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Author Topic: Vague List Idea--Cron Artillery  (Read 1020 times)

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Vague List Idea--Cron Artillery
« on: January 7, 2013, 12:26:04 AM »
I'm thinking of running a list anywhere between 1.5 and 2k points that uses two Doomsday Arks and a Monolith and tons of basic troops. The idea is to park the arks in the rear and use their doomsday cannons to blow up anything that can hurt them, sitting the troop wall on objectives and basically daring the other army to come at me. The monolith would be used to soak up shots, provide mobility, and take out any antitank that might pose an issue to the Arks.having never played crons I have a few questions.

This is what I'm thinking of running right now.
3 10 man warrior squads
3 5 base scarab swarms
Overlord, weave, res orb, warscythe
2 lords, orbs, scythes
Cryptek, despair
2 doomsday arks
1 monolith

What HQ would mesh well with this type of list? Zandrekh/obyron is the first thing that came to mind, perfectly deep striking warriors to a needed point on the map.
Would it be better to run warriors or immortals or a combination?
What other units could act as a force multiplier or assist in a support role?
What does a list like this need to make it viable?  I want it for all comers and am new to Necrons. 
Basically if you were gonna design a list such as this what would you make sure to include?
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