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Author Topic: New List for 6th Ed.  (Read 821 times)

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New List for 6th Ed.
« on: July 3, 2012, 11:02:04 PM »
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  • Based off my experiences from my first game of 6th edition, here is my new list;

    CCS: 70
    -   Lascannon

    PCS: 40
    -   2 Flamers
    IS: 65
    -   GLAC
    IS: 65
    -   GLAC
    IS: 65
    -   GLAC
    IS: 100
    -   Flamer, Heavy Bolter, Commissar
    IS: 65
    -   Flamer, Heavy Bolter
    Vets: 155
    -   3 Melta Guns
    -   Chimera, ML, HF
    Vets: 155
    -   3 Melta Guns
    -   Chimera, ML, HF
     Vets: 170
    -   3 Plasma Guns
    -   Chimera, ML, HF

    Scout Sentinel: 40
    -   Autocannon

    Manticore: 160
    Leman Russ MBT: 170
    -   3 Heavy Bolters
    Leman Russ Demolisher: 180
    -   Lascannon

    Anti Tank: Manticore, Demolisher, Melta Vets x2, Lascannon
    Anti Transport: GLAC squads, Plasma Vets, outflanking sentinel, Multi-lasers 

    Plan is blob the infantry squads into 2 separate blobs, GLAC blob holds objective with CCS, Flamer Heavy Bolter squads and PCS advance on nearby objective and hold it. Vets roll around in their Chimera's providing support to whoever needs it.
    Bolter Russ sits and shoots for first 2-3 turns then moves forwards to block LoS to my objective, providing cover, Demolisher runs around blowing stuff up, Manticore sits and blows stuff up. :P

    hug cover, shoot the big ones, and cripple the fast ones. if those cant be achieved, kill em all.  8)
    Army                   W/D/L 6th Ed.
    Imperial Guard       2/0/3
    Tau                     2/0/0


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