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Author Topic: storm warriors, a new chapter im working on, with army list, c&c and help pls  (Read 523 times)

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starting a new chapter the storm warriors, im was thinking of doing a dark grey and yellow paint job, and am currently working on fluff from the chapter, ( squad and character names and background and general planet company and belief fluff...)

So heres alist i would like to be able to put down on the table soon and was wondering what it could do. I'd prefer to get some advice before jumping in the deep end and buying all of these, althought i alreadly have sternies and assault termies... the captain i am currently trying to get hold of is the master of the watch (really love that model by the way if any one has one lying around id be happy to buyor trade it off you...). Apart from that im very open to any comments and critics

Storm Warriors army list: 2000pts


Captain: (dont know what havent thought up any names yet but would like some help or advice on that...)
-storm shield, relic blade,artificer armour


Sternguard veterans: (thinking of putting captain on these guys)
-8 man,3 combi melta, sarg w/ powerfist

Assault terminators: (Smash any heavy hitters they find, or putting the captain here...)
-3 TH/SS, 2 LC
- Land raider (either shooty or crusader havent yet made up my mind, would like some advice on that point...)
- Multi Melta


Tactical squad:
-lascannon, melta gun, sarg w/ power fist, combi melta
-Razorback: lascannon, twin linked plama gun

Tactical squad:
-plasma cannon, plasma gun, power fist,combi plasma


Attack bike
-Multi Melta

Attack bike
-Multi Melta

Typhoon Squadron:
-2 heavy bolters


Devastator squad:
-3 missile launchers, 1 lascannon sarg w/ bolter

-sponson lascannons

2000pts on the dot so what do you all think of this list could it do well??? or would it struggle against most armys i would like some help on finding out the stronger or weaker point about this army and correcting on any mistakes that were made...
thanks in advance

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i really think that at 2000 points you're very light on troops choices

Offline tomsev

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i could for another troop choice try some thing a bit strange i could drop say 1 or 2 sternguard, the razorback demoted to rhinos,and drop artificer armour on the captain i could: put the captain o a bike and bring in a 5 man double melta bike squad with sarg w/ powerfist and combi melta... would that be better, as the bikes would be scoring now with the captain on one?


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