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Author Topic: 1250 Point Eldar Corsair List for a Mymeara themed tournament  (Read 2241 times)

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Greetings fellow Captains!

I am running a list for a casual tournament series. It is similar to the Tale of Four Gamers in that after each battle our list points increase by 500. My potential opponents include Space Wolves, Khorne themed daemons, necrons, deathwing, or CWE. I am having difficulty deciding how to spec out my list for the upcoming 1250 point battle. My current list is as follows:

Eldar Corsairs of the Void Serpent

List Total: 750


Eldar Corsair Prince Lithe of the Void Serpents         155 pts
      -Shuriken Pistol
      -Power Weapon
      -Corsair Jetpack
      -Force Shield
      -Melta Bombs


Corsair Squad Serpent's Fang               205 pts
   Composition: 5 Corsairs
      -Close Combat Weapons
      -Plasma Grenades
   Dedicated Transport: Corsair Falcon
      -Pulse Laser
      -Eldar Missile Launcher
      -Shruiken Cannon

Corsair Squad Adder's Bite               155 pts
   Composition: 9 Corsairs, 1 Felarch
      -Close Combat Weapons
      -Plasma Grenades
      -2x Eldar Missile Launchers
      -Corsair Jetpacks

Corsair Jetbike Flight Sidewinder            95 pts
   Composition: 2 Corsair Jetbikers, 1 Felarch
      -Twin-linked Shuriken Catapults
      -Shuriken Pistols
      -Close Combat Weapons
      -1x Shuriken Cannon

Heavy Support:

Warp Hunter Python                  135 pts
      -Shuriken Cannon

My Prince has proven worse than useless in previous 750 point battles. My current thoughts involve cutting his wargear back to a shadowfield and a power weapon and hiding him in with a mech squad after he's dropped his nuke.

The two units that are more or less guaranteed for the next expansion are a Nightwing and to add three more members and a second shuriken cannon to Sidewinder.

That leaves me exactly 270 points, or 280 if my Prince is re-specced.

This leaves me several options to round out my force.

The first and most obvious is a pair of Hornets with Pulse Lasers to wreck TEQs and vehicular rear armor. I also need to find some way to burn the left over 20 points but that shouldn't be hard. (1230)

The second option is a second nightwing and warp hunter as those are generally fairly potent units and work well in pairs, though they reduce my shot count overall. (1250)

The third option is a fully kitted out team of Harlequins, eight members, troupe master, shadowseer, everybody gets mono-filament blenders. My Prince will then join them and will use the left over points to upgrade to a Voidsabre. Footslogging since nothing corsair carries ten. (1246)

The fourth option is a Phoenix bomber to mess up MEQs and replacing my jetpack team with a 5 man team in another falcon. (1245)

The fifth option would be to run a team of Outcast Fire Dragons and Exarch with Firepike and power set in a TW Scatterlaser/SC wave serpent, also replacing the jetpack team with a mech team in a falcon. (1250)

The final thought is some combination of the above.

Your input is appreciated.
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Re: 1250 Point Eldar Corsair List for a Mymeara themed tournament
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I would suggest to take a 2nd Warp Hunter as well as a Nightwing to play around. Two Hunters will split enemy attention and some redundancy.

If I remember correctly, CCWs on the Corsairs replace the Lasblaster/Shuriken Catapult.

Also, the Prince is in my opinion a bit of too much of a points sink. His two special abilities being his only merits - a better mech HQ would likely be the Void Dreamer.

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