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Author Topic: To Disruption Pod or not to Disruption Pod - that is the question  (Read 1458 times)

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In the previous edition of the tau codex, the Disruption Pod was almost a must take during the 5th ed period, as well as when it was FAQ to give Shrouded during the pre-6th ed Tau codex. Now (and I admit this) the Disruption Pod is much more balanced, indeed to the point where people aren't taking it at all.

Hereby: what are people's thoughts on the 6th ed codex Disruption Pod?

Personally, I think the fact that the Disruption Pod doesn't give a fixed cover save, but rather improves cover saves and works everywhere makes it worth the extra points. It also gives the opportunity for Hammerheads to be in the "front line" without having to skulk around cover, especially considering that Multi-trackers were taken from vehicles, and the Hammerhead lost a ton of maneouveribility.
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Re: To Disruption Pod or not to Disruption Pod - that is the question
« Reply #1 on: July 2, 2013, 03:59:34 PM »
The new disruption pod is a useful piece of kit, but hardly essential. I chiefly take it on those vehicles that will (1) be moving most of the time and (2) aren't so numerous that buying them all pods will break the bank.

This basically boils down to Devilfish and, if I'm feeling generous, the occasional Hammerhead.

There is almost *no* reason not to give it to a Devilfish, since it will be getting close to the enemy, it will often be going Flat Out, and it usually contains a scoring unit--that extra protection is well worth the cost.

As for the Hammerhead, it tends to draw a lot of firepower, and therefore could usually use the protection. Then again, hardly anybody shoots at my hammerhead anymore, as my other units are too scary and the Hammerhead floats in the back lines while shooting at a distance. I could probably drop the pod and buy myself something else with a limited loss in functionality.

The rest of our vehicles go as follows:

Piranha are too cheap and too fragile to invest that many points (a third of their value!) towards keeping them alive. I often run with 3-4 piranha, and that adds up fast.

Sunsharks/Razorsharks need to take evasive action to capitalize upon the DPod, and evasive action means you're losing some of your shooting. I can see doing this, but I feel the Flyers are already too expensive for their capabilities. If they had better armor, it would be a different story. Kitting these things out too much is like throwing good money after bad.

Skyrays don't need them. Once they fire off all their seekers (which should be happening early, anyway), nobody ever shoots at them, so it isn't a big deal.

Tetras may as well take them, given that this makes them cost exactly as much as they used to before the switchover to 6th, but are strictly optional. If somebody wants your Tetra dead, it's going to die.

Barracudas might be worth it, assuming they still have the Agile rule. Then again, I haven't seen the most current Barracuda rules yet, so I can't say.   


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