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Author Topic: Has anyone won any games? I haven't.  (Read 2511 times)

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Has anyone won any games? I haven't.
« on: June 7, 2013, 11:18:12 PM »
Alright, so, I've been feeling pretty underwhelmed right now with the new 'dex. For the record I'm a competitive player, I made it to the semi-finals in that last 'Ard Boys and likely would have gone farther barring some incredibly poor luck (long stories). I'm used to winning or placing well in rogue traders, all throughout fifth. Only at the very end when Blood Angles and GKs started happening did my ability to place really decline into abysmal levels.

Then sixth happened and my standard lists got nuked to hell. Mechdar became pretty much useless to me, as my main delivery platform became paper machete. 

So far I've played two games, been massacred both times. My army is completely impotent. I'm a bit stuck and could use some help from players who've been having successes. Here's a break down of what I've tried so far.

The first was 750 against IG (a tough pairing I know)

I played footdar just to try a few units out. See how things felt. I didn't expect to win, just pull a draw or at least give him a run for his money.

Spirit Seer

10x Dires
10x Scorps
10x Guardians, BL
10x Stormies
10x Swooping Hawks

His list was:

Primaris Psyker
6x Plasma vets

10x Melta vets

10x Melta vets


the first few turns were mostly me moving, not even hitting things with my bright lance. Between my scorps, dires and hawks i killed two chimeras and then promptly was massacred. I had some bad luck (like i always do) and on their first morale test for losses, for every squad, they broke and ran. Except the guardians, who stood firm to the last man. Literally, since all of them died but one, and then he died the next turn. We played on a sub-standard board so I was able to get into combat range pretty easy, but I really had nothing to pop chimeras with so no access to the meaty bits. Just a lot of me dying.

the second game I expected to go better. It was a higher points level. I was playing Tau against the same friend. He's debating switching to tau so I let him proxy with his IG to get a feel for it. It was 1500.

It was a massacre, again. I, in fact, didn't get a single model of his killed. Not one. NOT ONE MODEL.

To help him test I decided to run a more or less standard list of mine, mechdar. Try out a few things. here's what I ran.

Spirit Seer

10x Guardians
-Serpent, BL, Holofields

10x Stormies
-Serpent, BL, holofields

5x Wraithguard
-Serpent, BL, Holofields

10x Scorps
-Exarch, Claw
-Serpent, BL, Holofields

Fast Attack:

Crimson Hunter

vs. (roughly again)

Some fire warrior special character that does stuff

3 squads of fire warriors in Devil Fish

fast attack:
2x squads of path finders

3 broad sides with missile swarm mode activated, and some drones.
2 hammer heads

Now to preface this micro-battle report; I have notoriously poor luck. I always have. Its awful. I played well before because I used things like Fortune, Doom, Guide, and non-dice based things to avoid my luck as much as possible. I was a master at movement because its never a gamble. Fortune and doom reduce my odds of rolling completely horribly like I tend to. So here's what happened:

We rolled The Scouring and Dawn of war. I won first turn. I deployed on my half of the board (, it was a kind of city scape we put together. Got some good LOS blocking terrain. I deployed in a tightly packed group of 2 groups of 2 serpents, using one another's hulls as cover, as far forwards as I could. My opponent deployed his hammerheads on opposite ends of the table for that quality crossfire, one Devil Fish on that side, two in the middle near his Broadsides. For Reference: My HQs (both) are with my Scorps. Rolled Eldritch Storm, Guide (instead of Death Mission), Executioner, Destructor/Renewer, and Quicken/Restrain.

He stole the initiative.

All vehicles move.
Marker Lights all up on my scorps' serpent. Broadside missiles. Wrecked.
Hammer head, with hunter killers nukes a serpent for 2 glances (oh yey, Serpent fields are great . . . )
Hammer head blast-templates my scorps. I think I did allocation wrong, but it wouldn't have mattered any way. Take 11 wounds. Save 9. My Spirit Seer is removed as a casualty.

Now here is where things get ugly. I am behind a large ruins structure. I can move my serpents up to it, and hope my dudes get inside and can fight from there. Or I can flat out my serpents right into the enemy and watch all my dudes get blown out of them in the open, right in front of a bunch of fire warriors. I decide to play less aggressively and hope to get into cover. I move my Wraith Guard up near the middle where two devil fish are approaching, with the intent of templating both of them next turn. I start foot slogging my scorpions from near the back of the board. I move my other two serpents up so they can shoot stuff.

