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Author Topic: Conquest Toronto Nov3rd Results for SOB and BA doubles.  (Read 901 times)

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Conquest Toronto Nov3rd Results for SOB and BA doubles.
« on: November 3, 2012, 11:26:08 PM »
Figured someone might be interested in the results of the tournament I had played in today, I know I am.

Four game tourney, placed 3rd for VP overall.

SOB list

Seraphim 2x hf
2x BSS ( melta x2 ) rhino
2x Exorcists

BA List

Libby dread
2x ( 5 man ) marine squad with las/plas razorback

The overall tactic behind the games was to push as fast as we could into the enemy until our reserves came in. DS seraphim and Meph + dread in SR.

Celestine ate it every game , one game 3 times in a row.She was by far my MVP, killed tons of troops , mitigated alot of damage and even took down a wraithlord without a scratch.

Seraphim were a close second destroying anything that was close when they dropped in.

Exorcists aside from the 1-2 wrecks they achieved and taking some hits were my LVP.

Game 1 : Guard/guard - Major victory ( newer players that made a couple mistakes ). DOW + Crusade
Game 2: Eldar/eldar - Major victory ( good players , mech + foot ) Hammer and anvil + relic.
Game 3 : GK + DE- Loss ( the GK player had us beat before we even deployed ) Vanguard + Scouring
Game 4 : BT + SW - Major Victory ( these guys took rhino spam to a new level ) DOW + Purge the alien

I was really worried about sisters effectiveness in a tournament setting, but surprisingly they did really well. Flyers were an issue without fortifications but faired well versus the harder lists. My job was crowd control and back field suppresion. It might not have been the best test for them in a tournament setting but it was a good way to get my foot in door for some experience with them.

 A parting note , though it has nothing to do with the army itself , it is still kinda neat. A rhino in ruins denied almost an entire round of eldar/eldar shooting and the avatars charge ( 14 4+ saves against pen rolls and several more against glances ). Mech isnt dead... its just hiding !!
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