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Author Topic: travisb7's Black Templar Unnamed Crusade  (Read 986 times)

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travisb7's Black Templar Unnamed Crusade
« on: February 27, 2012, 09:56:51 PM »
Hello all!

In conjunction with my Librarium Painting Challenge, I am doing a Work in Progress report on my Templars. I figure this will give me more motivation to work and complete my crusade. I've got more models completed, I just have not photographed them yet. I will update them as I go.

Land Raider Crusader:

Land Raider "Dorn's Sword":

Land Raider Crusader "Purifier":
The text (loosely) translates to "99 Problems but a Witch is not one."

Rhino Troop Transports:

Rhino #2

Masters of the Chapter: (All custom built plastics)

Master of Sanctity (Custom, all plastic)

I have two Dreadnaughts, a Techmarine, and some Predators that are finished coming soon.

My current works-in-progress are:
20 Initiates (Librarium Painting Challenge)
30+ Initiates
9 Neophytes (LPC)
11 Neophytes
5 Assault Marines
1 Assault Chaplain
5 Terminators (LPC)
5 Terminators
5 Assault Terminators (LPC)
2 Attack Bikes
3 Land Speeders
6 Bikes
1 Chaplain on Bike
2 Drop Pods

Hope you enjoy my progress!



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