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Author Topic: 9th 40konline UK Tournament Report  (Read 2551 times)

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9th 40konline UK Tournament Report
« on: August 22, 2010, 04:36:31 PM »
24 Participants.
48 Games.
Nine and a half hours of mayhem.

Hello all,

I'm hoping this report will turn into a full blown run down of the tournament from every participant's perspective and as I am the primary organiser I thought I would get the ball rolling. The thread we discuss and organise this tournament malarkey in is: http://www.40konline.com/index.php?topic=190885.0

This is the first year I have fully taken on the responsabilities for this tournament, as the other organisers from the forum (Erriond, Oink, etc) have increasingly had real life get in the way and have to take a step back in getting involved. Thanks still goes to Oink for managing the thread and other various gribbly bits that needed doing.

Being the egotistical bastard I am, this obviously meant I had to make sure this was the best one run yet. I'll let everyone else decide whether I managed it or not.

The rules pack I wrote for the event can be found here: http://www.bfgclub.org.uk/9th%2040KONLINE%20UK%20TOURNAMENT.pdf

The event is a community event and it's always been about getting together and putting names to faces, and I really wanted to embody that fact just from the rules pack. What I neglected to tell every participant until they dragged themselves to our 8:30 start is that I had written up an achievement system, inspired by a thread in the General 40k forum:

Off the Chart: Scoring over 1750 Victory Points in a single battle.
Money-Maker: Your first shot of the game destroys their most expensive unit.
Fire Truck: A vehicle you explode does over 75 Victory Points worth of damage in the blast.
Traction Control: Destroying twelve or more vehicles over the course of the tournament.
Unleash the Fury: One of your HQ units causes an unsaved wound with ALL their attacks in one round of combat.
Cavalry Horn: Reverse a turn five loss into a turn seven win.
Red versus Blue: Participate in a combat that ends with the engaged units simultaneously destroying each other.
My Name is Bruce: One of your units survives all four battles.
Glorious Glory: Destroy a vehicle in a Death or Glory attempt.
The Worf: One of your vehicles makes a Strength 10 ram attack.
Cooking by the book: One of your psyker units doesn’t suffer a Perils of the Warp attack throughout the tournament.
GMT + 15: In a single battle all your reserves don’t show up until turn five or later (including not arriving at all): a mishap back into reserve counts for this    purpose.
Spare Change: If at any point in a game one of your multiple wound units are all down to their last wound but have suffered no casualties.
History is written by the survivors: Destroy a unit which is already falling back.
“Never tell me the odds!” A unit passes a morale test when only Insane Heroism will do.
Dishonour before Death: If you manage to end a close combat outside the Assault Phase.
Behemoth Party: If three or more of your Monstrous Creatures survive a battle.
Weighted Dice: If all your Deep Striking units hit and your outflanking units arrive where you want them to throughout the entire tournament.
Good Posture: If you have the first turn in every game of the tournament.
Universally Gifted: If a unit with: Acute Senses spots a unit with its reroll; Eternal Warrior survives an attack due to its immunity to Instant Death; Move Through Cover reaches combat due to the extra dice (mark out the third dice in a different colour when rolling); Preferred Enemy destroys its preferred enemy in close combat; Skilled Rider avoids death with its reroll; Stubborn passes a morale check they would not have normally; Tank Hunter destroys an enemy tank, which would otherwise survive without the modifier.

When I get a chance I'll try and upload the document somewhere which everybody was given, as I drew some quite amusing badges to accompany each achievement.

Each achievement could only be achieved once throughout the tournament, some of them were impossible for some armies, most were very hard. To give some incentive to perform them each one was worth 50 Victory Points and added to your running total at the end of each game.

Scoring was done by Battle Points primarily, followed by Victory Points. 3 Battle Points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss and between 1 - 3 for the amount of effort gone into the presentation of your army.

With that out of the way, on to the games!

g00gle5's Tournament Report:

Army: Tau Farsight Enclave: Farsight, 4 Burst Cannon/Missile Pod Bodyguards, Shas'el and 2 Bodyguard for deep strike insertion equipped to deal with anything, 9 Fireknife suits (2 Teamleaders had Fusion Blasters, the Shas'vre had a Positional Relay). Three 6-man Fire Warrior squads (2 with Fish) and 2 Stabilised Broadsides.

