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Author Topic: 1850 Tournament/TAC Necrons  (Read 1916 times)

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1850 Tournament/TAC Necrons
« on: October 30, 2013, 05:58:23 AM »
I went to a tournament last weekend, with the following list:

-Overlord (MSS, Scythe, Weave)
-10 Deathmarks, VeilTek
-2x 8 Warriors, Ghost Arks, StormTeks
-10 Immortals, Gauss, Night Scythe
-10 Immortals, Tesla, DestrucTek (Solar Pulse)
-4 Scarabs
-3 Destroyers
-2 Annihilation barges (Tesla)
-2 Spyders (Fabricator Claws)

I played against CSM (oblits + helturkeys + spawn) twice, Marines (termies in LR + shooty) + Tau (battlesuits), GK (shooty stuff + dreadknight) + BA (dreads + death company) and Nids (2 flyrants, tervigons etc.) I managed a tight (7-13) loss and a solid (1-19) loss against the CSM, solid wins against MarineTau (19-1) and GKBA (18-2) and got a thorough beating from the Nids (1-19).
I noticed that the most glaring weakness of my list is close combat. Even though many say that in 6th ed it's better to just take more shooting than any CC, after this I don't believe it. I had most trouble when I failed to shoot enemy CC units to death and was unable to beat them in CC or tarpit them (Overlord, Spyders and Scarabs weren't enough), and they got to run amok in my lines. So I decided to address the problem by adding a unit of Wraiths. Of course I had to tweak the list somewhat, but I feel I lost (a lot) less in shooting than I gained in CC. But let me know what you think, here's what I came up with:


-MSS, Scythe, Weave

Royal Court
-3x Harbinger of the Storm
-Harbinger of Destruction (Solar Pulse)


10 Deathmarks


8 Warriors
-Ghost Ark, StormTek

7 Warriors
-Ghost Ark, StormTek

10 Immortals
-Tesla, DestrucTek

6 Immortals
-Gauss, Night Scythe, StormTek


4 Scarabs

6 Wraiths
-3 Whip Coils


2 Annihilation Barges
- Tesla

2 Spyders
-2 Fabricator Claws

TOTAL 1847

So, how does it look to you guys? :)
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Re: 1850 Tournament/TAC Necrons
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2013, 01:17:27 PM »
I don't play Necrons, but I think about them once in a while. :)

A Destroyer Lord with Weave and MSS is 160 pts, and would be a great fit with the Wraiths. He can't be ID'd, will shrug off most non-Power Fist / MC attacks, and as an IC can shunt wounds to the Invul saving Wraiths on a 2+.

Is he worth 4 Wraiths? Maybe not, but if you're having trouble with MEQ / TEQ saves, he probably could be worth 2 or 3, if you found the leftover points elsewhere.

Do you like the Deathmarks? Better question, are you facing off against many of the new "Big" Monstrous creatures? In my metagame, they'd be a mediocre choice. The rest looks solid enough, although it wouldn't be the way I would play Necrons... if I played them. :)

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Re: 1850 Tournament/TAC Necrons
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2013, 10:39:17 PM »
I always play my deathmarks 2 x 5 man units to get multi-marked for deaths.

I also flip a LOT between taking Scarabs and Spyder or Wraiths (sometimes wraiths and Destroyer Lord) so I feel your pain.

What to do? I usually go to Scarabs and Spyders when I'm playing a very defensive list. IE: my typical Imotek Lightning list.

When I use real aggressive lists, that's when I flip to Wraiths. I may even have an elite in there for assault. Otherwise even a unit of Wraiths is not enough. I've come to believe that half measures are nothing more than speed bumps and that can often be satisfied by your spyder and scarabs.

This is a call only you can make. I've even used Mindshackle to try to take massive elite HQ's out of the game, but it is REALLY hard to go toe to toe with the likes of super shooty armies (IE: IG, Dark Eldar, etc) if you water your list down too much with assault.

Sounds like you did really good against your opponents. I like your base list a lot. It's similar to the early stuff I used to use.


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