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Author Topic: 1500 Tyranid drop list  (Read 1163 times)

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1500 Tyranid drop list
« on: July 30, 2012, 02:27:18 PM »
First, the list:

Hive Tyrant: LW&BS, HVC, 2+ save, Hive Commander
2 Tyrant Guard
2 Zoanthropes, MS
3x20 Termagants, MS
2 Carnifex, SC, Dev, MS
All Mysetic Spores: TL Deathspitters

All those units in Mysetic spores do not have the option of being deployed, an thus your only deploying force is the Tyrant and Guards.  This means Your Tyrant must be able to bear 2 rounds of shooting from the opposing army, or you may loose the game before you've even put more than 3 models on the table.  On the other hand, because objective markers reveal their value prior to rolling to steal initiative, you can pick and choose where your army will be, and which objectives to fight over.  My recommendation is to pair Termagants (Scoring Units) with Zoans and Carnies to clear and hold the high value objectives.  Use the Tyrant to bully enemy units off of objectives, and destroy potential scoring units.  Also, those Mysetic Spores are denial units.  The units I've selected for the pods are fairly shooty in nature, as they cannot charge upon arrival, and need to clear their areas quickly.

Risk assesment: Moderate
Reward rating: Good

Pros: Able to choose fights, strong element of suprise, High reliability of getting reserves
Cons: Few Synapse units (2), risk of being tabled early if the enemy drops your Tyrant
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Re: 1500 Tyranid drop list
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2012, 03:58:18 PM »
I've played around with the idea of a Spore list in the past, though I've yet to write one up for 6th.  Certain high-firepower armies (Dark Eldar spring to mind, but I play the, so I'm biased) would have little to no trouble causing scores of wounds against the Tyrant/Guard.  I would highly consider some infiltrating 'stealer broods to add some up-front targets (and it fits with the fluff pretty well, too).

I would also consider playing around with the unit comp a bit... Devourers can be great for gaunts.  Expensive as all get-out, but it's mass S4 shots on landing - and in an army like this, the -1 Ld check starts to really mean something.  This army has to hit hard and push the enemy back.  Forcing a unit to (even temporarily) fall back thins out return fire and other resistance.  It also means some serious hilarity when looking at accepting charges (as you're likely to land right in charge range).  Overwatch with 60 S4 shots is hardly something to be ignored.

Warriors can add some heavy(er) lifting as well.  While lacking a prime, they can add some serious utility with boneswords, and can pull the same shenanigans with Devourers (albeit at a far lesser volume).  They also add more durable scoring units and much needed synapse.

Given that the 'fexes will be dropping near the enemy, I would look into the option of the classic Screamer Killer.  Walking up the board hurts this guy, but dropping in range doesn't.  180 (before spore), and a short ranged (but does that matter?) Plasma Cannon that turn.  Much cheaper, will better fill an anti-armor/heavy infantry role that otherwise seems a little short, and this style of list plays to their strengths.

Just a couple of things to consider, at least.



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