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Author Topic: Cerebores? Our Cargofex finally here?  (Read 851 times)

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Cerebores? Our Cargofex finally here?
« on: January 20, 2012, 08:23:13 PM »
I don't know if this the appropriate place, but I figured with the "leaked" 6th edition out I would post.  Our army has had a heck of a time getting across the battlefield while other "food" races come prepackaged.  This isn't a terrible issue given the availability of cover saves, but with the cover dropping to a supposedly 5+ that equals a lot more dead nids.  In comes the Hive Minds answer, the Cerebore, (Cargofex was the name that came to mind with Cruddy being the codex name designer of the codex.

Although it baffles me how the Nids are just figuring out transport options (spores being the latest intro,)  when they are interstellar predators with aeons of combat experience,I can't complain.  Hopefully this is the answer we've been waiting for and not some terrible T4-5 letdown like our pods. More free Kps anyone?

A big slug type monster with a void for its compartment makes sense, and hey we might just see the return of our multiwounder 40mm critters.  I would assume it would just spit the contents in the direction of operations or something making it an assault vehicle.  (We already have no grenades please tell me yes..)

Just think of a squad of Bonesword warriors..  Or hey even the Pyrovore flaming out of it..  A WHOLE new army is awaiting the galaxy if us Nids get to compete on  the same level as every other army with their transport options. 

I apologize if this seems like wishlisting but on my phone at the moment and it doesn't want to link the SIXTH EDITION leak of codex updates on Bell of Lost Souls.  Hope this makes some (like myself,) consider blowing the dust off and start thinking of the possibilities.

Also, if allowed by Mods, what would be an appropriate setup for such a creature?  T6 with some form of cover, or armoured shell as standard or an option?  "Sluggish?!" pun intended or Heavy like the Monolith.
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