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Author Topic: Almost full "Drop Pod" Necron List  (Read 1532 times)

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Almost full "Drop Pod" Necron List
« on: January 23, 2013, 12:57:38 AM »
I have been playing Necrons for many years now and have really enjoyed the New Codex and appreciate it even more with version 6 of the rules coming out.

I have an idea for a Reserve Necron List that I am thinking will perform well, I am afraid I am missing something so I thought I would seek feedback.

List is :

Overlord with Sempiternal Weave and Res Orb.

Royal Court with 5 Crypteks having 4 as Harbingers of destruction and 1 as a Harbinger of Despair with a Veil of Darkness

Destroyer Lord with Sempiternal Weave

3 Squads of Deathmarks  (6,7,7)

4 Squads of Immortals  (7,7,7,8) varied between Gauss and Teslar

3 Night Scythes

2 Doom Scythes

To start I would have only the overlord attached to the royal court and the Destroyer Lord start on the board, and they are probably doing their best to survive. But given the ability of the overlord and crypteks to reanimate, I don't see me getting wiped off of the board in the first one or two turns.

On my turn 2, I am going to bringing in my reserves and should be able to place them to give me the best matches. I kind of overlooked Deathmarks when I first read the codex, but having three squads of them looks amazingly good. I had to reread the rules several times to confirm that all three squads received the boost to both shooting and close combat against all three marked targets. Amazing. I also think with 5 fliers I am probably going to dominate the skies and the weapon on the Doom Scythe is perfect for taking out any super tough targets on the ground (as is my Destroyer Lord).

So, I am now in the process of acquiring the Deathmarks and the Night Scythes, all the other models in the list I have. So does this list work well with the tactics described.

I also have many destroyers, monoliths, Praetorians, Lychguard and Necron Warriors, so if you can see a way to make the list stronger, that would be helpful too.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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Re: Almost full "Drop Pod" Necron List
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2013, 11:02:12 AM »
I'm not the most versed in the new codex yet, but I'll venture some feedback.  I like your air support and the Deathmark spam as a method of getting easy wounds on multiple units.  I'm curious about who your Nightscythes belong to, as by the looks of it it would seem like you're planning to use the Deathmark deepstrike ability to get them onto the field and the Nightscythes to transport your immortals.  For total mobility that makes the most sense to me, though I'm conflicted about losing out on the Deathmarks' rapid fire capacity by relying on the accuracy of standard deepstrike.

Given the way Reanimation Protocols work, I would be leery of taking small squads (5-7 instead of a beefier 10), but I don't have the experience to say how survivable they'll be without those few extra wounds on the table to keep the squad in-play.  I also am not so sure about taking your Royal Court on its own unless you have a place to hide it from line of sight until it can Veil into position.  While their Ever-living rules should keep them alive even if the unit is wiped, that's a lot of good high strength low ap fire you have there, and in a unit that is woefully easy to knockdown.  Without other pressing targets on the table, I think they will fall quickly, so I'd keep them out of sight until the Immortals and Deathmarks start raining down.

As for making replacements, as I said I'm no expert, but Monoliths are still pretty tough and a good way to call reserves into play where you need them.  You would probably be sacrificing some of your air superiority to get one though, and I'm not sure whether that would be any better than what we see here.

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Re: Almost full "Drop Pod" Necron List
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2013, 07:03:56 PM »
You are correct that the Night Scythes were intended as transports for the Immortals, if I use them for Deathmarks, I have to walk the corresponding Immortals onto the board.

With respect to the Royal Court, I am hoping to keep it well and truly hidden for the first one or two turns. After that I would Veil it to a place it can shoot, trying to keep it at the extent of the Lance's range, this at a time where there are also deathmarks and immortals on the board. My opponent is going to shoot at something, given the ability to stand back up again even if everybody is killed, he may or may not choose to shoot at the Royal Court. If he is doing so he is going to have to use a long range weapon if I get my positioning correct.

The question about the size of an Immortal Squad is a good one. There is a disadvantage with smaller squads versus the possibility of losing everybody to shooting or in a close combat. However, there is also a hazard with large squads in close combat, which we often loose, which we almost as often then run from and then almost as often again get wiped out through a sweeping advance. When that happens you loose 10 guys instead of 7.

The way I tend to build the lists is to decide what I want and take up the slack on how many troops I have in each squad. If that proves to be embarrassingly large or small, I then modify my "Must Have" requirements to bring me to a reasonable number.


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