Bright lances away, I roll hits, 3s on the to pen, on two devil fish and a hammer head. Good. Still as useless as ever.
Then I run my Farseer into range to fire Eldritch Storm at the center pack of two Devil Fish (placed closely). I get the power off, but he makes both cover saves. So much for that.

turn 2:
my remaining 3 wave serpents go down to two hammer heads and a bunch of markerlights and missiles. Look at how safe all these holo-fields improved cover saves are making my tanks! "eldar tanks use advanced technology to make them lighter and more survivable than inferior races tanks" and this is represented by cover saves! (th-thanks GW).

My Guardian transport explodes. I lose 7 guardians. They stay and aren't pinned, but get shot to death by a devil fish.
My stormy transport is wrecked and the stormies get pinned.
My wraith guard pile out in time to get shot to hell by 2 squads of rapid firing, ethereal and character improved, shooting. first squad gets 10 wounds through. "just enough for me to fail them all." I fail 5 saves.

Its my turn, my Crimson Hunter comes in on the far side of the board to stay away from the Intercept-having Missile-Sides. Shoots at a hammer head, pens 2, saved 1, immobilize it. (yey! now it can shoot my whole army, still!)

My scorpions move up, eldritch storm again! going for that huge center blob of troops and tanks. Scatter off.

turn 3:
fire warriors kill my scorps with a whopping 5 wounds to spare (I failed all five on my last remaining scorp after allocations, hence why my spirit seer dying before wouldn't have mattered.)

my Crimson Hunter gets shot down by some fire warriors.

My storm guardians get blasted by a hammer head.

game over.


I didn't even expect to win either of these two games, since I'm still toying with things. But to get massacred so thoroughly?

So my question is: has anyone here won any games? What kind of lists are you writing? who are you opponents?

I'm feeling stupid impotent, even with lists I would have rated reasonably favorably last edition. My guardian squad with its new rules could have replaced a squad of Dires last edition. I used stormies in serpents all the time before. Scorps, same thing. The Crimson Hunter and Wraith Guard were my only test choices, and the Guard would have been Dragons if this had been last Ed's 1500. I can't see a footing eldar list having done any better.

I'm faced with the problem of my units needing to get to my enemy to kill them, but being to frail to hoof it. And my eldar delivery systems being paper machete.
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Re: Has anyone won any games? I haven't.
« Reply #1 on: June 8, 2013, 12:51:07 AM »

Threw together this last night,

Autarch, Scorp Sword, Fusion Gun
Farseer, Spirit Stone of Anath'lan (Fortune, Mind War, Prescience)

10 Dire Avengers, Exarch with Diresword+Pistol
10 Dire Avengers, Exarch with Powerspear+Shimmershield
12 Guardians, EML, Warlock
5 Rangers
5 Rangers

9 Harlequins, Shadowseer, Death Jester, 4 Rending, 2 Fusion Pistols

Crimson Hunter
Crimson Hunter
Hemlock Wraithfighter

2 D-Cannons, Warlock
Nightspinner, Holofields, Crystal Targetting Matrix

Defeated army of 2x Bloodletter units, the rest into 5 buffed mostly flying Monstrous Creatures with Feel No Pain, Rerollable INvuls, Level 3 Psykers, all that jazz.

Notables, the Manueverability between Vector Dancing and Battle Focus is crazy, the Hemlock Wraithfighter Instant Deathed a full health MC with it's distort guns, Mind War did 4 wounds, Night Spinners are also stupid good

Changes I'll probably make are losing the DA Exarchs, moving one fighter to an Exarch for BS5, and making a Shard of Anaris/Banshee Mask Autarch so he can defeat crazy Daemon Monsters like that in challenges.

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Re: Has anyone won any games? I haven't.
« Reply #2 on: June 8, 2013, 05:16:47 AM »

With a new dex you may expect being able to just throw some guys together and roll with it would be easy, with this eldar dex it's not that easy and I can see a couple of glaring faults in your lists.
1. Don't use a spiritseer unless you are fielding at least 2 units of wraiths.
2. Scorpions, Avengers and guardians got more expensive for their durability don't expect them to work as cannon fodder.
3. psykers and mech don't mix well since you can't toss many powers while mounted.
4. No S5+ against IG is suicide, they ofter bring at least 1 chimera.
5. Tau are extremely good at shooting flyers and has no really good ones themselves why bring CH over hawks.

Try playing your list 1 against Tau and your list 2 against IG instead and you will fare much better.

While the codex is not as strong as I expected it's at least up to the 5th ed codexes standard, with battle focus fixing the fleet nerf.

I've only played test games though and when tailoring for the meta of course I got some wins, but there are still many unexplored combinations in the dex, which may just be available at random whims.

I haven't played any real games yet, just playtested, but I bet I will win at least 1 out of my first 3 games.
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Re: Has anyone won any games? I haven't.
« Reply #3 on: June 8, 2013, 07:07:31 AM »

I find mechanised Imperial Guard, and Tau, very difficult to beat.

