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Author Topic: WoTW 750 points; Sneaking, Orks vs. DE  (Read 1826 times)

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WoTW 750 points; Sneaking, Orks vs. DE
« on: February 12, 2011, 05:15:35 PM »
“Now listen up yous Drive By boys are to shoot the pointy ears”, said Warboss AWTY Dakkatoof, “but make sure to only shoot the pointy ears dat aint wit the one we is looking for. He is wearing black, while da rest of dem is wearing blue, so dat should make it easy to not shoot him.” AWTY glared ate the boys in front of him. “Do ya unnerstand?’ All the boys in front of him shook their heads up and down as if to acknowledge their boss. They turned and got into their truck. The older Drive By boy turned to the nob and asked, “What did da boss mean by not shooting the black one, does he know its nighttime? Dem pointy ears all look da same.” The nob shook his head and shrugged his shoulders and then pushed his way to the front of the truck.

 Today I played Hapexamnder at 750 points and is part of the Febwaagry Ork campaign that can be found here: LINK

My List:
BIG MEK Gitburna; Heavy, Cybork, Kustom Force Field, Boss Pole, Burna

11 Ard Boys, slugga and choppa, 1 big shoota, Nob with PK and BP(favored)
Trukk with red paint, ram, plank
12 BOYS; Shootas, Nob with boss pole and big shoota
TRUKK; Red Paint, Grot, ram.
12 BOYS; Slugga and Choppa, NOB, ‘eavy armor, boss pole, Power Claw.
TRUKK; Red Paint, ram, plank
1 War Buggies, Tracks, Red Paint, Twin Link Rocket Launcher
The Green Baron; (Deffcopta), Twinlink Rocket Launcha, Saw
Total = 749

His List:
Hami with venom blade
Hami with venom blade
15 Wyches, 1 Hecatrix with PW
15 Wyches, 1 Hecatrix with PW
Beast Squad; 5 Beast masters, 4 razor wing flocks, 15 chimeras
Total = 750

I chose a wyche as the traitor, he used an Incubus model to replace a wyche. The wyche squad rolled a 6 to gain fearless. His combat drug roll was a 2 giving the wyches +1 weapons skill. He won the roll for first turn.

Set up:
He chose to have all his units walk on first turn. I set up the favored unit in their truck with Gitburna. Then failed to seize initiative.
Turn 1
He moved all his units on the board keeping them in a phalanx near the back edge.
Bottom of 1
The favored unit moved 13” to line up on the DE. The rest of the army moved flat out and the Green Baron turbo boosted.
The big shoota from the Ard boys truck fired and caused 1 wound on a flock.

Turn 2
He moved his whole army to his left, his wyches both ran 6 and the beast squad ran 1, turtling up in the corner.
Bottom of 2
Everybody moved forward towards the DE.
Big shootas from trucks caused two more wounds on a flock. The Green Baron missed and the rockit buggy hit but the chimera made its save.

Turn 3
He moved the beast squad towards the ork lines. Then moved and continued to run the wyche squads into the corner behind terrain.
His beast squad assaulted the red pants truck and the Green Baron. The razorwings flock caused the red pants truck to be immobilized and weapon destroyed. The chimeras and beast masters killed the Green Baron.

Bottom of 3
The rockit buggy moved towards the wyches. The red pants got out of their immobilized truck. The ard boys truck moved 13” and the ard boys with Gitburna got out. The Drive By boys backed up 7”.
The Drive By boys shoot at the beast squad, finishing off a flock, and putting 2 wounds on another, the chimeras made all their saves. The big shootas from the trucks, and the pistol shots all fail to cause a wound. And the rockit buggy hit a chimera but it saved. Gitburna flamered the beast squad, killing two beast masters and causing two more wounds on a flock.
The ard boys and the red pants charged the beast squad. 14 chimeras and the beast masters put their attacks on the red pants killing 7. The flocks and 1 chimera put their attacks on the ard boys killing 1. The big mek caused two wounds on a flock and they save both.

Had to have a picture of something making its two + saves.

