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Author Topic: 1500 first (fun) list , psyker drop  (Read 983 times)

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1500 first (fun) list , psyker drop
« on: December 25, 2012, 01:52:12 AM »
I have been mulling over the tyranid code for awhile, this list seems to be somewhat fun aside from the fact that I will be removing alot of gaunts from the board.

Basic plan is to push up with gaunts with swarm and co. pulling up the rear. Keep in cover as much as possible, and throw multiple surviving squads into the front line.

I will be using swarmlord for buffs and to drop heavy hitters. Get the Zoans in turn 2-3 and light up the back end . Use Doom to just be an overall pain and take out objective campers.

The reason I am taking 3 zoans is that I am pretty sure one will get killed after one round of shooting in return.

Swarmlord ( biomancy table )
 3x Tyrant guard w/ boneswords
3x Zoan +spore ( codex powers )
 3x Zoan + spore ( codex powers)
 Doom + spore (codex powers)

5x Hormagaunts units(ten strong) w/ toxin sacs

I would love feedback on this prior to me purchasing models. Thanks!
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