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Author Topic: Playing a few Kill Team games, looking for list feedback :)  (Read 1300 times)

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Hi all!

So I'll be playing a few games of the new Kill Team released in January tomorrow vs my daemon friend. Odds are we'll play quite a few games and swap lists every now and then. He loves his Tzeentch and Nurgle, so there'll be quite the range of things to fight I think.

I'm a little worried about the Warp Storm table, as so many of the effects hit each enemy unit, and with everything acting as it's own unit... That also applies for him though, making his Pink Horrors sketchy with the larger number of rolls meaning a higher chance of Daemonic Instability.

Models I have (or can very convincingly proxy via custom stuff):
Crisis Suit w/ 2x Flamers (Usually ran as a Commander w/ 2x TL Flamers)
Ethereal/Aun Shi/Master Shaper
33x Kroot
2x Shapers
6x Krootox

List 1:
20x Kroot
3x Krootox

Since everyone fights alone, it gives a decent body count, but also some long range fire. With the ability to split fire the Krootox could be awesome on a 4x4 board. Lower Ld may be an issue later on in the game if he can kill half my guys and force Break Tests.

List 2:
11x Kroot
11x Kroot
11x Kroot

Lots of bodies making Break Tests hard to get to. Same lower Ld issue, but I can really control the board.

List 3:
9x Kroot + 1 Shaper
9x Kroot + 1 Shaper + 2x Krootox

Lowest model count, but a decent Ld and still an ok range and number of bodies

I really can't see the Crisis Suit being viable with everything so spread out.


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Re: Playing a few Kill Team games, looking for list feedback :)
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2013, 03:53:22 PM »
Never played Kill teams but it looks really interesting so I might change that.

I would definatly bring the krootox because someone might try and bring a rhino.

Shapers might be really good in this situation, just with the constant Leader Boosting. 

I would run your list 3, but drop the first shaper for more kroot/krootox

If you have already played this, I'm curious as to what you ran and how you faired!
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