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Author Topic: Knights and Sisters - 1850 points Mark 3, changed my mind  (Read 1861 times)

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Knights and Sisters - 1850 points Mark 3, changed my mind
« on: August 24, 2013, 09:15:56 PM »
Grey Knights

Grand Master - 195
Rad Grenades, Nemesis Halerd

Paladin x4 - 220
Nemesis Hammer x2, Nemesis Halerd x2

GK Terminators x5 - 245
Nemesis Hammer x2, Nemesis Halerd x2, Nemesis Warding Stave, Psycannon

GK Strike Squad x10 - 285
Nemesis Halerd, Nemesis Hammer x2, Psycannon x2, Rhino

Heavy Support
Land Raider - 265

Sisters of Battle

Uriah jacobus

Battle Sister Squad x20 - 254
Storm Bolter x3

Fast Attack
Dominion Squad x6
Melta Gun x2, Combi-Melta, Immolator with TL Multi-Melta

Aegis Line with Quad Gun

1847 points
49 models

I'm not overly fond of the Warding Stave, the hammers in the strike squad or the storm bolters in the sister unit.  But I'm not sure what else to do with 49 points. I'm not sure about the Immolator either.  Its hard to say if its a better deal then a rhino with 10 dominions in it.  More models means I live longer, but the immolator and dominions can knock out different targets.  The rhino is also 17 points more expensive with 4 melta guns and no combi-melta.

The GK Strikes combat squad; the 2 psycannons go do some drive by shootings while the other 5 man the quadgun and support the sister blob behind the Aegis line. Hammers go where they are needed
Dominions outflank.
Termies deep strike, Paladins go with Grand Master in land raider or vis versa.

I won my last game against Chaos by rushing my termies at his objective while my grand master and paladins contested mine. I also got first blood, warlord, and linebreaker.  This seems to be a great improvement from what I learned from that battle

When I walked away from that list, I wasn't happy with it.  I tried to justify the grandmaster's point cost as compared to another paladin and he came up short. Also I wasn't happy with just 5 marines in a rhino, that seems kinda weak for their point cost.  Sooooo... here's my new list!

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor - 84; Eden's Edge (Daemonblade) Power Armour Psyker ServoSkulls x2
Rides with strike squad in rhino. Takes a power from pyromancy to fire from the top of the rhino.

Paladins x5 - 315 Nemesis Hammer x2 Nemesis Halerd x3 Psycannon x2
These guys are a wild card, they either walk up the flank or deep strike in depending on what I need.

GK Terminators x5 - 200 Nemesis Hammer x2 Nemesis Halerd
Rides in the raider.  Objective taker

GK Strike Squad x8 - 225 Nemesis Halerd x1 Nemesis Hammer x1 Psycannon x1 Rhino
Advances with inquisitor along side raider. Psycannon and inquisitor shoot from the top hatch

Land Raider with Multimelta - 265
Spearheads the assault and takes out transports and other tanks

Uriah Jacobus
Goes with sisters blob to enhance them.

Repentia Squad x6 - 107
Mans the quad gun with the MEQ bs.  Counter assault against anything that wants to take my home objective.  Or can run up, hiding behind land raider as mission requires.

Battle Sister Squad x20 - 254 Storm Bolter x3
Sits tight in the aegis line, lays down bolter fire against anything in range.

Dominion Squad x10 - 210 Melta Gun x4 Rhino
I decided to go with the rhino again because having more models is a good idea!  That, and I don't have an immolator yet.
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