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Author Topic: Game 2: Creedalicious vs. Imperial Fists 1750  (Read 594 times)

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Game 2: Creedalicious vs. Imperial Fists 1750
« on: February 23, 2012, 03:15:05 AM »
Hello 40kers, welcome to the battle report for the Creed/Chenkov list I put together at 1750 pts. My list consisted of:

1 CCS - Creed, standard,vox,AC
   Chimera - ML/HB
1 X 5 Stormies - 2 Melta
1 PCS - Chenkov, AC
   Chimera - ML/HB
4 INf. Squads - 4 LC, 4 PW, 4 MB, 2 Vox
1 PCS - 4 flamers
   Chimera - ML/HF
4 Inf. Squads - 4 AC, 4 PW, 4 MB, 2 Vox

Demolisher - LC
LRBT - HB Sponsons
Manticore - HB

My enemy was Imperial Fists SM, and ran:
Chaplain - terminator armor
2X5 termies - all PF/SB
tac squad - ML/flamer
tac squad - ML/plasma
1 X 5 scouts - 5 snipers
1 x5 Devestators - 3 Missiles 1 HB
1 Pred - TL LC and bolter sponsons
2 rhinos

This battle report is from the point of view of the enemy's side of the table. I refer to the enemy's table edge as the bottom, and my table edge as the top, and I am constantly making observations from my enemy's table edge(the "bottom"). Imagine it as if you were looking at a map in Vassal.  ;)
   So we roll seize ground 5 objectives, spearhead.  I set up the terrain literally 5 mins before and I thought it was good, but it turned out to give great starting positions for the first player in the top right(me, heh). There is a building in the top left, a trench in the top right, a forest in the bottom left, a hill in the left center, and a BLOS/Impass building in the right center. One objective each goes into our deployment zones, one each in the other table quarters, and I put one on top of the hill in the left-center, because, hey, what's a battle if you don't have your troops trying to charge up "hamburger hill" to take the objective at the top, right? Luckily, most of the objectives are on the left side(I start on the "right-top", my enemy in the "bottom-left"), so it looks like a decent fight.

I win the roll off and choose to split squads into: 1X40 man squad w/AC's, 2X20 man squads with LC's. My plan was to give the 40man squad scouts and have them charge across the field for objectives. One LC squad babysits the objective in my deployment, and the other flanks the bottom-right objective with the demolisher. Creed, Chenkov, and the LRBT sit in the top center of the map in my quarter, in range to support the 40blob and the defensive 20blob. Flamer PCS in chimera starts at the top center to push left for the objective int he top left building.
        Enemy sets up most of his infantry on foot(wtf?), pred in bottom left trees for cover, one rhino to the left of the hill with guys in it, and the other rhino empty in front of the pred(WTF?!). Termies are as close to me as they can get, set to run either straight through the center or threaten the right objective.

My Turn 1: He infiltrates his scouts in the top left building and I scout my 40man blob squad 6" towards the left side of the board. Creed gets the 40blob to run 6" after their 6" move, a very successful 18" charge towards objectives turn 1! The offensive 20blob moves around the right side of the BLOS/Impass building in the right-center and sets up for side shots on the pred while hiding behind the demolisher, which moved 11" aorund the right side of the BLOS/Impass building towards some juicy juicy terminators. I fail 2 orders herebut reroll from voxes save them and pay for themselves. Manticore kills a few from his squads hiding behind the hill, Chenkov's squad blows up the center rhino, and the left rhino is shaken because of the Multilaser from the Flamer PCS's chimera, which is moving along the top left  on my side in support of the 40blob.

