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Author Topic: I got me some new units! 1500 point list, "Highlander" format.  (Read 2244 times)

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So my friend and I got bored with our regular play, which was mostly just testing tournament lists. We decided to mix things up a bit and so our next game will follow the so called "Highlander" restrictions on list composition.
The rules are as follows:

  • No unit may be duplicated, not even transports. So only one unit from a given army list entry. Units that come in multiples from the same slot (ie. Sanguinary Priests) are one per army. (Royal Court as a single unit may contain multiple Crypteks, if they split up I could only have one. Same goes for other similar units.)
  • No allies.
  • Non-vehicle units from Elites are scoring.

With these limitations in place, this is what I came up with for my Necrons:

Necron Overlord
- Sempiternal Weave & Warscythe

Royal Court
- 5 x Harbinger of Destruction

10 Deathmarks
- Transport: Night Scythe

Triarch Stalker
- Heat Ray

10 Immortals
- Tesla Carbine

10 Warriors
- Transport: Ghost Ark

3 Wraiths
- 1 x Whip Coils

5 Tomb Blades
- Particle Beamers

Annihilation Barge
- Tesla Cannon

Total: 1500pts

So my plan is to put the Royal Court in the Ghost Ark and blast away with them, while the Warriors walk nearby. Overlord goes at the front of the Warrior squad, tanking AP3+ hits and handing those he can't handle to the Warriors, who are in turn kept alive by the Ghost Ark. Wraiths provide some help if someone gets too close for comfort, or try and get into CC with some weak targets. Although I am wondering if they are any use if the squad is that small?

There's a couple of units that are new to me (Tomb Blades & Triarch Stalker) and some I have not yet used in this edition of the codex (Wraiths) [Yay to Christmas sales!   ;D ]. Any thoughts and ideas on improvement or tips & tricks with any units are much appreciated :)
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Re: I got me some new units! 1500 point list, "Highlander" format.
« Reply #1 on: January 3, 2014, 02:53:41 PM »
That's fun. What's more fun, is that I immediately recognized "Highlander" format from my days in Magic / watching geeky movies.

At first I didn't get the "elites are scoring" until I remembered that most armies can only take one or two units of troop choices. Guard have so many hidden perks. :)

As to the list, I'd suggest a larger Warrior squad and a Res Orb. With the improved RP, and the repairs being made, that unit could probably make it to the enemy deployment zone, if need be.

I'm not big on the Tomb Blades, but I think that's mostly because I don't see them as fitting my idea of "Necrons". I'd shave those points, buy more warriors, and maybe go for a unit of Spyders, especially if you have scarabs that you can "freely" pump out.

To me, the list gains a fair bit more staying power, and some CC beat-sticks [Spyders] / tie up troops [Scarabs] if things get rough on your foot sloggers.


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