Game 1: Spearhead, 3 Objectives -- Opponent: Denny (666_Vrykokolas_666)

GRUDGE MATCH (Last tournament my Chaos army met with Denny's daemons. The dice gods were cruel to me and favourable to Denny, after he mishapped at least 3 or 4 times each one of his units went back into reserve and we finished with him tabling me -- we had a score to settle).

Denny brought his Drop Podding Space Wolves. Roughly, he had a Rune Priest (Jaws, Hurricane) 8 Grey Hunters w/ Pod, 10 Grey Hunters w/Pod, 10 Grey Hunters w/Pod, Three double H. Bolter Speeders, (2x) double M. Melta Speeders, Long Fangs w/ 3 H. Bolters and 2 Launchers, an Assault Cannon Drop Pod that fires like wildfire, a Whirlwind Drop Pod, Double TL Autocannon Dread and, the real bane to my existence 2 Drop Podding Dreadnoughts with Drop Pods that they can Assault out of the turn they land.

I knew this would be an uphill battle from the start so I gave him first turn and reserved everything except the Broadsides that started in the very corner of the board.

The Grey Hunters all came in on objectives, the Rune Priest pod mishapped and I got to place it instead, putting it in the furthest corner from my Broadsides. The Assault Cannon pod protected the two left flank objectives and the first Podded Dread hit square in front of the Broadsides; they were assaulted and wasted immediately.

My turn one sees nothing. Denny gets into position.

O-Shovah and Pals turn up and one Fireknife team, going right flank, ready to attack Denny's objective. The Deep Striking HQ squad go for the backfield and nuke the Autocannon dread and fail to scratch the Long Fangs. I destroy one and shake the other H.Bolter Speeders with the rest of my shooting. A passable turn two arrival.

Denny responds by killing the HQ team -- I was absolutely mortified to find out that Space Wolf Speeders can have TWO Multi-meltas each. Admittedly, I had completely forgotten about them as they hid behind one of his Drop Pods so I hadn't moved into cover with my assault jump. The rest of his shooting did very little.

A Fireknife team, a Devilfish and the 6-Man Foot Warriors turned up. Fireknife and Devilfish supported O'Shovah and pals, Foot Warriors came in where the Broadsides were, taking cover from the Dread's Drop Pod. Shooting saw casualties here and there. Not good enough.

Denny's retribution was swift and it looked like he easily had this in the bag. Murderous Hurricane was hampering me severely and despite a 9" Scatter, his Podding Dread found an assault on a Fireknife team, killed two members and I stuck around in combat. O'Shovah had to jump in to bail him out but, in typical g00gle5 fashion, I failed two dangerous terrain rolls charging into combat due to Hurricane (with 4 models) and after O'Shovah lucked out and just managed to destroy the Dread after a dismal hitting and penetration round the consolidation cost me another two wound model. I lost two bodyguards in an assault phase where my opponent didn't even swing.

Denny's fifth saw him peppering casualties to suits here and there but the rag tag remains still had a fair few units left standing. The last Fire Knife turned up in my fifth and supported the Foot Warriors on the far left. O'Shovah led the remaining right flank suits and a Fish on an assault to Denny's objective while the middling Fireknife team with detached gun drones started piling on the casualties to Denny's middle objective.

At turn five Denny had won.

Popsical, just being tabled by Bezerek in short order on the neighbouring table, rolled the dice and supplied us with an extra turn. Denny realised he had the fire power but not enough units to engage the remains of my army to stop me contesting all three objectives, in fact, if O'Shovah and his band of heroes could muster a decent assault I could win the game, it was desperate times. The Rune Priest detached and challenged the severely bruised and battered O'Shovah and his last, wounded bodyguard to single combat. O'Shovah, worn out from the battle so far only managed a single wound on the Priest, the Priest dispatched the bodyguard and despite the Tau General would lop off his head in the next combat, the Priest had delayed him from clearing his breathern's objective.

It was down to six Fire Warriors and a Fire Knife suit to kill four Space Wolves. I killed one. Enough for a morale.