The boys deal out 20 wounds that kill off a flock, put a wound on another, and killing 6 chimeras. The nobs kill one more chimera and the combat is tied, so they all hugged up.

Turn 4
The wyches move out of the corner and then run 2, the other squad with the traitor move out and run 3 backwards.
The wyches assault the scrum with the beast squad and 7 of them make it into fight range.
The wyches kill 3 ard boys, the beasts kill 2 red pants boys and cause a wound on the nob. The mek kills 1 chimera and caused another wound on a flock. The boys from both squads cause 1 wound on a flock and the nobs kill 3 chimeras and win the combat. Both DE squads fail their LD, the beasts run 7, and the wyches run 5, both of them escape combat. The orks consolidate towards the fleeing squads.

Bottom of 4
Sorry, I forgot to take pictures this turn as I had to check the atmosphere.
The ard boys move in close to the wyches to force them to continue to flee, and the red pants move towards the beast squad. Gitburna moves to join the red pants squad. The Drive By boys move to get LOS to the wyches. The empty truck moves to point blank range by the beasts, The rockit buggy moves to the other side of the wyche squad with the traitor to prevent them from moving back.  The Drive By boys shot at the wyches but FNP saves them all. The other truck shoots at the beasts and caused a wound on a flock finishing it off. The rockit buggy hit and killed a chimera.
The red pants and Gitburna assault the beasts, the ard boys just stood by the wyches to get them to fall back.
The beast kill one red pants boy (the last one) and the rest of the squad put 1 wound on Gitburna. Gitburna caused a wound on a flock, and the nob killed a beast master for the tie. The squads hugged up.

Turn 5rd
The fleeing wyches fall back 7, the other wyche squad moved towards the ard boys. Both squads of wyches fired their pistols at the ard boys killing 4. The ard boys failed their LD and fell back 9. I elected to let the boys run rather tha be assaulted and giving the wyches another pain token.
The beast squad failed to cause any wounds, Gitburna wiffed, and the nob killed 1 chimera, but this time the DE passed their LD.
Bottom of 5
The empty truck and the rockit buggy moved to within an inch of the fleeing wyches. The Drive By boys moved 13” and got out of the truck. .
The drive by boys soot at the wyches causing 5 wounds, all but the traitor made their saves. So the game ended.

Victory for the DE, the orks didn't lose, we just needed a lunch break, but we will be back with more.

Overall a great battle. Hapexamnder was guilt tripping me and was telling me his kids would not get any treats today if he didn’t win, really, he said that, I have witnesses! (I told you I was putting that in there)
I came prepared with rockits and boarding planks to take out his raiders that he punished me with last game. At the last moment he changed his list to the one above, so all my anti vehicle stuff was not much use this game. On the plus side, I am now no longer afraid of the big beast squad. Showing 26 wounds of orks can take on 40+ wounds of beasts and give way better than they got, I am sure that the last two orks would have finished off the last three DE of that squad. (I was going to demand a pain token if I did) As for the shooting thing, well I was trying to thin down those 16 elves before my 12 boys assaulted them. As it worked out, it was a bad idea.

"Gee boss, what ya hittin us fer? We shots them pointy ears like ya said too..."

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Re: WoTW 750 points; Sneaking, Orks vs. DE
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2011, 10:35:50 PM »
Skeeter, great game today.  Sorry about the army switch, that first one was designed to purely run away, and once you clarified that only if the traitor was killed in shooting could I win, I thought a straight up battle with a lot of action would be a little more fun.   It was a tough go without any way to shoot your truks.  When I designed the army yesterday, I thought you would switch back to the large 'eavy boyz squad.  Either way,  tough battle to the end.   And don't worry, the kids got plenty of snacks!!

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Re: WoTW 750 points; Sneaking, Orks vs. DE
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2011, 08:04:26 AM »
Good game Skeetergod, I like the pics. I look forward to when you start winning some games vs DE as I am sharing the same dilemma as you curently (but we didn't lose either, lunch breaks are good).

Cheers and I had my 750pt game as well, but I won't have time to post it until Monday morning.
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