Against the Guard army, you need more anti-tank to open those Chimeras early.  They're tougher than they look, especially if you cannot get flank shots, so I think that you're problem against that list was army composition.

Against the Tau force, seize the initiative meant that you were on the back foot right from the start.  Tau are really nasty if they get the first turn of shooting against mechanised Eldar.  In fact, they'd be ever nastier against mechanised armies with less well armoured vehicles, so some other armies would potentially have come off even worse.  Tau are really tough to beat, unless you can silence some of their shooting early, so really, I wouldn't start blaming the book for having had such a rough deal against Tau.
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Re: Has anyone won any games? I haven't.
« Reply #4 on: June 8, 2013, 07:39:50 AM »
I've only played one game so far. A 1k game against a necron player.
He had

A deepstriking cryptek

2 warrior squads, one 11 man one 10 man.
10 immortals with tesla

2x tree scarabs

1 flyer with the death ray

I was using

Farseer (guide, doom, preciense)
1 warlock (conceal/reweal)

12 guardians with a scatter
2x3 jetbikes, one cannon each

6 Warp spiders, exarch
1 Crimson hunter

3War walkers, dual scatters
1 Night Spinner

Won the game handely with 12-4. Lost my spinner to imhotek, the immortals and the cryptek but my guardians and the warp spiders wiped them out in the following shooting phase. Managd to get my hunter on the board after his flyer so all he did with it was killing two spiders than he went down. Spiders were the
Starplayers of the list killing anything that came near and grabbing an objektiv in his deploymentzone at the end.

Neither me nor my oponent are super competetive guys though. I used to play a lot back in fifth but this was my second sixth edition match ever (still undefeated :p). My oponent has played a lot more as of late so I'll blame him for any misstakes we made :).

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Re: Has anyone won any games? I haven't.
« Reply #5 on: June 8, 2013, 08:41:11 AM »
I had my first game yesterday and it went pretty well. I was up against Orks. From my previous experience i almost always got screwed by Bossbikers but since FNP is not as good as it used to be, i was suprised to be able to deal with them rather easily (they still killed a good amount of my stuff). His list was pretty much the same as during 5th, and since we have both had very few games in 6th, i knew what to expect (sorry for using wrong names, but i hardly know all the eldar stuff in english):

Waaghboss, Claw, Waaghbike
Bigmek, that huge Snot-cannon thing
6 Bossbikes, Doc, some Claws
13 Lootaz
9 Lootaz
3x12 Boys in Pikk-Ups, Rockets, Boss, Claw
20 Boyz, Rockets, Boss, Claw
Gargbot, 4x CC Weapon
2x 3 Killabots, Grotlaunchers

I used my list i've posted a couple of days ago with some minor adjustments

1 Avatar
1 Farseer
2x Warlock
9 Scorpions, Exarch, Claw, Crushing Blow
8 Fire Dragons, Exarch, Flamer
+ Serpent, TL Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon
2x 10 Guardian Defenders, Scatter Laser
10 Avengers
+ Serpent, TL Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon
8 Warp Spiders
2x Wraithlord, 2 Flamers, 2 Brightlances, Blade
1 Night Spinner, Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones, Holo Field

It was pretty balanced and saw a lot of mutual annihilation but in the end i won, mainly because my Scorpions and the Avatar were able to deal with the Boss Bikers. Usually they would just butcher through my army but this time, the only combat that they saw was their last one as well. It lasted for 3 turns and i had 2 Scorpions and the Avatar left. the rest of my foot sloggers took heavy losses from the killabots but the Avatar prevented them from running, until my Lords and Dragons were able to destroy the small Bots. The Lootaz took off some wounds from my Lords and destroyed the Avenger's Serpent. Luckily i had enough firepower to deal with most Boyz and when they finally arrived in my lines, i was able to deal with them using Spiders and Guardians to finish them off (with some support from the Lords). I was lucky that the big mek rolled real bad and got away almost unscathed but in the end, he took down my Fire Dragons who were unprotected in the open after destroying the small Bots. The Night Spinner was really useful in shooting the Lootaz while stying in cover, though in the last two turns, when i tried advacning in order to finish off the large Boy squad, he got shaken to uselessnes by the Lootaz. Should probably have stay in cover and kill stuff from there. I guess i got a bit greedy.

