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Author Topic: The new Eldar Codex, What to Do?  (Read 2896 times)

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Re: The new Eldar Codex, What to Do?
« Reply #20 on: June 17, 2013, 08:09:49 PM »
Not to hijakc the thread for rumor mongering...  But there was that leaked list of release plans...  Orks, who we suspect are getting a new codex sometime in 2014 were on the list with enough stuff to accompany a codex...  Some things that come to mind are a telyporta, plastic MANZ, and a multi-kit buggy set...  This will make me happy if it happens...  Though I hope it doesn't mean that everyone and their brother is playing orks after that...  I don't like it when I seem like I'm on the new codex bandwagon when I've been around since our last codex before this one! lol


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Re: The new Eldar Codex, What to Do?
« Reply #21 on: June 17, 2013, 10:48:24 PM »
It's not that much of a hijack.  Okay, it is but I'll relate it back to the Eldar's new dex.

Most of the Ork rumor madness that I've heard all traces back to the supposed 'leaked list of new GW products', a list which I point out had a few things right, and a lot wrong about.  (I'm doing this from memory, but if you want to look up that list I believe there's a whole thread about it posted earlier this year in this forum)  Now that leak list was the first mention of a new Eldar Book, which got a lot of people excited.

One of the most exciting things was the Eldar 'Xenotarchs' or 'Xenatarch' or 'Xeotarch' or something along those lines.  There was a lot of discussion back and forth on if they were a new name for Phoenix Lords, a replacement for Autarchs, a mistranslation of Exarch, etc.  Was there any models of this type brought out, or even rules for such a model?  No.

There was also something (I felt was highly suspect) about a 2 in 1 plastic kit for Warp Spiders and a new Eldar Aspect that was presumably also Fast Attack, that if I remember correctly had different helms and CCWs instead of the standard Spider Deathspinners.  Yes GW is doing a lot more 2 in 1 kits, and while the Warp Spider is out of date, I didn't think this was true if for no other reason than the Eldar already had 2 Jump Infantry units in the Codex and 1 from Forgeworld!  Of course at the time I didn't think Spiders would transition into Jetpacks.

So when it comes to Orks, I think that document is HIGHLY suspect.  One thing that I haven't bought into is the rumor that there'll be a Grot Flyer, after all we have 3 Ork Flyers at the moment, and you know those will be rolled in to the new Codex, and I'd be willing to bet anyone several Teef that their rules will remain as they are printed in the Death From the Skies supplement.  That document also claimed plastic Mans, and Plastic Tellyporta Nobz, and even a new character with the word 'GROT' in his name.  I'm perfectly willing to be proven wrong, but I don't think it's legit, particularly the last one.

At the moment the new Eldar book is something of a concern, and one I think is moreso than the Chaos dex (which really only brought about the Helldrake as something to be worried about), but that is just my opinion.  I'm more likely to play against Eldar in my area than Chaos so that of course influences my opinion (then again my area is still incredibly light on Flyers, which alone makes me know I play in an uncommon environment).

As for your last 'worry' about being branded someone who ' jumped on the bandwagon,' technically I think the term would actually be 'jumping on the Battlewagon' and the easy way to avoid this is just getting known as the Ork player in your area.

One thing I realized I forgot in my last post was an up and down side of the new Eldar book for us playing against them.  The Up side is that we will be fighting against fewer Wraithlords and that their stats have been slightly altered.  The Down side is that we may be fighting against Wraithknights which just might become the new 'big bad' on the table.  He is a bit of a beast, but there is the distinct advantage of the high pricetag both in dollars and points that I think will make him relatively rare (although that rarity again may just be in the lgs I frequent).

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Re: The new Eldar Codex, What to Do?
« Reply #22 on: June 18, 2013, 10:17:20 AM »
Hey Skeet...  Hate to burst your bubble... 


Well, I dug out the codex and actually looked at the rules again instead of going by memory... It is a good thing that they write this stuff down so those of us who occasionally suffer from "senior moments" don't have to rely solely on their memory.

So, it looks like I will be using my junka collection and calling them looted wagons, then filling them with lootas. (since my new LGS doesn't allow forge world stuff) The only problem is getting a few more lootas, as I had been budgeted to get some planes. Whoa unto me (yes I misspelled on purpose to make a pun) if I go to buy a plane and come home with a plane and another box of lootas. OH the conundrums....

On the other hand, if my local ever starts to go to the 2k+ size game, I can just use all my eldar models as allies  ;D I still have my 10k+ points of painted Saim Hann models. I am doing my best to resist the temptation to swing back to a dedicated Saim Hann player and remain true to my orkishness. Oi Vay, my head spins with all the thinking going on.......
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