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Author Topic: 2000pts Single force Org.  (Read 962 times)

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2000pts Single force Org.
« on: July 28, 2012, 01:07:34 AM »
After realizing I have no hormagaunts, I believe this is my finalized list, I have never faced flyers and they seem a little scary so I wanted to add the quad gun just for insurance. Hopefully I can get Rage onto Trygons which is 9 Attacks on the charge (8Normal attacks 1HoW attack). Trygons will run one side of the table along with Old Adversary Tyrant and The other side of the table will run Hive Tyrant with HC, 1 gant squad covering 3 warriors covering Tervigon the last squad of gants holding some objective (in KPs the last gant squad will creat an "Assault Bubble" around the tervigon so that hey may not be assaulted

Hive Tyrant 285
-2x T/L Devourers
-Old Adversary

Hive Tyrant 285
-2x T/L Devourers
-Hive Commander

Doom of Malan'tai 130
-Spore Pod

3x Hive guard 150

10x Ymgarl Genestealers 230

Tervigon 195
-Adrenal Glands
-Toxin Sacs
15x Termagants 75

3x Warriors 90
-Rending claws
-Scything Talons

15x Termagants 75

Trygon 200

Trygon 200

Aegis Defence Line 85
-Icarus Lascannon

What do u think?

Lascannon is just to take pot-shots and Interceptor will come in handy.
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