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Author Topic: 2000 Dark Elves Vs Lizardmen--8th Edition Debut!  (Read 3183 times)

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2000 Dark Elves Vs Lizardmen--8th Edition Debut!
« on: August 8, 2010, 11:34:50 AM »
2000 Points Dark Elves Vs Lizardmen--8th Edition Debut!

The venomous serpent leapt from the tree canopy above in a blinding flash of scales and teeth. Even given his incredible elven reflexes, the Black Reaver Daharr could do little more than raise his arms to protect his face. The bite of the tree asp was certain death, and it had a particular skill at landing bites on its victim's faces and necks. Daharr knew he was a goner.

There was a flicker of steel and the swoosh of a blade passing so quickly that Daharr scarcely heard it. The asp fell to the ground, cut in two. Daharr, still shaking, composed himself before bowing to Lady Thasia. Her hard, jade eyes didn't look at him. "Have a care, Daharr. If you die I'll have no one to speak to but the sorceresses, and they're bickering again."

Daharr bowed even lower. "My apologies, my Lady."

The jungle huddled around them so tightly that it seemed as though the rading party were moving through the bowels of some massive, seething beast. The air was pefectly still and so humid one could hold out a flagon and quaff a cupfull. The druchii had all coated themselves in nauglir slime to keep off the insects, but still they buzzed and fluttered in clouds around each corsair. Though midday, it was as dark as dusk. They had been chopping and burning their way through the Lustrian jungle for four days now. It wouldn't be far now, or at least Daharr hoped so. Their supplies of nauglir slime were running low, and when they ran out, disease would gut Lady Thasia's Reaver's more quickly than any military foe could hope to.

Thasia kicked over an anthill as tall as her shin and watched as the insects died horribly as they tried to penetrate the poisonous coating on her body. "I really do loathe this wretched place."

"The Great Lord Greifbringer will reward us greatly if we are successful." Daharr offered, though the hollowness of the sentiment seemed to echo even in the depths of the jungle. They weren't here for any reward, and everyone knew it. Thasia was here because she had failed in her expedition into the Old World last year, and they were here with her for taking so long in rescuing her from the clutches of the Night Goblins. This expedition was to save face, and nothing more.

Two corsairs ducked out of the bushes with a scrawny humanoid lizard between them. "My Lady, we found this one lurking near our advance scouts. It wanted to speak with you."

Thasia scowled, her scarred face glowing in the heat. "And why, in Khaine's name, would you think *I* wanted to speak with *it*? Gut it and have done."

The creature looked up, its eyes milky and half-blind, "Thasia Helltamer," it spoke in the druchii tongue, "Atzla Mochu welcomes you."

"It speaks our language!" Daharr gasped.

Thasia rolled her eyes. "I see now why you are my first officer." She scowled at the old skink. "Atzla Mochu is a place or a thing, toad?"

"He is the mighty Slaan of Life, through whom the World is Reborn. It was He who undid your dark master's sorceries on our land, and He who protects us from you. He welcomes your arrival, for the time of vengeance is nigh!"

Thasia looked at the two corsairs supporting the skink. "Didn't I give you an order?"

"But...milady, the thing may have useful information." One corsair blurted.

Again there was the whisper of steel and the barely-visible flash of Thasia's blade. The impertinent Corsair's headless body dropped to the earth. Daharr and the other corsair blinked the arterial spray from their eyes before hastily fumbling for their knives and plunging them into the skink's abdomen. As it died, Thasia walked away, muttering to herself, "You get ambushed by goblins just *once*, and the next thing you know you have to decapitate somebody everytime you give an order...ugh..."

So, after almost a two-year hiatus from WHFB, I dusted off my Dark Elves and put together a list for 8th Edition (I had to proxy some stuff, but still). My regular opponent, Bobby, with his hordes of blasted lizardmen, was there to challenge me yet again.