Denny passed it.

I asked Tarrin, a fellow Tau player to help a brother out and end this torture for us. He gladly obliged as if we had another turn Denny surely would have won.


Denny was in stitches at some of my luck in this game but I think he was truly baffled by how I turned it into a draw. A great game and I will gladly take another grudge match next time to get my well-deserved win from him.

Highlight: Fish Gun Drones flying around all game dealing casaulties, contesting an objective and Denny miffed at where to find the fire power to get rid of them.

Lowlight: O'Shovah unable to turn his four strength five attacks into a measly two wounds on the Rune Priest, too many others to elaborate on properly.

What I could have done better?: Noticed the DOUBLE Multi-melta Land Speeders and make them work for their kills. Deep Strike more units so I could divide and conquer Denny's army more and lastly, not rolled so badly.

Middling the scoreboard, as me and Denny were the only players to draw that round. Look at how Mike Murray (the lovely GlauG) not only tabled his opponent, he got four achievements AND only conceeded 128 victory points to Mike Sutcliffe. While Joel Duguid, with his beautiful Dark Angel army beat Ian Doherty's (Angel of Inquisition) Guard with only scoring 365 victory points against Ian's incredibly destructive 1,327, that must have been an amazing game.

Game 2: Pitched Battle, 2 Objectives -- Opponent: Rob Uter (Rathstar)

Rob had his faithful Tau with him: Shas-el w/ Missiles, Plasma and Drones, 2 Fireknife, 3 Missile/Burst and a Team Leader with Drones, 6 Foot Warriors, 10 Kroot, 11 Kroot w/ 6 Hounds, some more Kroot, 8 Pathfinders w/Fish, 3 Broadsides w/Stabiliser and a Team Leader with Drones, 2 Rail/Burst heads.

Objectives deployed  opposite sides of the board. My army was split into two detachments: Both Fish, O'Shovah, a Fireknife team and the Broadsides attacking his objective. And the other two Fireknife teams defending mine with the Foot Warriors in reserve ready to take it. HQ Deep Strikers kept in reserve.

Rob responded with his Broadsides taking up residence in the middle of the board. The empty Fish ready to transport the 10 man Kroot and the two Railheads attacking my objective. Everything else but the reserved foot warriors and kroot squad protected his own objective, with a huge Kroot screen in cover stretching about a quarter of a way across the board.

I took first turn, Rob failed to seize. I fired every Crisis Suit I had at his Pathfinders hiding behind a wall; that is 32 strength 7 Missiles. I killed one Pathfinder. He didn't even go to ground. The Broadsides opened up on his Fireknife suits but he passed both their cover saves, too. My Fish provided mobile cover for the attack on his objective.

Rob's shooting back wasn't overly impressive but his Pathfinders did their job fine, lighting up my Broadsides in cover, making them easy prey for his own Broadsides. It is worth pointing out that around 2500 points of Tau shooting in the first turn of the game killed 1 Pathfinder and 2 Broadsides.

To set the tone for the game my HQ unit mishapped back into reserve then proceeded to roll 1s to be called in from the Positional Relay. When they finally automatically showed up in turn five they mishapped back into reserve again. I got the GMT+15 achievement that game.

Summed up, it quickly turned into a massacre after O'Shovah's unit took a pounding then when left to fend for himself (but not too worried as he could join the Fireknife team hanging about by him) he failed four out of the next six 3+ saves he had to make. That Fireknife team then did some spectacular maneuvering to get a great charge against Rob's Kroot screen but needed to win the combat by one more for them to have chased down the Kroot with attached Commander.

WIN FOR ROB. Tabled as HQ suits were still in reserve when the game ended.

Highlight: When Rob got one lucky Missile through to one of my Fish in his turn, wrecking it, I responded in his turn getting one lucky Missile through to his Kroot Fish, exploding it and killing most the passengers.Debt repaid in full.

Lowlight: Over the course of the game approximately 60 Strength 5+ shots could only kill five Pathfinders/O'Shovah failing four out of six armour saves when it was most needed/The HQ rescue team failing to show up and when they did manage it twice they mishapped both times.

