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Author Topic: Boss Pole Competition - Skeetergod's Entry - A Tale of AWTY Dakkatoof  (Read 1791 times)

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AWTY was having a blast, literally. As they drove from block to block, they would shoot down the human defenders and take their grenades and other explosives, then use them to make things go boom. The human defenders had small caliber laser rifles that when they hit him it burned his already burnt skin. He knew he would have to pay a visit to the meddiks, and he regretted that the two saddle bags of teeth he had on his bike had disappeared when it had exploded. Although it had been a good boom, he had been too distracted to enjoy it to its fullest, and now he realized he was broke and would have to get some more teeth.

The gang came around a corner and found themselves in a large open area of the city, one of the nobs told AWTY that this was a park and they might find something to eat there. On a signal from AWTY they spread out and drove into the park. In the park were a lot of trees, and as it turned out, a lot of humans with those annoying laser rifles. It seemed like a moving spider web of lasers covered the ork bikers, most that were hit got a small burn mark for failing to dodge it, and for some orks the laser beam was more potent, hitting them in a spot where there was no armor and penetrating into an internal organ and killing him. As AWTY drove through shooting his bikes guns, one of the nobs riding next to him was hit by a laser blast that caused the top of his head to explode. AWTY circled around and stopped his bike next to the body, leaned over and pulled out the four large teeth, “you won’t be needin dees no more,” he said. He then tucked them into his belt, and headed back towards the sound of shooting.

As he cleared a hedge by going through it he came face to face with another one of those humans with the brimmed pointed hat. Being an ork, AWTY pushed the button for his guns, and they fired to either side of the human, killing the ones behind it. Without slowing down AWTY grabbed his axe and drove straight for it. The humans had obviously been surprised thinking that the orks had passed them by and so were not ready when AWTY ploughed through the bushes. The human with the hat tried to pull its sword, but it was too late, the axe was already swinging, and with a slapping sound with the whirr of the blades, the humans head popped off its body. AWTY reached out and caught the head, he then thought it would look nice on his bike, so he leaned over and took the humans sword out of its hand. Taking the handle of the sword, he wedged it between the back of the seat and the ammo box, and then put the head on the pointy end making sure to go through to the hat so it would stay on the head when he went fast. He thought that made the bike look better, and so drove on to find some more humans to krump.

The groups split off onto side streets, and began to head towards the city center. While the orks did not know they were going to the center of the city, the humans sure took notice. The high command of the humans had their headquarters in a large fortified building there, thinking it was impervious their commanders had retired for the evening thinking that since the ork attack had ground to a halt that they had a few hours of breathing room to rest and regroup. The tired human sentry’s at first did not know what they were looking at, they saw flaming rolling daemons riding down the street, at first they thought it was a hallucination caused by fatigue, then realized that it was all too real as the noise of the engines finally reached their ears. Some turned to flee in terror, others began to sound the alarm. The human defenders were slow to react as many of them had just shut their eyes and thought they were just dreaming.

Pill boxes that had they been active could have repelled the orks were silent as the orks roared by, the humans inside just reaching their guns looking through the fire point to see a parade of orks on bikes speeding past them. Thinking that their lines were broken, they began to fall back to the secondary defenses only to see the same thing again. Had they began to fight they would have caught the orks in a deadly crossfire, instead they fell back and soon found themselves caught in a closing circle of orks. At the last line of defense a sergeant finally yelled for his men to open fire, and so the final battle began.

AWTY drove with his gang of bikers, as he passed alleys and side streets he saw other gangs of bikers on the streets beside him riding in the same direction. He was smug in the knowledge that his plan was working. He was leading the attack, on something. He didn’t know what yet, but when they got there they would know, and would win good and proper. After almost fifteen minutes of riding he was rewarded with a few gun shots here and there, then after another five minutes the shooting started in earnest. AWTY knew he had found it, and with a glorious “WAAAAAAGH” he sped up, pushed the button on the handle bars, and with guns blazing headed towards the large building inside the ring of little buildings that were shooting at them.