Thasia's Reavers

Dreadlady Thasia Helltamer (General) w/Hydra Blade, Potion of Strength, Pendant of Khaeleth, Heavy Armor, Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak
Ithis Duskwalker Lv 2 Sorceress, Focus Familiar, Lore of Death (Spirit Leech, Purple Sun of Xereus)
Helio Deathsong Lv 2 Sorceress, Tome of Furion, Dark Lore (Chillwind, Bladewind, Black Horror)

30 Corsairs w/Full Command, Sea Serpent Standard
10 Dark Riders w/Musician, Repeater Xbows
10 Repeater Crossbowmen w/Shields, Musician
10 Repeater Crossbowment w/Shields, Musician
5 Harpies
2 Cold One Chariots
2 Reaper Bolt Throwers
1 War Hydra

The Mighty Army of Atzla Mochu

Atzla Mochu, Slaan of Life (General and BSB) w/Cupped Hand of the Old Ones, 2+ Ward Vs Shooting, Loremaster of Life, Focused Rumination (or whatever the extra power die thing is)

Skink Priest Level 2 atop Engine of the Gods w/ Lore of Heavens (Iceshard Blizzard, Uranon's Thunderbolt)

15 Saurus Warriors w/Full Command
15 Saurus Warriors w/Full Command
15 Saurus Warriors w/Full Command
14 Temple Guard w/Full Command
20 Skink Warriors w/2 Kroxigors
Salamander Hunting Party w/2 Salamanders

Terrain and Deployment
We rolled for 10 pieces of terrain and determined that all forests would be Fungus Forests, representing anthills and such distracting units inside them. There were two forests, one towards the east and another, larger one in the west. Three major hills--board center-south, southwest corner, and eastern edge. There was also a Scree Hill in the southwest quadrant. Beyond that, a variety of v-shaped defensive fences were distributed about (hooray for Lincoln Logs!).

Since this was our first 8th Edition game, we elected not to try any fancy missions and just went for the good ol' Battlelines mission. I won the roll-off for deployment, so picked the south edge. As we alternated, it wound up with me placing both bolt throwers on the SW hill for a good field of fire, Ithis with one group of RxBmen as support, and both chariots flanking the formation. The Hydra was placed halfway between this SW force and my center, which featured the Corsairs, the harpies just in front of them, and the other group of RxBmen with Helio besides them. Finally, the Dark Riders went waaaay out on the east flank with the idea of encircling the Lizard left.

Bobby's Lizzies landed a Saurus block on each flank and one a bit back near the center, the Skinks and Temple Guard w/Slaan in the center, the Sallies behind the western forest, and the Engine of the Gods parking itself alongside them.


Turn 1
Bobby won first turn and took it, but not before my DR used their free move to charge up to the top of the eastern hill. His whole army then marched forwards, more or less, with the east flank Saurus pivoting to face the DR and the center-saurus group moving a bit more cautiously while following up the Engine of the Gods. The Engine's Priest tried torching one of my Reapers with a Thunderbolt, but it didn't damage, while the Slaan tried a couple spells that I either stopped or didn't go through (it was a weak magic phase, with maybe 3-4 dice). Finally, the Sallies spurted some flames at Ithis's unit, killing 4 Xbowmen. They don't panic.

Top of Turn 1:

"Milady!" A corsair shouted, "They're charging our lines, and quickly!"

Thasia sighed and gave the order to advance. Skinks were trading at an all-time low in Karond Kar these days--she wondered whether that many slaves were even worth the trouble.  "Well," she decided, "Money is money."

"Orders, my Lady?" Daharr asked.

"Cut the whelps down and stuff them in sacks. Try not to waste too much time with them and..." She stopped, "Actually, scratch that last. Let them charge us. Why should we do all the work?"

Daharr smiled wickedly. "As you wish."

In my half of the turn, the Dark Riders moved to flank the flankguard Saurus (killing one with crossbow fire) while the harpies flew to behind the skink unit bearing down on my center. Thasia and company moved just far enough to top the hill, keeping the Temple Guard out of charge range, but tempting the skinks into their doom. Helio's crossbowmen crested the rise, as well, and bounced a large number of barbed bolts off the Temple Guard's armor while Helio's spells were stopped. The Hydra tried to charge the Skinks' flank, but choked by rolling snake-eyes for the charge--this was to become a trend.