What I could have done better: In hindsight, maybe deploy the Broadsides better or play really boring and just accepted a draw, otherwise nothing, played how I should have but got out-played and out-diced.

I dropped a lot lower here but I still hadn't lost both my games so still stood a chance at top 10. Mike Murray (GlauG) once again truly murdered his opponent (Adam Wilkins), tabling him again and scoring another Achievement. GlauG's Blood Angel army had... 26 models I believe? Denny (Vrykokolas), again, was involved in the only match to end as a draw, which is remarkable in a mission that is commonly referred to as DRAW!

Lunchtime and I had to run around and do all the painting scores, which are the numbers on the right in this image (ignore them for all the other images as they don't move with the competitors [I forgot to make a seperate column for them]). I made a mistake on first inspection: GlauG's Blood Angels were fully painted and scored 3 Battle Points (not 2).

Armies that deserve a mention and things to check out (I apologise if I miss worthy mentions out as I was very limited in time to check all the armies out, please feel free to bring attention to more: 

GlauG's Blood Angels: his two Storm Ravens alone were amazing conversions and had a superb magnetizing system to actually hold his Dreadnoughts on the rear -- he was very modest and said he got the idea from someone else but the nonetheless very impressive.

Changeyname's fantastic Orks: Battlewagons made from Tau Devilfish and Ork Commandos dressed in stolen Stealthsuit gear.

Rathstar's Tau: A lovely paintjob and conversions that clearly had a lot of love and attention devoted to them that blended seamlessly into the army.

Joel Duguid's entire Dark Angel's army: everything about them screamed top-notch quality.

Popsical's glow-in-the-dark luminous green Tyranids: I could quite literally easily see them from the other side of the hall they had such a striking colour scheme.

Michael Mitchell's Tyranids: An army I've seen many a year and always could easily win Best Army from what I've seen.

Tarrin's Arbites: Despite not using them, he got them out and somehow I missed them despite I was so deseperate to see them personally -- easily the lowlight of my day that I missed that. I'm definitely not playing next time I organise so I don't have to miss out on treats like these.

James' Orks: These won best army at the end of the day. I was fortunate enough to play them in my next game and I could really really feel the love and devotion that went into this army. It must have taken an ungodly amount of time and patience with a bright yellow colour scheme, conversions from just about every kit in the citadel range and was an outright spectacle to behold.

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Re: 9th 40konline UK Tournament Report
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2010, 04:37:23 PM »
Game 3: Annihilation, Pitched Battle -- Opponent: James

James had his beautiful Ork army: Bike/Claw Warboss, Mek w/ Claw,KFF, 20x Boyz, Nob, Claw, 2 Big Shootas, 20x Boyz, Nob, Claw, 2 Big Shootas, 20x 'Ard Boyz, Nob, Claw, 10 Meganobz, [3x] Deffkoptas w/ TL Rokkits, Killa Kan w/ Rokkit, Dread, 7 Kommandos w/ Snikrot.

12 Kill Points versus my 15. I was really eager to use O'Shovah's Ork Fighter in this game. The Board was a giant trench network.

I deployed Broadsides with the Foot Warriors on the top two levels of a 4 storey building, the HQ bail out team behind some cover on the left flank and everything else behind the two Fish deployed centrally. James scouted his three Deffkoptas and I realised I made a huge tactical blunder. I failed to seize the initative.

James moved the Koptas up again and moved full speed with the rest of his army. Everything rolled a 5 or 6 on his difficult terrain rolls and a 5 or 6 on their run rolls.

The left flank Kopta blew away a HQ bodyguard and then he charged in. Ork Fighter proved its worth but James just deflected enough saves to survive on one wound. He buzzsawed off the Shas-el and remaining suit. My turn saw some shuffling in movement. I had to devote more firepower than I intended to the three Koptas but I got them all and the Broadsides bagged the Dreadnought. After the first turn it was already 4 - 2 to me on Kill Points.

Snikrot arrived on my table edge behind some disembarked Warriors and a Fireknife team. James moved up with everything again. The Meganobz facing down the four storey building, the Ard boyz and Mek's boyz squad in the middle and the Biker Boss's mob on the left. The average movement of each model he owned was 11" this turn (he had difficult terrain on everything due to the trenches, too). So, a quick recap 12" deployment + 11" first turn + 11" this turn = 34". I had 14" of board left to fight in. He had his Waaaagh left, as well.

