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Author Topic: Army advice  (Read 1035 times)

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Army advice
« on: September 25, 2012, 08:13:03 PM »
Hey everyone,

I'm thinking of starting a Necron army. I think for troops I'd use all immortals with tesla weapons and for HQ either Zahndrekh or a normal Overlord with a Tachyon arrow. I'd also like to use a doomsday ark for fire support. I like the idea of having an all shooty army.

Where I am stuck is figuring out a counter to hidden artillery units behind a wall.

All I can think of is deep strike a doom scythe or a pile of warriors with a veil of darkness. Both ways seem risky, though. I've even been thinking about allies. I know Orks can have kommandos that can come on any table edge if they have a special character, but they can only have two rokkits or big shootas, and at their low BS it seems too risky. Also it's expensive points-wise.

Then there's the option of a Monolith deepstriking and trying to shoot at it from the side. Not sure what I'd use the dimensional corridor for after that, though, so might be a bit of a waste of points.

Does anyone know any good units that can take these hidden tanks out efficiently? I hope I don't have to resort to suicide tactics  ::).
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Re: Army advice
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2012, 04:03:41 AM »
i know that if you want to ally with someone then space wolf scouts are the way to go. they can come on any table edge (even behind your enemy) with a melta gun and some melta bombs :) can also give them 2 plasma pistols with the new ap 2 on vehicles its pretty good.

as for necrons; i would probably deep strike with veil. but usually i was just ignore the vehicle, unless there are heaps of them!

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Re: Army advice
« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2012, 05:08:58 AM »
So all cc-options are off the table? Wraiths and Scarabs would be pretty good for the job and overall a good addition to almost any army, but if you want to be shooting only, let's ignore them. I don't know if you meant a tank by artillery, or Artillery as in "a squad with big gun" (e.g. Eldar support weapon platforms). Anyway, it's clear that we're talking about something capable of indirect fire, right?

So, basically you need something fast to get close/within LOS of the artillery. How did you plan on running your Overlord? If he's on a Command Barge, he's pretty fast and can get to take a shot against side armour with his tachyon arrow and the gun on the Barge. Also sweep attacks and cc are good options if you get close, Warscythe wrecks armour pretty fast and Artillery units are usually quite small. So that's one option.

Fliers could be one of your best bets, although they can take time to arrive if your reserves rolls go badly. Both are solid options. The Death Ray can be quite devastating and the Night Scythe can take a squad with it to finish the job. Also, you can never have too many Tesla Destructors  ;D.

Other fast units can do the job, too. If we're talking about Artillery units (not tanks), Destroyers and Tomb Blades with particle beamers can put a lot of hurt on those (and any other infantry) units. Tomb Blades are also wickedly fast. Of the two, Destroyers can also hurt tanks thanks to Gauss, but their nice AP is pretty much wasted then.
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Re: Army advice
« Reply #3 on: September 26, 2012, 10:54:38 AM »
Thank you guys for the responses!   ;D

Close combat is not out the window, but my view is that they would be a suicide unit and I don't like suicide units  :P. While scarabs and wraiths could potentially do the job, they'd be charging up against the enemy's gun line and would most likely get shot down before they make it.

By artillery I meant tanks, like a basilisk or colossus. Yes, indirect fire. Imagine a tank hiding right behind a wall that is very hard to see unless you are basically looking sideways at it or close to that. It is right at the back of the field, so it's impossible to deep strike behind it. I know these things can be a huge threat to my immortals if left unchecked, which is why I think I should prioritize them.

I've got to check out those space wolf scouts...that sounds awesome!

I like the command barge idea. I am unsure of how to run my overlord, and that actually seems like it could work (and could be cool).

Out of the two fliers, I'd probably choose the death scythe over the night scythe. Ya, I could drop 15 warriors down to take out the tank, but those warriors will die so fast. It's just me, but I'd rather not do suicide tactics ;) :P. That being said, a large 20-man squad with a veil could potentially do it at the 24 inch range and stay out of trouble if I get a good scatter roll.

I now have more to think about  :).

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