In the west, Ithis managed to produce the Purple Sun of Xereus, which prompty ate up the skink priest atop the engine and consumed eleven of fifteen saurus in the center unit--not bad. Her Spirit Leech was targeted at a Salamander, but the creature showed enormous mental fortitude and I failed to do anything. The Reapers fired solid shots at the Stegadon, but only managed one wound, while Chariot 1 was stupid and almost destroyed itself on a fence while Chariot 2 failed its charge against the Saurus in the west. So, in other words, great magic phase, lackluster other phases.

Bottom of Turn 1:

To Be Continued...

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Re: 2000 Dark Elves Vs Lizardmen--8th Edition Debut!
« Reply #1 on: August 8, 2010, 11:35:56 AM »
Turn 2
In the top of turn 2, Bobby takes the bait and charges Thasia and her Corsairs with the Skinks and Kroxigors. He did this, I feel, because of a few reasons: (1) Corsairs used to suck hard in the old edition, (2) he didn't know I had the Sea Serpent Standard, and (3) he didn't know Thasia could average around 7 WS7 S4 attacks a round ( :shock: ). She killed 5 herself, the Corsairs killed another 7, and I ran down the rest thanks to the Slavers rule changing the Skink 7" flee into a 3". I lost perhaps 2 guys to Kroxigor clubs. Elsewhere in the center, the Slaan and the east flank Saurus advance on my position. The Slaan gets off the Shield of Thorns on the Skinks before they are all slaughtered or enslaved, but all it nets them is one dead Corsair. It's next Spell was Throne of Vines (I think), but it was a miscast. The Cupped Hands of the Old Ones then chucked the result at my sorceresses, who each took a wound and ended the magic phase.

In the west, things go rather poorly for Bobby. In the first place, his Salamanders go stupid thanks to their presence in the forest, and are unable to hose me down with fire (yay!). Next, he forgets that you add your move characteristic to a charge and, therefore, doesn't charge with the Stegadon (which had passed its Monster Reaction test), but rather just moves it threateningly close. The Western Saurus go for a charge on Chariot #2, but it flees and they come up short and only stumble forward a few spare inches. Thankfully, my chariot doesn't flee far enough to run off the board. Finally, the remnants of the central Saurus *probably* went somewhere, but I don't know where, and the Purple Sun scattered off in an irrelevant direction (it never did anything else, so I'll leave off talking about its behavior).

Top of Turn 2:

Thasia had just finished wiping Skink ichor off her blade when she felt the earth tremble with the effects of massive sorcery. All around her, she noted that plants were blooming and vines were growing at unnatural rates. She could hear Helio and Ithis screaming in pain as they were overloaded with power. That could only mean one thing.

Eyes narrowing, she peered through the fog of war to see a column of massive reptillian warriors clad in the bones of even *more* massive creatures. Floating upon a palaquin of living roots in their midst was a bloated, obese toad with eyes that glowed like a sunset. "So," she said, "Atzla Mochu, I presume."

"My Lady!" Daharr yelled, "The Slaan approaches."

Thasia rolled her eyes. "Do you ever notice things I *don't*?"

"What shall we do?"

"Daharr, do we have sack large enough to contain a one-ton magic slug?"

"Errr...no, I do not believe so."

"Then *kill* it, you idiot. What on earth do I pay you for, anyway?"

Daharr saluted smartly. "As my lady wishes."

Well, with some juicy charges presenting themselves, I can't resist. A little voice inside my head is yelling 'don't charge the Temple Guard', but I ignore it. A louder voice says 'don't charge the Saurus with the Dark Riders, even in the rear!", but I ignore that, too. I hit the Temple Guard in the flank with the Corsairs and in the rear with the Harpies. Thasia chugs her potion of strength and proceeds to kill 5 Guards in a flurry of attacks. The rest of the Corsairs, with their 22 re-rollable, hate-filled attacks, kill nobody. The harpies put on a better showing for themselves, going late enough in the round that the backguard of the slaan is gone, and they put 2 wounds on the magic toad. In response, the Guard kill one corsair and 3 of 5 harpies. I win combat by a good bit, but the stubborn, cold-blooded Temple Guard go nowhere (surprise surprise).

