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Author Topic: Blood Angels vs. Reapers! Bloody!!  (Read 1304 times)

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Blood Angels vs. Reapers! Bloody!!
« on: November 2, 2010, 01:55:47 PM »
This is all quoted from our own local gaming clubs forums. Since my friend Az is a better writter then me he allowed me just copy and paste his narrative in here

Angels Libertas v Reapers Oct 31

Post  Az Yesterday at 11:24 pm

So we had a 1500 pt game on the 31st. For those not familiar with those chapter names that's the names of our resident Blood Angels Chapter (Angels Libertas aka Your_Worst_Nightmar e) and our resident Vanilla Chapter (Reapers aka me...Az). Take a close look at the picks they are labeled and diagrammed to give people a better idea of what happened between the turns.

Interesting thing about the list this was pretty much an all infantry affair. The only things that didn't fit the true definition of infantry were the Whirlwinds used for artillery fire by the Reapers. So here is a brief account of the battle.

So the quick story for the battle was this. The Reapers were being directed by an Inquisitor to hunt down and apprehend an Astropath. The Astropath was under the protection of the Angels Libertas...for reasons only they know. The only way to see that the Astropath wouldn't be hunted from world to world by the Inquisitor was simple...silence the Inquisitor.

(so if your not into naratives it was a two objective battle the AL's started with the Astropath to defend and had to take the Inquisitor. The Reapers started with the Inquisitor to defend and had to take the Astropath.

The AL's were the first to take the field under the command of Captain Tycho. They took up positions in an abandoned fuel processing facility at the edge of a small ruined settlement. The Reapers commanded by Atrus Nex then moved into position in some blown out buildings and using the hills to screen the movements took up attacking positions. Scout units for the Reapers under the command of Sergeant Viator moved into position on the left flank of the Angels.

This is what the first Turn looked like

The forward Tactical squad of the Angels and the Reapers Tactical Squad left to guard the Inquisitor Traded fire. While the Angels Tactical squad and Captain Tycho fired on Sergeant Viator's position in some ruined buildings. Meanwhile Artillery fire rained down from Reaper Whirlwinds and Angel Devastators.

Turn 2 saw a few interesting developments.

The Angels brought in 2 Assault squads from strategic reserve to support there tactical Squad. However what you cant see in the picture is the carnage from the Assault of the Veteran Vanguard Squad. The Angels brought there Vet Vanguards in from strategic reserve into the flank of the Reapers Sternguard line. The Vanguard wiped out an entire squad of sternguards while suffering minimal casualties. However just as they were regrouping from there victory Atrus Nex ordered his 1st squad Vet. Sternguard to fire at will into the grouped up Vanguard...wiping them all (they were not lying when they named them vengeance rounds). Mean while in other parts of the battlefield Sergeant Viator's scouts were defeated by fire from Captain Tycho's Tactical Squad. Artillery and Devastator fire reigned all around the field taking various casualties on both sides.

Turn 3 saw the Angel advance towards the Inquisitors position.

Massed plasma and rocket fire took there toll on the reaming sternguard squad. Atrus Nex fell and was evacuated from the battle as most of the Sternguard died buying time. Just when the Angels seemed to have a decided advantage a squad of Reaper Terminators teleported in behind the advancing tactical line and an assault squad arrived from Reserve and took up a covered position in the fuel depot. Meanwhile the remaining Reaper scouts maintained position in site but out of reach of the Astropath.

Turn 4 saw the last of the sternguard squad fall.

Both sides having suffered loses spent this turn having sporadic fire fights and heavy weapons fire exchanges but all the while advancing on the primary objectives. The Reaper Assault squads began to make there way to the position of the Angel Devastators. The last guard force of Reaper Tactical Marines were eliminated with a volley of plasma cannons and rocket fire. Meanwhile a Reaper Dreadnought comes up from its covered position behind some ruins to start firing on Captain Tycho's Tactical Squad.

Turn 5 saw the Angels take the Inquisitor into custody.

A Heavy plasma blast ripped through the advancing terminators cutting down most of the squad. However concentrated reaper fire on Captain Tycho's squad and the nearby Devastators was starting to whittle them down. Captain Tycho was wounded. The Reaper Assault Squad made there Assault on the fortified position of the Angel Devastators whipping them all out but the sergeant. The final Reaper Scout Squad begins advancing towards the Astropath.

Turn 6 Captain Tycho Stands Strong in the face of a front and rear assault by the Reaper Terminator Sergeant and the Reaper Assault Squad fresh from finishing off the Angel Devastator Sergeant. This was so gruesome that it couldn't be photoed...or the photographer got so caught up in what he was doing he forgot to snap a turn 6 pic. In lieu of this there is a fully diagrammed turn 5 pic updated with all the turn 6 action.

The Terminator and Assault squad sergeants power weapon attacks are devastating, whipping out everyone in the tactical squad except for the Angel Sergeant and Captain Tcyho. The Reaper Assault squad loses 2 members and the Terminator goes down. Meanwhile the scouts advanced quietly behind the action getting ready to spirit the Astropath away while the Angels were distracted.

Turn 7 Saw the last stand of Captain Tycho!

The Assault Squad Sergeant and his fellow marine clash in a flurry of blows with the wounded Captain Tycho and Angel Tactical Squad Sergeant. Such was the intensity of the fighting that Captain Tycho was seriously wounded by the Assault squad Sergeant and forced to flee for the nearby shuttle craft. Covered in his retreat by his trusted Sergeant who was cut down by the Assault Squad Sergeant. Wounded and spent and with his squad dead the Assault Squad Sergeant did not give chase. Meanwhile in the shadow of this bloody final clash the Reaper scouts fell upon the Astropath and seized the objective.

End Game

The battle between loyalist Space Marine Chapters ended in a draw. The Inquisitor was in the custody of the Angels Libertas in no position to harass the Astropath. However the Astropath was a prisoner of the Reapers. Both Forces were heavily depleted and retired from the field.

Non narative it ended up in a draw 1 point to 1 point after a 7 turn game. Both Armies were heavily shot up. The Angels had Two partial strength Assault squads at the Inquisitor objective and a half strength Tactical Squad. The Reapers had a Whirlwind, a Dreadnought, a single Assault Marine, and a full Scout Squad.

Very bloody battle and in the end the Angels felt remorse for having to lay fire on a fellow loyalist but orders are orders and anything less would be heresy. The Inquisitor will be screened for possible warp taint  >:( . Astropaths are fortunately replaceable  ;)

Good game Az

Please allow me to adjust my pants... So that I may dance the good time dance


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