I understand that Orks aren't really up to date but considering i almost always lost vs. them (actually, i lost to the bikers most of the time), it was really great winning  ;D. Not sure how much the new rules (both BRB and Eldar) contributed to my victory but for the first time in a looong time, i thought my Eldar were doing what i wanted. Tonight will be a game vs. Vanilla Marines... gotta make some preparations now  8)

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Re: Has anyone won any games? I haven't.
« Reply #6 on: June 8, 2013, 08:54:36 AM »
I won, he was IG with chaos allies, list was like,

primaris for HQ,
plasma veterans in chimmera
plasma veterans, vendetta
3 LR battle tanks

chaos section
2 blobs of 20 zombies

My list was


autarch with laser lance, fusion gun, jetbike and banshee mask


9 GJB, 3 shuri cannons, warlock, conceal

6 GJB, 2 shuri cannons

6 GJB, 2 shuri cannons

3 GJB, 1 shuri cannon

Fast attack

crimson hunter exarch

crimson hunter exarch

8 shining spears, exarch with powers in outflank


fire prism

fire prism

night spinner

We played relic, it was walk in the park, he conceded on my turn 4, I would have tabled him. Lost only some jetbikes, and a hull point from fire prism. :)

Had some luck with outflank rolles and with fire prism shoots against russes prevented him from shooting.

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Re: Has anyone won any games? I haven't.
« Reply #7 on: June 8, 2013, 06:28:59 PM »
Of the three games I've played with the new codex thus far, I've won two and tied one (neither had the objective, we tied on victory points). Which then went to kill points, and was also tied.

Win #1, my list was as follows:
HQ: Karandas
HQ: Farseer w/ Jetbike
Troop: Jetbike x6 w/ 2x shuriken cannon
Troop: Jetbike x3 w/ shuriken cannon
Troop: Ranger x5
Troop: Ranger x5
Elite: Striking Scorpion x7 w/ Exarch, Scorpion's Claw, Crushing Blow, Monster Hunter
Elite: Howling Banshees x5 w/ Exarch, Executioner, Fear, Disarming Strike
Fast Attack: Warp Spider x6 w/ Exarch, spinneret, fast shot, power blades, stalker
Fast Attack: Swooping Hawk x6 w/ Exarch, Sunrifle
Heavy Support: Dark Reapers x5 w/ Exarch, tempest launcher, fast shot, night vision
Heavy Support: Wraithlord w/ 2x bright lance, flamers
Heavy Support: Wraithlord w/ 2x bright lance, flamers
Aegis Defense Line w/ Quad Gun

Scenario: The Relic.
My opponent was playing Blood Angels. I don't remember everything he had, but I do recall he was running Mephiston, two full units of tactical marines, one of those artillery shooty tank things, one metal box on wheels, a weirdly fast predator with outflank, two units of scouts with sniper rifles, one maxed out unit of whatever the heck Spehss Mehreen assault troops are called, one unit of those cool bull#!$@ squads that can assault after deep striking, one bike with a multi-melta and a twin-linked bolter, one of those ridiculously huge fortifications with the lasturret on top, and some squad with like three or four missile launchers and one annoying small blast plasma weapon that stayed inside said fortification until I blew it up with bright lance fire and killed everyone inside. I think they were a devastator squad.

I ended up going first, so I deployed my army around my Aegis except for my scorpions which infiltrated into my enemy's backfield with Karandas. Turn one, my Scorpions all fired their shots at the lone enemy jetbike that was in their range but I only hit it once and failed to wound. It was a little depressing. Fortunately, they managed to get into cover by running after they'd fired. I then erased my enemy's big unit of assault troops from the board. Go Dark Reapers. My jetbikes expressed their displeasure with the existence of a unit of infiltrating scouts that were hiding in my backfield, and the scouts did not survive the experience. I also blew up my enemy's metal box, which he was using to block line of sight rather than to hold a squad.

On my opponent's turn 1, Mephiston decided that he didn't particularly care for the existence of one of my Ranger squads, so he murdered it in the face.

Me: "Wait, his spell does what?"
My Opponent: "Gives him wings."
Me: "... perhaps I was overly enthusiastic in the positioning of my Rangers."
My Opponent: *smirk* "Perhaps you were."

My opponent's second tactical squad also was apparently offended by the existence of my Howling Banshees, and so erased them from the board. His missile launchers and plasma gun and laser turret and snipers all flailed ineffectually against my Wraithlords and only managed a single wound, which I made my cover save for. His artillery whatever it was fired and killed two of my five Dark Reapers. My other squad of rangers was then destroyed by his other jump squad which he had chosen not to deep strike with for some reason.

Turn two, my Warp Spiders actually showed up out of reserve, deep struck, and blew the artillery thing to pieces. Then my farseer decided he'd rather be on the other side of the board and turbo-boosted to my enemy's backfield. My little jetbike squad moved up to be able to grab the relic next turn (but still out of LoS this turn). I mulched my opponent's remaining assault squad with concentrated Dark Reaper fire. After I moved my Scorpions out of cover, I needed a 9 on two dice to assault my opponent's squad of tactical marines. I managed it. Between Karandas, the Exarch (also with a scorpion's claw) and the rest of the Scorpions, we killed all but three marines.