The Dark Riders charge the rear of the flank Saurus and kill 4, but lose 2. They still win combat, but the cold blooded Saurus stubbornly refuse to budge (and are steadfast, to boot) and use a combat reform to turn around. Now I'm really screwed over there. Of course, now that Saurus block is a good 2-3 turns away from ever possibly helping the Slaan out, so that's still a win in my book.

In the tumultuous western flank, Chariot #2 rallies and Chariot #1's nauglir get a whiff of Stegadon nearby and it's dinnertime. I charge the Steggie in the flank, do two wounds but only lose one, win combat, break it, and run the big beast down. Unfortunately, such is my Chariot's enthusiasm that it barges headlong into the western forest and promptly explodes in a shower of kindling.

The magic phase sees Ithis manages to use her familiar to get range and melt the brain of one Salamander, but her second cast of the Purple Sun (which Bobby again failed to dispel--he was having awful luck in that phase) rolls a misfire on the artillery die. Now, it centered on her, but my super-elven-initiative kept everybody safe. What I didn't realize I had to do (and I should have checked the book--shame on me) was that it still stuck around and moved. Honestly, this would have helped me more likely than hurt, since I would only be losing guys on 6s and Bobby's guys were far more suceptible, but nevertheless it was my mistake. Helio, meanwhile, as would become a trait of hers throughout the battle, had no good targets and didn't do anything. I was kicking myself for not keeping Soul Stealer (which I could have had, but I traded it for Chillwind). Being able to cast *something* into combat would have been very, very helpful.

Finally, the two reapers and all the crossbows took aim at the western saurus block advancing on their position. 32 Armor Piercing bolts later, I kill one lizard. Ugh. The shooting phase isn't holding its own this game.

Bottom of Turn 2:

Turn 3
With all his units in the center pinned in combat, most of Bobby's action happens in the west. The Saurus block over there go for a charge on the chariot again. I hold (forgot to stand and shoot--oh well) and he blows the charge, stumbling ahead 4" or so. The Salamanders are more productive, charging Ithis's crossbow unit. The stand and shoot is worthless (hitting on 6s/5s or some such nonsense), but I knock 2 wounds off the final salamander before losing combat by 2 and running for it. They're run down and the salamanders hit one of the reapers behind them on the hill. Bummer.

The remnant of the Saurus unit in the center starts heading to support its buddies in combat, which is good, because neither side is giving ground. Thasia and the Corsairs kill another 2 or so Temple Guard but the Harpies bite the dust (but put one more wound on the Slaan in passing); I lose perhaps another 1-2 corsairs in the bargain, as well. I win combat by the skin of my teeth, but the lizards stick around (of course). As for the combat with the DR, I was hoping they'd run, but the brave (and stupid) horsemen kill another Saurus, lose two more of their number, and decide to stick around to see what happens.

In the magic phase, the Slaan tries to nuke the Hydra with a woodsy magic missle of some kind, but does no damage. At least his wounds keep getting replaced by the spells he's getting through!

Top of Turn 3:

The crush of battle was bloody and intense, each giant Saurus Warrior like a bulwark standing firm against twice their number in bloothirsty druchii. Thasia danced between them, the Hydra Blade flickering like a bolt of lightning as she cut down the ancient guardians of the Mage Priest. Harpies wheeled and screamed above, clawing viciously at the mighty Slaan, but its protectors rose to the defense and smote the creatures from the air with disciplined strikes of their steel-hard clubs.

Still, the druchii still had their blood up, and the Guardians of the Slaan wouldn't last forever. With every crunching thump of their weapons, however, Thasia was forced to concede that her forces wouldn't last forever, either.

In the bottom of the turn, I wheel the Hydra around to intercept the remnants of the center saurus (I *had* been sending it westwards to support Ithis, but with her dead... <shrug>). Before it could incinerate them with a gout of flaming breath, however, Helio managed to cast an irresistible Bladewind which cut them all down. Also, by a fit of luck, her miscast only killed two of her crossbowmen escorts. Yay!

