're going to die no matter what you do, so keep them cheap. Ditch the Aethersails and chain-snares and torment grenades.


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