My opponent's turn two, his Predator drove onto the board and casually flamered and then fired his twin-linked assault cannon into the backs of my Warp Spiders and murdered them all. It was depressing. Plasma small blasts killed my Dark Reapers. Then he sent Mephiston to assist his tactical squad against my Scorpions. Karandas met Mephiston in battle, and crushed Mephiston beneath his boot. Between the Exarch and the other Scorpions, all the rest of the tactical marines were also killed.

My turn 3, I took the relic and killed everything he had on the board that wasn't inside of his big fortification. Two wraithlords made short work of his Predator. My opponent's turn 3, he managed to score a single wound on one of my Wraithlords and killed two of the three jetbikes that had the relic.

My turn 4, I destroyed his tower and killed everything that was inside it, and that was the end of the game.


The tie was against Necrons, and was a brutal slog of a game on both sides that ended with neither of us having much left alive. My remaining troops at the end of the game: one swooping hawk exarch, two wraithlords, one farseer (HQ), and a Crimson Hunter. My enemy's remaining troops: a whole bunch of those little spider things (locked in combat with my farseer), one unit of immortals, two of those annoying sniper guys.

The second win was against Imperial Guard.

Against the IG, I took the following list:
HQ: Farseer w/ Jetbike
HQ: Spiritseer
Troop: Windrunner Jetbike x6 w/ 2x shuriken cannon
Troop: Windrunner Jetbike x3 w/ shuriken cannon
Troop: Wraithguard x5
Dedicated Transport: Wave Serpent w/ scatter laser, shuriken cannon
Dedicated Transport: Wave Serpent w/ scatter laser, shuriken cannon
Elite: Fire Dragon x6 w/ Exarch, fast shot
Fast Attack: Swooping Hawks x6 w/ Exarch, Sunrifle
Fast Attack: Warp Spiders x6 w/ Exarch, twin-linked gun, fast shot
Fast Attack: Crimson Hunter
Heavy Support: Wraithlord w/ 2x brightlance
Heavy Support: Wraithlord w/ 2x brightlance

Scenario: Big Guns Never Tire
My opponent took a heavily mechanized IG list. A bunch of Leman Russes. Two of those artillery barrage things in the corner. Two metal boxes full of Space Wolf allies. One IG transport with a squad of veterans inside. Two vehicles with really nasty but only 24" range guns. A Valkyrie kitted out for the murder of vehicles. A command squad hiding in the corner.

I wound up going second. That was fine with me. My opponent spent his entire first turn firing artillery barrages at me. Almost every single shot deviated off of its target and hit nothing. The dice gods were with me. An entire round's shooting amounted to two penetrating hits on a wave serpent which became glancing hits because of the wave serpent's shield.

My turn one, I advanced up the board. My minimum sized squad of bikes turbo-boosted over to out of line of sight of my enemy's guns but positioned to be able to destroy his command squad next turn. I also destroyed one of his two big artillery things with my wave serpents and then turbo-boosted my farseer and his jetbike buddies onto the craters that remained afterwards. Then I killed two Leman Russes with my wraithlords.

My enemy's turn 2, his Valk came on and killed my wave serpent. My Fire Dragons got out of it. His second artillery piece fired but missed with deviation. He fired at my other wave serpent with his Leman Russes and failed to do anything because it was in cover (OK, to be fair, he scored two penetrating hits which then became glancing hits thanks to the Serpent Shield, but I saved everything else). His IG transport moved to be able to deposit his veterans on an objective next turn. His two big scary guns fired at my wraithlords and scored a wound each.

My turn 2, my Crimson Hunter came on the board, Vector-danced, and fired all of his shots into the back armor of the Valk.  Poor rolling meant I only dealt two hull points damage, but I did make it unable to turn or change flight modes, which saved my Crimson Hunter next turn because now the Valk couldn't shoot it no matter what it did. My Fire Dragons erased another Leman Russ. My Wraithguard got out of their transport and destroyed his transport. His vets hopped out. My farseer and his jetbike buddies destroyed the second artillery piece, and my other jetbike squad killed every single person in his command squad. Meanwhile, my Warp Spiders teleported onto the board and blew up one of his tanks with the scary 24" guns, and my Swooping Hawks failed to arrive because I rolled a 1.

My enemy's turn 3, he got a bunch of troops (including space wolves) onto objectives and fired ineffectually at my troops with his surviving people (and one surviving Leman Russ).