Also in the west, the remaining chariot charged the Saurus block that had been bugging it so and Bobby elected to flee. This proved unwise, since I managed to roll my maximum charge distance and ran them all down (hooray for slaves!). The combat between the Reaper and the Salamanders proved mutually fatal, as the reaper crew killed the final Salamander and the skinks finished them off. With no monster to handle, the skinks vanished into the undergrowth. (Actually, come to think of it, I think the skinks should have vanished even before they got their attacks, meaning my Reaper would still live...oh well...)

In the center, the Crossbowmen with Helio sat about and twiddled their thumbs from a lack of valid targets while the Dark Riders lost a couple more (for another 2 dead Saurus in return) and fled from combat with the Saurus in hot pursuit. The battle with the Slaan/Temple guard resulted in a loss for me, but only by 1. I didn't run, but bye-bye frenzy. Also they were now fighting me from the front, so that wasn't good either. The clock was ticking on that combat--I had more attacks and more guys, but I wasn't producing wounds (still rolling 28-30 attacks, thanks to Thasia, and killing *maybe* 1-2 guys a round, if that), and with fewer attacks coming up, things looked ugly.

Bottom of Turn 3:

Turn 4
For Bobby, a ray of hope was dawning. If he could crush Thasia's block this turn, he could maybe run them down and have a fighting chance against the support units I had left running around. First off, his pursuing Saurus charged the Dark Riders again, making them run straight off the board. Unfortunately for Bobby, the Saurus *also* ran straight off the board as the ran them down, meaning they'd be out of my hair for another turn. The only thing left to do was handle the big combat. As predicted, things go poorly. I lose 4-5 guys, Thasia kills perhaps 1, and I'm testing leadership on a 5 or 6. I roll a 3--we stick. Now we just need the Hydra to get in there...

Top of Turn 4:

"To me! To me, you dogs!" Thasia screamed. "Any coward who flees will be used to oil my blade!"

The Corsairs rallied, but they were exhausted and disheartened. The implacable reptillian warriors continued to press them, and it was only their wits and their superior reflexes that were keeping them alive. Thasia needed more time. She needed to give the beastmasters a chance to put the hydra into the lizard's flank, and then victory was certain.

At that moment, a great roar thundered from the Saurus ranks. A great champion stood before them, its spiked club as big as two druchii strapped together and ten times as weighty. It pointed elaborately at Thasia and roared again. It's intent was clear.

Thasia siezed Daharr by the collar and shoved him towards the champion. "Here--go and see what it wants."

Daharr charged at the beast, weapons out, and it raised its weapon to meet him. Thasia smiled; she just remembered why she paid Daharr. One could never underestimate the usefullness of loyal idiots.

With Helio having nothing to cast spells at and my shooters having nothing to shoot at, I did little more this turn than move my chariot closer and declare the all-important Hydra charge into the Temple Guard Flank. I roll the dice, needing at least a 6, and get a 2. The Hydra stumbles forwards 1", rounding out a completely craptastic outing for one of my hardest hitting units.

The raging melee continues without Hydra assistance. For a miracle, however, they don't need it--I kill 4 Temple guardians, reducing them to only the Champion and Standard bearer plus the Slaan. In a challenge, the Temple Guard champ ignores Daharr's tiny blades and smashes him flat, but I don't care. Things are looking up.

Bottom of Turn 4:

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Re: 2000 Dark Elves Vs Lizardmen--8th Edition Debut!
« Reply #2 on: August 8, 2010, 11:36:39 AM »
Turn 5
In Bobby's next turn, his remaining Saurus stroll back on the board, but it is way too late. The Slaan casts some magic of some kind which does very little, and in combat I do my best to kill the giant toad. I get him down to one wound or so (either that or there were more Temple Guard than I remember) and, in either event, I lose a couple more corsairs (and my last rank bonus), but win combat. They stick.