As he drove up to the first small building his bullets had cut a hole in the large door, he paused and threw one of the human boom charges into the hole. After a long pause the building explodes with a large boom that made AWTY fill with joy and happiness. Some of the humans that had been inside rolled out of the firing slits and were chopped down by other orks that were driving by. AWTY peeled out and sped towards the next little building, the flashes from the gun inside were like a beacon in the night, and he drove straight for them. He could hear the bug like whine as the bullets and laser beams flew past his ears, some of the bikers that were riding next to him were struck and fell off their bikes. Others were hit in the bike and erupted into flames or exploded. AWTY laughed as he threw another boom bag into the firing slit of the small building. His laughter grew louder as the resulting boom inside the building blew the roof off and filled the night with a small fireball. On either side of him similar events were occurring, many of the small buildings were burning.
He looked ahead past the small building he had just made go boom, and saw a large metal door was open, hundreds of humans were running towards and into the door. With a grunt, AWTY rode towards the doors with guns and tailpipes blazing. The orks that were riding with him stopped chopping up the humans and saw their boss riding towards the big building, afraid they were going to miss something they twisted their throttles to full and with a flurry or wheelies began to ride towards their boss. The humans in front of the door were being hit by AWTY’s bullets, the humans that had not made it to the door turned and began to run back the way they had come, only to stop and see there was no place to go. The orks were converging from all sides of them, some with a little courage left began to fight by firing their laser rifles at the oncoming orks. Some just stood there, waiting for death, and yet others fell to their knees and prayed for deliverance. The humans that were praying were run over, the humans that were just standing there were obligingly chopped by a passing ork, and the ones that were fighting were in turn gunned down by the ork biker’s machine guns.

As AWTY approached the door it began to swing closed, this angered him that the humans would try to hide away and not stay out to fight. With a quick grab, before he even knew what he was doing, he had lit and threw the boom bag at the big metal door. The bag landed next to the doors hinges and exploded, after the fireball cleared, the door slowly creaked, then fell off the wall. AWTY was overjoyed as he drove across the still rocking door and into the building. Once inside he found himself in a large room full of humans trying to get through the smaller doors on each end. With his choppa he began swinging, he also put one foot down and using it as a pivot spun his bike in a circle, his throttle hand holding the throttle and pushing the button to fire his guns. As he spun, fired, and chopped he killed many of the humans. Just as he was about to chop the last three, other ork bikers drove into the room and beat him to it. They then broke the doors and started driving through the hallways, shooting, chopping, or running over everything in their way.

During the night AWTY had driven down hallways, occasionally having to get off his bike to go into rooms with doorways too small to allow his bike in. There he would kill whatever humans he found, then go out and get back on his bike. He drove up stairs, and down more hallways, more rooms, then more hallways. As he found himself near the top of the building he entered a larger room that had double doors. After shooting them loose from their hinges, he drove through them and into the room filled with all sorts of humans with incredible looking hats. He and a few other bikers soon had shot or chopped every human in the room.

One human had a hat that had so many rows of the gold leaves that the brim was almost solid gold, and the gold eagle on the front had three stars on the top of the medallion. AWTY cut off the head that belonged to the hat and stuck it on the sword with the other human hat head. The other hat was less ornate with only two rows of the gold leaves and the front of the hat had the eagle but with no stars. The other orks saw the trophy pole of their boss and soon were collecting the heads with the hats and swords and making their own trophy poles.
Seeing the sun rising through the large window doors of the room, he drove his bike onto the balcony, raising his sword with the two trophies over his head, let loose with a long loud “Waaaagh!” His voice echoed throughout the complex, and other orks that had been rooting out hiding humans stopped, and looking up at the large ork on the top balcony of the big building, joined in the blissful noise of victory.

The sun rose over the glinting walls of the city, as the light chased away the shadows it revealed a horrific scene. Orks walked to and fro, dead humans as well as orks lay everywhere. Some buildings still smoked, testament to the fires that had ravaged them during the night. Occasionally there would be a scream as some orks found another human hiding somewhere, followed by the short bursts of gunfire. The city had fallen in one day; there were no survivors, and the heroes would never have their stories told.
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Re: Boss Pole Competition - Skeetergod's Entry
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Good times Skeet...  My favorite part was when he put the head on his boss pole and was very careful to make sure the at stayed on because it would look more propa that way...  Very orky! lol


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Re: Boss Pole Competition - Skeetergod's Entry - A Tale of AWTY Dakkatoof
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Haha I liked the story very much. It was very entertaining. very ork like to. You should write more like it for us to read. :D


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