Enemy Turn 1: Moves stuff forward, drops the squad out of the rhino on the left to go for some rapid fire on my blob, and he wants to try and bolter drill my 40man blob with lysander's squad, who charge for the left side objective. I lose a guy in the 40blob to a sniper rifle, AND THEY FAIL PINNING! BUT! Standard reroll saves me! After that I lose like 9 guys to bolters then storm bolters(I kill off the guys closest to the termies first, and Lysander's squad is forced to try and shoot the offensive 20blob on the right), and the 40blob passes morale. Offensive 20blob luckily is out of range of Lysander's guns(because I put them that way), so maybe not so luckily heh.
My Turn 2: Stormies don't come in, but whatever, I've got him set up very nicely. I see that my flamer PCS is in range to roast some scouts in the "top-left" building, so I move 12", dump them and proceed to wipe the squad, woot! Then I remember, I FORGOT TO MOVE THE ENTIRE REST OF MY ARMY AND ISSUE ORDERS! Fudgeballs. It's cool, don't panic, MANTICOORE!! Manticore gets 1 SHOT, shoots the left rhino and hits all of the squad that just got out too, wrecks the rhino, kills 5 marines from the squad, not pinned though. Good recovery, heh. Lasguns from 40blob kill a couple in the other 10 man tac squad running across the left side of the board, LRBT shoots and kills a couple marines, here is where I realize he had only 3 troops squads, and with the scouts dead, I decide to focus on the remaining 2 tac squads. Lascannons whiff everywhere, Chenkov's AC immobilizes the pred.(also, here is where we realize he has an extra 10man tac squad, so we kill one squad off and I get a few guys back in my blob)
Enemy Turn 2: I suggest he shoot my manticore with his pred for SOME reason(i'm still confused why)  :o, and of course it fails cover on a pen and EXPLODES, killing no one else at least. Devestators whiff, and I notice that my blobs are getting away from Chenkov and the Standard's bubble, time to move up in support. He shoots and kills all 5 of my flamer PCS for jumping out of their chimera(I'm still pretty new to mech, I keep forgetting to stay INSIDE). He has 2X5 man termie squads in the center, lysander's squad kills 2 in the offensive 20blob on the right and the other termies kill some in the 40 blob in the top left.

My Turn 3: Stormies come in and I put them in cover behind the leftmost wrecked rhino in an attempt to wipe a tac squad with some melta/hot-shot fire, and they kill 1......1!!! 40 blob moves forward towards the objective on the hill, Flamer PCS's empty chimera moves to heavy flame the remaining tac squads hiding behind the hill from my tanks, and to try and pick up the stormies next turn. Chenkov(his chimera giving cover to Creed's chimera) and Creed move up to give the stubborn and reroll bubble to the 40 blob, Demolisher moves to shoot Lysander's squad, 20man offensive LC squad keeps moving back away from termies. FRFSRF from the 40blob sees 2 more marines dead, and the chimera flames a couple more, leaving only 2 tac squads, I decide not to charge here and go for FRFSRF, but it fails me again. LRBT finishes a few more in the tac squads, leaving only a few models of troops left for him! Demolisher shoots Lysander's squad and kills 3 termies, yay!
Enemy turn 3: He moves termies up and left into the center towards the 40blob, and moves the rest of the marines to charge my 40blob. Pred and Devs shoot Demolisher and do nothing :D . I go to ground with the 40 blob  because of the shooting from the termies(he's going to charge me anyway), and I save like 10 wounds!  Only 1 guy dies. He charges 40 blob with 3 very depleted squads, and he kills 2 guardsman! My hits back see 3 marines dead, only 1 from power weapons. Guard wins CC! He passes all his morales though and we are stuck in.

The rest is pretty uneventful, I kill the rest of his troops after a couple more rounds of combat, keep mowing down termies, get into a good position to cap the devs and pred, and take 4 objectives. He concedes my Turn 5, as he has no troops left, and I charge his 5 man termie squad with the Honor of Cadia'd 40 blob just for giggles. I kill 3, and he whiffs with the remaining two termies.
So, my opponent was kind of new, and didn't play very well, but it still demonstrated successfully my concept. I was able to group my squads for maximum effectiveness, as he had to deal with my going for objectives all over the map, causing his termies to be torn between targets, and so lessening their effectiveness. He didn't have a lot of tanks, but that left me with lots of movement options for my AT blobs. Once again, positioning was crucial, as I had to try and stay away 24" from the termies(eek! bolter drill! pshhhhh) while drawing his troops choices into a nice killing field.
Page 51 of the IG codex. The Imperial Guard have recorded a confirmed kill ratio of 99,999:1.........what you got?


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