Top of Turn 5:

At last, Thasia stood before the bloated body of the Slaan. It's burning gaze bombarded her with images of places long past, things long dead, and an unfathomable will that had lasted milennia. She felt as though it were trying to convince her of something--of her wrongness, or her devotion to a bankrupt cause, of what she could be if she turned away from the path she walked. Thasia sneered and pitted her will against the putrid beast until, at last, she had banished it from her mind. "Pleas for mercy will do you no good, frog."

She leveled her ichor-soaked blade at its sunken chest. "I'm going to take my time with you."

To her rage, in its eyes she did not see anger or fear. She saw pity. With an unearthly shriek, she went about skinning it alive.

The bottom of turn 5 sees my Hydra finally do something by marching and flaming the remaining Saurus into near oblivion (I killed most of the rest of the unit) while Thasia single-handedly slew the Slaan in short order. With this, Bobby conceded. A victory for the druchii!

Final Score
Lizardmen: ~750
Dark Elves: ~1500-ish

Well, like most of my Fantasy games, I swore a lot during this outing. I don't know what it is about me and the Dark Elves, but I always feel like I'm doing really well until I actually get into combat, and then the lousy S3 of my druchii keeps letting me down. This was an uncharacteristicall y good outing against the Lizardmen, to be honest. Also, it really could have swung the other way if Thasia's unit broke and/or was run down. We had most of the points in our armies fighting each other for the fate of the game, so that battle was clearly the pivot-point. I feel that things should have gone better than they did for my unit there--I was hitting them an absurd number of times for very little product. Bobby, on the other hand, felt outmaneuvered and foolish for most of the game. That, pretty much, describes the relationship between both our armies--I am eternally frustrated that my marvelous maneuvers and traps do absolutely nothing in the face of T4 and Cold Blooded, whereas Bobby is constantly frustrated by his inability to dictate the pace of the battle. This is why we need more opponents to face--it's getting old.

The magic phase was an interesting thing in this game. Bobby had abominable luck with it--he kept tanking his dispel rolls, even with the Slaan's +4. I survived an unusual number of miscasts (there was actually another one I failed to mention--on Helio. She survived.) and got off some mean spells. On the whole, the Winds were kinder to me than to him--I got 9 and 10 die phases, he got 2s, 3s, and 5s.

I'm sure we screwed up some stuff in the game (some of it already mentioned), but it's a new edition and we have time to learn. In any event, it was a great game and has gotten my interest in Fantasy revitalized. Thanks for reading and thanks, as always, to my opponent!

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Re: 2000 Dark Elves Vs Lizardmen--8th Edition Debut!
« Reply #3 on: August 8, 2010, 12:00:53 PM »
Well done indeed! It was a tough opponent and you were on the verge of tipping over into a 1500-750 instead.
It is hard with the big blocks of S3s not being able to bring the hurt to the enemy (I know, having played DE, TK and HE), but there are ways to compensate (monsters, poison, charges) and it seems you got the job done.

Lost Roads - finally released!

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Re: 2000 Dark Elves Vs Lizardmen--8th Edition Debut!
« Reply #4 on: August 8, 2010, 08:08:27 PM »
Well done indeed! It was a tough opponent and you were on the verge of tipping over into a 1500-750 instead.
It is hard with the big blocks of S3s not being able to bring the hurt to the enemy (I know, having played DE, TK and HE), but there are ways to compensate (monsters, poison, charges) and it seems you got the job done.


Yeah, I do have a monster for those kinds of things, but it somehow was disinterested in charing more than 8" this game--ugh. I, also, shouldn't have moved him towards the west to support Ithis and company, but I really couldn't have known things would go so well for me there. That flee reaction on the Saurus block was basically a gift from Bobby to me.

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Re: 2000 Dark Elves Vs Lizardmen--8th Edition Debut!
« Reply #5 on: August 10, 2010, 06:08:07 PM »
Awesome game, and as always a good read. I still haven't managed a game in the new edition yet. But I'm hoping so soon.
Considering my chosen armies are Vampire Counts and Night Lords, yes, I think "Back from the dead" is probably the most accurate description of my return.

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