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Author Topic: 2k Vanilla Marine List  (Read 407 times)

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2k Vanilla Marine List
« on: February 13, 2012, 09:33:44 PM »
Tactical Squad-5 aditional marines, flamer, missile launcher, combi-flamer, power weapon, Drop pod w/ locator beacon
Tactical Squad-5 aditional marines, flamer, missile launcher, rhino
Scout Squad-5 aditional marines, all with sniper rifles
Sternguard-5 additional marines, heavy flamer, combi-melta, power fist, Drop pod w/ locator beacon
Dreadnought-Drop pod
Fast Attack   
Assault Squad-Flamer, lightning claw, melta bomb
Assault Squad-Flamer, lightning claw, melta bomb
Land Speeder-Assault Cannon
Heavy Support   
Devastator Squad-5 additional marines, x4 missile launchers
Vindicator-siege shield

This army is for a tourney my local club is going to be holding later this month. Opponents are pretty varied but the highest concentration of them are Guard and Tau with 3 players of each army being represented. General idea is for the Librarian and Sternguard to come in together with the drop pod tactical's in support on turn one and immediately put pressure on a flank. The tactical squad in the rhino can move up to support while the dev squad and scouts form up into combat squads and lay down covering fire. With the locator beacons the remaining forces being held in reserve will be able to support the initial drop, or help my static units as needed. Honestly I just wanted an excuse to use my Sternguard and a drop pod seemed the best route to go. I can combat squad them on landing if needs be to split my opponents return fire after they land. I didn't list the Librarians powers since they will change depending on my opponent, but I tend to like Gate of Infinity and Smite.  Tear apart the list as needed, don't bother being gentle.


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