My turn 3, I killed the last Leman Russ with my Fire Dragons, killed all his veterans with my Wraithguard, killed his Valk with my Crimson Hunter, destroyed his other tank with the scary 24" gun, finally got my swooping hawks on the board, who killed most of a squad of veterans camping on objective, and then positioned myself to wipe his last remaining troops on my next turn.

My opponent's turn 4, with a mostly-dead squad of veterans, one unit of space wolves and a space wolf HQ remaining, he conceded the game.
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Re: Has anyone won any games? I haven't.
« Reply #8 on: June 9, 2013, 06:25:46 AM »
I have played 2 games so far and won both against deathcompany (didnt know was that before we started) so it was easier than normal I think.

1st list:
Farseer on bike with spear and runes of witnessing
-3 Warlocks on bikes with spears
2x5 rangers
2x5 reapers with starshot missiles, inc exarch with fastshot
10 scorps with exarch with claw
10 spiders with exarch with twinspinner (waste of time but on the model) and fast shot

2nd list:
Jain Zar
6 avengers inc exarch with shield
8 avenger inc exarch with shield
10 banshees inc exarch with executioner
10 scorps inc exarch with claw
10 spiders inc exarch with twinspinner, fast shot
5 reapers inc exarch with fastshot, all with starshot missiles

1st game was a walkover due to the sheer shootiness of my army and getting 1st turn. had wiped out his JJ death company before they even left the DZ.  reapers killed one dread, the farseer jetbike unit killed the other. I lost the 3 warlock jetbikes to the charge of the death company special character (mostly due to no fortune) then the farseer went on a death mission to keep up in combat until the scorps came in to play, the exarch killed the SC in one turn of challenge (rerolls to hit from eldrad and forcing of reroll successful saves, also from eldrad).
eldrad actually failed 3 psychic tests this game.

2nd game took mostly shorter range to give a chance. spiders and reapers both bagged a dread in one turn (both dreads exploding). the avengers got charged and died but left the death company in front of the banshee and scorpian charge, with karandras' warlord power the banshees and jain zar destroyed their target and the scorps finished theirs.
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Re: Has anyone won any games? I haven't.
« Reply #9 on: June 13, 2013, 11:26:23 AM »
3 wins from 3 games. Lost a grand total of 11 models including a serpent in the three games. To be fair, the armies were 2 different grey knights armies and a dark angels army, and I had first turn in each of them. The new dex is grat at taking out small elite armies with the bladestorm rules.

Basic premise of my list - lots of S6 weapons. Warwalkers with twin scatters, serpents with scatter /shuri combo, jetbikes. Get to 24" away, shoot, and either advance into the emptied space, or fall back out of range of what is left.

Don't knwo how I'd go against guard or tau, they are both armies I fear.

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Re: Has anyone won any games? I haven't.
« Reply #10 on: June 15, 2013, 08:41:29 AM »
Hi, I have played some games with success but mostly that is due to luck on my part and inexperience with the new book from opponents' side. But I guess it stabilize over the next months.

My experience so far against Tau is that it is one of the worst match-ups against Eldar as they can negate your cover and Eldar more or less die with it as they are not Space Marines! Personally I don't play mechdar but rather a mixed Eldar list and I find the new artillery work wonders against Tau due to the barrage rules. I always field 3 shadow weavers and they always get their points back for me as they can attack units behind an defence line or attack vehicles with S7.
Also I think the key to win against tau is to remove their marker light units as soon as possible as it augment the whole army! Then at least you get them to shoot at their standard BS and you get your cover, which reduces their effectiveness a great deal.

But honestly I have really big problems with Tau in general. They are a good army no doubt.

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Re: Has anyone won any games? I haven't.
« Reply #11 on: June 16, 2013, 09:16:52 AM »
in my experience against tau so far, keeping out of LoS and range of tau is best bet. nightpsinner and shadow weavers wreak havoc on tau.

if you run striaght into their firing line, then you're playing the game to their strengths and not yours. make sure you play on a terrian heavy board and remember their weaknesses.

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Re: Has anyone won any games? I haven't.
« Reply #12 on: June 16, 2013, 06:46:13 PM »
so far played against..

