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Author Topic: 2500 for tomorrow; Dual FOC  (Read 1064 times)

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2500 for tomorrow; Dual FOC
« on: August 9, 2013, 08:53:32 PM »
2500pts, Double FOC, Semi-speed freekz

135 - Warboss/Bike, Cybork, Powerklaw
135 - Warboss/Bike, Cybork, Powerklaw
 60 - Big Mek/Powerklaw (in Battlewagon)

180 - Grot Battle Tank Mob:
         3 Tanks/Grotzooka, 1 Kommissar/Grotzooka+Skorcha
135 - 9 Lootas

154 - 18 Slugga Boyz/1x Big Shoota (in Battlewagon)
165 - Shoota Boyz/2xBig Shoota (On Foot)
146 - 10 Slugga Boyz/Big Shoota
         ^Trukk/Boarding Plank
141 - 10 Slugga Boyz/Big Shoota
147 - 12 Shoota Boyz/Big Shoota
 40 - 10 Gretchin & Runtherd

135 - 3x Deffkopta/3xTL Rokkits
135 - 3x Deffkopta/3xTL Rokkits
 70 - Deffkopta/ TL Rokkit, Buzzsaw
 70 - Deffkopta/ TL Rokkit, Buzzsaw
140 - Dakkajet/3x SupaShootas, Flyboss
120 - 3x Wartrakk/3x TL Rokkits

130 - Battlewagon/4x Rokkits
105 - Looted Wagon/Boom Gun
 60 - Big Gunz/3x Kannon

100 - Aegis/Quadgun

Around a hundred infantry, 9 vehicles

Ok; so big game VS new-dar tomorrow.  So far I'm 1:2 against my opponent, and I'd really like to show up his list with a 4th edition codex (like the one he just dropped).  Tactics are pretty easy; the Warbosses and 3 kopta squads outflank, while the green Barons deploy.  Lootas, Kannons, and Grots (for the gun) in the Aegis; with the line split into two sections.  pretty much everything else goes for a Waaagh.  I'd like to have a lot more shootas; but I haven't got to arm swapping more than 30 yet.

Any tips/swaps that are going to save my life?  I'm expecting 10-15 Wraithguard and a Wraith Knight, and god knows how many serpents...

I'm about half way through putting together (well...inventing) the Grot tanks right now; but I'll have pictures up of the hoard tomorrow from deployment.
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Re: 2500 for tomorrow; Dual FOC
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2013, 11:41:11 AM »
Looks like a fine list, but (there is always a but) a few things I would recommend you change.

Firstly bring those truck boy squads up to the full 12, a 10 boy squad seems to evaporate too quickly while 12 seems to be the magic number for ork truck boys.

Next, give that big mek a KFF!!! Sure, the cover save is not as good as last edition, but you will find that it still provides that certain "pain in the tactics" to your opponent. The more desperately he wants that BW dead, the higher your probability of rolling those 5+s. 

Next, give the BW at least a reinforce ram and red paint. I prefer the death roller but if you are going for a shooting platform then at least the ram, so you don't get immobilized on the first piece of terrain you try to shortcut through.  I do like the four rockits, that is what I have been using lately and they do seem to do a great job.

Now for the bad news. To get the points for all this, you might have to drop either one of the biker bosses or the looted boom gun wagon. A hard choice to be sure, but I would let one of the bosses sit this one out. Remember; orks are not about the heroes, they are about the mob. You only need one HQ per force org, so one boss on a bike and the KFF mek are all that is required.

Good hunting, can we expect pictures for a battle report? (hint hint hint)

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