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Author Topic: 2k Knights with Ravenwing!  (Read 937 times)

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2k Knights with Ravenwing!
« on: August 8, 2012, 06:26:56 AM »
 So off and on over the past few months i have been converting a Master of the Ravenwing Land Speeder as a modeling project and possibly paint it well enough to enter in some painting competitions. Though i hate painting as it literally hurts me to do it so i might just do it up table-top standard. I digress.

 Anyways, with the new allies i thought it would be neat to add 500-600pts of Ravenwing to my standard GK 1500pts list. So, here it is...

190- GM w/ MC sword, 2x skulls

475- Term x10 w/ 2x PC, BB, 3x DH, 3x Halverds, 3x swords
200- SS x5 w/ PC, DH(justicar), RB w/ TLLC
170- SS x5 w/ PC, DH(justicar), Psiback

14X- Vindicare

135- Dreadnought w/ 2x TLAC, psybolt ammo

 5X- Aegis defence line


220- Sammael w/ LS, Apothecary upgrade

635- Ravenwing Atk Squad w/ +3 bikers, Pwr Axe, 2x Plasma guns, Atk bike &MM,     
         Land Speeder w/ Assaukt Cannon and HB

Total = 2000 pts

 The plan is to start with all of the Ravenwing deploying, possibly CSing to hit both flanks, and having Sammael join with the other LS. The two SS and Dread deploy behing the aegis lines to provide a long range and well protected gun line, with the SS advancing mid-game to secure objectives. Vindicare gets hidden where ever is best. Termies and GM stay in DS reserve.

 The bikes will scout ahead so first turn i can hopefully by close enough to start laying down fire first turn, targeting either low AV tranports or tough infantry. The fire base will try and surpress centerfield so that there is pressure on all sides. Sam and the other LS will target tougher infantry/skimmers/transports etc and generally just make a nuisance if it'self, and targeting fliers with twin-linked goodness if needed. Later when the GM/Termies arrive i will hopefully have some bikes in a good position to utilize their teleport homers, or just go off the servo skulls. They can then take on enemy deathstars or hvy infantry.

 This has 7-10 scoring units, so it should do well in objective games. Only the two ICs can't be scoring. Also, it packs a decent amount of fire power, speed, and reliability. The RAS if kept at 6men will be particularly hard to kill unless they are just spamed with ap1-2 or str10 hits. C&C welcomed and encouraged please. Thank you.
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