Grey Knights, Ultramarines and a ravenwing armies... lots of marine players for me

3 wins  with my sniper force. It is a one trick pony and I can't say I'm looking forward to playing some of the other races.
For definite i know IG, chaos marine/daemon and 'nids will be some of my next games

Illic NightSpear   = 140

10 Pathfinders = 250
10 Pathfinders = 250
4x 10 Rangers = 480

10 striking scorpions : exarch, crushing blow, scorpions claw = 220

wraithlord: 2 brightlances, ghostglaive = 165
wraithlord: 2 brightlances, ghostglaive = 165
wraithlord: 2 brightlances, ghostglaive = 165

Totals 1835

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Re: Has anyone won any games? I haven't.
« Reply #13 on: June 17, 2013, 03:16:02 PM »
I've had 4 games so far.  Tabled my first 3 opponents and lost my 4th game (though was only 3 models away from tabling my opponent in that game).  My list includes wave serpents with full squads of avengers, either 2 fire prisms or fire prism and falcon (that are the weak links right now) and a wraith knight.  Couple caveats though, I have not played tau yet and I expect them to be a hard match up also three of my games were against raven wing (that I've learned is a hard counter to mech eldar).  New Eldar have good high ranged weapons aplenty now which they have never really had before.  Avengers have been awesome for me when taken in maxed squads.   Sixty rending light shots at 18 inch range and battle focus coming out the back of a wave serpents has caught my opponents with their pants down a number of times now.  The wraith knight works very well with serpents.  Great counter assault for when things get too close to your tanks and super durable.  Hard match ups now for me are turn 2 assault or raven wing style armies (going to start bringing rangers to block scout moves).  Also suspect drop pod armies will be a pain: not sure what to do here yet - kroot screens?  This new book is great as far as I'm concerned. 

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Re: Has anyone won any games? I haven't.
« Reply #14 on: June 21, 2013, 05:48:45 AM »
I have played against drop pods and dont find them very scary. When they have been deployed the pods work well as LOS-blocks and the unit arriving will be standing right in the middle of your army. This means you can wipe them out in one turn. It's a little bit trickier when there is a dreadnought in one of the pods. But f you have something like the avatar, wraithlord or wraithknight that dreadnought is also killed in the following turn.

The games i have played against marines have been against a list with 3 drop pods and i have won all three times nearly wiping him of the table every time. The new codex rocks! :)

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Re: Has anyone won any games? I haven't.
« Reply #15 on: June 23, 2013, 04:19:46 PM »
I finally played today my first 6th edition games. My impressions are absolutely positive. I played and won a killteam game against imperial guard, my 10 jetbikes against his guardsmen and an armored sentinel, and 2000 "two towers" game against Tau, which took 7 turns, more than 3 hours of real time, very tough. I had huge advantage of going first, however.
My opinion is that we are very mobile, I would say the most mobile army in the game now (jetbikes, battle focus), deadly in shooting and ability to focus fire. We are't that expensive (cheap jetbikes and heavy weapons), no more expensive than other elite and sub-elite armies anyway.

War Walkers are so cheesy.

What I did't like. First Blood - terrible design, army going second always one step behind. It is also a stick in a wheel of hand to hand armies.
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Re: Has anyone won any games? I haven't.
« Reply #16 on: June 23, 2013, 04:59:44 PM »
I played 4 games so far, all quite low-point (below 1000) and while I lost all four I definitely felt that it was due to bad luck/ poor management rather than any fault of the Codex.  Mobility is of utmost importance; Battle Focus + Fleet is a very powerful combination, which with units that have a bit more range (DAs, heavy support, shuri cannons) basically means that if you're careful enough (and you can measure things beforehand, not like in 5th) you can move up to get the enemy in range, shoot him with all your stuff and then Run back so that he won't get to grips with you. It also enables you to get units around the board more quickly, launching surprising attacks or snatching objectives. I hadn't had the advantage of fielding any Jetbikes, but from the looks of it Eldar mech armies should be quite powerful now with all those Jetbike boosts.

It is important, however, to choose the army wisely; I lacked any AP 2/3 weapons and thus marines steamrolled over me. Similarly in the OP's first game I feel that there was a distinct lack of anything to take out the Chimeras and the Valkyrie, not to mention that Scorpions/Storm Guardians are a very risky thing to take against a ranged army as they're very likely to lose many bodies before getting to grips with the enemy, especially if there's not much cover/ you don't have a vehicle or another, tougher unit to serve as a screen. You could take some Dark Reapers/War Walkers instead to outrange his lasguns and soften his units (hopefully even break them) before your DAs can get into range. Similarly in the second game; you seem to rely too much on CC units, while Overwatch can really screw things up here (although if you can get to CC with Tau army your dudes are bound to succeed.)

All in all I guess that the Eldar words for the 6th Ed should be Winter is coming Mobility and Preparation; your superior mobility allows you to hug cover/take objectives better, but you must prepare your list either for a specific enemy or take units that allow you to take on anyone, i.e. you must have some good AP weapons, you also need Blasts for horde armies, it would be nice to have a CC unit either to act as a screen for scoring units or to take on the Ork/Tyranid/whatever charge and so on.
The Codex is quite fine, each one of us just needs to find a niche that suits us - mechdar with jetbikes, footdar with some long-range support, wraith armies probably...
(and by the way my luck also sucks in key moments - nothing like getting your Exarch sniped by a pesky Cultist in turn 1 because he couldn't make a 3+ save... :D )
"Tylko jeśli szybowałeś przez niebo na skrzydłach z ognia możesz zrozumieć Jastrzębia"

BYB is too close to BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) which is how I started gaming anyways. The proper way.

