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Gate of Infinity vs Null Zone- Please settle this for me...

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I have several Librarians in my Salamander collection and intend on fielding one of them at higher point levels.  My initial plan has been to give him Gate of Infinity with Avenger and put him in a 10 man squad of Terminators with 2 (t/l) Heavy Flamers.  In doing this I would make sure I had several locator beacons in different locations on the board so that they could ds with relative ease.

Here is the discussion...a friend believes that this set up is a waste and that Null zone is the way to go for a Librarian and that this makes him more of an "army support" roll.  I have no contact with Daemon players at the current time, where I know Null Zone would be put to its widest use.  Besides Daemons, I know the usual IC's, psyker squads (warlocks, etc) and DE wyches and harlequins would be a great use, but really, is Null Zone all that potent when a lot of armies will only end up fielding 3-7 invuln saves?  Especially versus the ability to have a Terminator squad pop around the field at will?

Personally I think that it has a lot to do with what your local metagame looks like.  For example if in your area if you have a lot of players that play terminator heavy lists, daemons, DE, and now GK null zone might be a better choice for a power.  Why?  because all those types of list have a high number of units/models that can take advantage of invul saves so null zone becomes much more potent.  Now if most of the players in your play horde armies, or armies that don't have access to a large number of invul saves then going with gate of infinity would be a much better choice because it will give you more mobility options.

Like I said I think that when building an all comers list you really do have to take into account your local metagame and what exactly you will be facing.  For example, I play SW and in my area most armies that I face off against are SM of all varieties, IG, DE, and now GK.  So when I pick my powers for my Rune Priest in my all comers list I keep that in mind and take the two powers that would be most useful for me which is useally living lightening and murderous hurricane.  Now if I was going to play in 'ard Boyz or a GT I might take different powers like JotWW or some of the other more situational powers because of the odds of facing armies that I don't normally face off against.

So I guess the long and short of it is, there really is no better or worst power it's all situational, and how best will it fit into your list and help you do what you want to do.

Good luck and happy hunting,

~Iron Captain Softy~:
One thing to consider about your plan.

You are vulnerable to psychic disruption. RoWarding, Shadow in the Warp, Psychic Hoods... any of those things will put a dent in your plans and force you to plan around the possibility of your power failing. Basically, you will not be able to rely on your plan, thus is not the most wise plan to take.

As Arkreaver pointed out,  the answer will most likely depend on your local meta.  At least in the utility of Null zone, that is.  The utility of Gate will depend most of all on your armylist. 

I have doubts about it's utility in a squad of terminators vs., a squad of sternguard (for instance).  The terms already have the ability to deep strike.  Their storm bolters allow them to fire with full effect at 24" and in the move, reducing the need to get really close, and there are no special weapons that require you to be close to use..  Remember Gate only allows a 24" move.  And you can't assault after gating - that's a lot of powerfist attacks you're giving up by not charging.

Personally I think the Gate tactic is best suited to a unit of Sternguard.  With termies, you'll probably get more utility out of another power - maybe Null zone.  ;)

Definitely understood on the meta game aspect, and after thinking about it, I agree that it might be better used with Sternguard.  I guess the point was that the infinity gate is not a waste and null zone is not necessarily the best choice all the time as my friend has tried to sway me.  Against this particular player I wouldn't see myself using Null Zone because the only units he has with invulnerable saves out of his armies are HQ's and wyches.

@Captain Softy...yes, still susceptible to Runes, Shadow, Psy Hoods, etc, but so are any librarian selections (including null zone) that require a psychic test.  Thus anyone fielding them should already have that factored in and know that it is not 100% all the time.  Truthfully, just the psychic test alone makes it not a guaranteed tactic.  So I already had that one known.  But thanks for pointing it out.


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