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Re: Has anyone won any games? I haven't.
« Reply #17 on: June 23, 2013, 05:03:35 PM »
Played my first game with the new dex today against Tau and lost. 1850 points, and it was real tough. I was going to start a thread about how to fight the Tau cuz they pulled the crap move that when I charge in, their whole army gets an overwatch shot on the assaulting unit.

The only way around this, is to have multiple units charge in the same turn, and let one unit it take the heat so the other can get in. But then you have the next turn if you defeat a unit and try to roll a flank, and go to charge again, and boom - the whole Tau army fires on overwatch.

Argh, it sucked!

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Re: Has anyone won any games? I haven't.
« Reply #18 on: June 23, 2013, 05:11:31 PM »
The only way around this, is to have multiple units charge in the same turn
You should check how far are units from each other, only units which are '6 or less away from unit charged can use Support Fire.
It's also important to see if his Support Fire will get marker lights or not (kill pathfinders and markerdrones). If not, Overwatch is not that deadly.
Of course, good Tau player would build a "castle" and keep his units close together... which makes them vulnerable to blasts and templates from units like Night Spinner. And it makes them tactically less flexible - they won't get a Line Breaker against you, won't risk isolating their units, won't deny your objectives... Support Fire has it's pros and cons (more pros, though).

All and all, I'd suggest having maximum of 1 specialized close combat unit in the army. Shooting is where it's at, definitely even more true for Eldar.

And everything on the table, everything on the attack. Alpha strike, it's all or nothing. Well, for me at least, being hot-blooded Saim-Hann I am.

the end of my 2000 struggle against Tau looked like this:
Only unit not in focus on the table are avengers holding my objective far away (and warwalker is actually a wreck). Lady in black is Shadowsun protecting 3 last troops models with her Stealth&Shroud.
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Re: Has anyone won any games? I haven't.
« Reply #19 on: June 23, 2013, 05:44:17 PM »
I have played 2 games thus far, both against gun line tau.

I lost my first game using a kind of test list:

Prism Cannon, HF, SS: 150
Prism Cannon, HF, SS: 150
Prism Cannon, HF, SS: 150
10 Hawk, exarch Sunrifle: 185
7 rangers: 84
7 rangers: 84
11 gaurdians: 99
10 gaurdians: 90
10 gaurdians: 90
Wave Serpent, HF, SS, SC, SL: 155
Wave Serpent, HF, SS, SC, SL: 155
Wave Serpent, HF, SS, SC, SL: 155
6 Shining Spears: 150
1 Autarch, Reaper Launcher, Jetbike: 110
10 Striking scorpions, exarch, chainsabers: 190

I was exploring what worked in the new dex. I did pretty well, but a few unfamiliar rules in addition to seriously underestimating his riptide caused me to lose.

My second game was a decisive victory using a mech spam list:

Autarch, JB, Celestial Lance, Fusion Gun, Mantle of the Laughing God: 170
10 gaurdians: 90
10 gaurdians: 90
10 gaurdians: 90
10 gaurdians: 90
10 gaurdians: 90
10 gaurdians: 90
Wave Serpent, HF, SC, SL: 145
Wave Serpent, HF, SC, SL: 145
Wave Serpent, HF, SC, SL: 145
Wave Serpent, HF, SC, SL: 145
Wave Serpent, HF, SC, SL: 145
Wave Serpent, HF, SC, SL: 145
Fire Prism, HF: 140
Fire Prism, HF: 140
Night Spinner, HF: 130

He went first, but good placement of my vehicles + serpent shields meant i only lost 1 serpent in his opening salvo and it was only a wreck so the guardian comfortably got out. On my first I made sure to obliterate his pathfinders (my night spinner took out 1 squad by himself with his first shot), and thus my Solitaire could move around without fear. The game ended with me having 2 serpents (each down to a single hull point), 2 prisms, my Autarch and 24 guardians left of the field and he was down to 2 hammer heads.

My first game taught me how amazing serpents were, I capitalized on that in game 2. Game 2 taught me how amazing the autarch with mantle is (Solitaire). My Autarch took out 2 squads of fire warriors, 3 eldar jet bikes, 1 Farseer and 1 Ethereal by himself over the course of the game, as well as attracting lots of fire. He was by far the MVP of the game as he managed to single-handedly cut down 3 out of 4 of his scoring units and both HQs. Truly a badass unit.


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