The Killa Kan Rokkit bagged a Fireknife suit and Snikrot charged in. Ork Fighter proved its worth, killing enough Kommandoes to keep the suits in the fight (but the Warriors broke and ran).

At any point soon his Biker Boss could leave the boyz mob and charge up to 18" away, I setup a Fish wall on my left flank to box them in and buy me some more valuable time. All four drones detached, two ready to dive in and beat up some Kommandoes in combat (yeah, that's right!) and two hoping they could pin a mob after the suits had dealt sufficient damage to decrease morale.

As the Fish had bought time on the left flank I had to smash a hole in the middle of the field so my suits had some breathing room. My disembarked Fire Warriors opened up with a blinding nine wounds on the Ard Boyz, and surprisingly James went to Ground with them. The Ard Boyz no longer being an immediate threat this round every suit I had changed targets to the Mek's squad. Reducing them to 4 models in the trench system.

The Broadsides bagged the Killa Kan.

The Gun Drones charged in and with Ork Fighter Snikrot was the last Kommando left, he killed the Drones then broke and ran. My relieved suits, moved to a strong left, hoping to distract the Biker Boss.

James' three was crucial. He immobilised one Fish in assault and shook the other one. He declared the Waaagh and the Meganobz armour betrayed them with a four as his best, with him needing literally a millimetre more to connect to a suit squad (we took roughly five minutes to measure it as accurately as humanly possible).

Now was the time to strike and strike hard.

O'Shovah and his untouched bodyguard opened up on the Ard 'Boyz, followed by Fire Warriors, Gun Drones and another Fire Knife team. A wounded Nob was left standing in the trench and didn't need to punch himself in the face to keep himself in check. Another Fireknife team took another mob down to a wounded nob and wounded Mek who also stayed in check. The Nob and Mek left in combat with the immobile Fish finished it off in combat.

James' four saw a re-charge on the mobile Fish and the Warboss leaving his mob to go for a Fireknife team.  The Meganobz started the slow slug up the four storey building where my Broadsides and Foot Warriors had been taking refuge all game. The Meganobz failed their charge up the building and the Boss took a wound to the Suits before crumping them all. The Devilfish was immobilised.

This was make or break time.

The Broadsides, knowing the end was near from a 400 Deathstar unit of doom, smashing their way through the building ordered the Foot Warriors to run down the building and try and buy them time, before taking their last shots of the game at the Bikerboss in the open. James rolled a four for the on save he had to make, disappointed that his cyborkbody had failed him. He went to remove the model but I reminded him that the bike automatically have him a 4+ cover save: he was totally unaware Ork Bikes did such a thing.

The remaining Fireknife team finished him off instead.

I ummm'ed and arrrr'ed about what to do with O'Shovah and his Bodyguard. Then I thought to hell with it, he's a damn Ork Fighter and him and his initative three Bodyguard were going to obliterate the 20 boyz attacking my immobile Devilfish in combat.

I opened up with 12 Missiles, 12 Burst Cannon shots and 6 Plasma, dropping a grand total of four Orks. I charged in so that the Mek and his five powerclaw attacks couldn't get into combat and O'Shovah hit all five times with his preferred enemy rolls but only killed two. His Bodyguard killed two with their re-rollable attacks.

Five Orks attacked O'Shovah and amazingly managed to wound him five times. O'Shovah still had all four wounds left. He died. This freed the Powerclaw Nob to kill the remaining suits, with this we knew it was game over.


James was an absolute delight of an opponent, and we laughed at the beginning about how similar some of our gaming tendancies were, such as dice hording, making sure the gaming table looks impeccable and apologising profusely if our attention wondered from the gaming table at all (such as me having to do tournamenty organising things and eating my lunch and him having to send a text message).

Highlight: The tactical precision I employed with JSJ in the game, creating 'blind spots' on the board, despite never being more than about 14" away from an Ork for the entire game and the majority of my suits never leaving the middle segment.

Also having a bloody good chuckle about the incredible speed the Orks were scrambling over the trench network. My shooting rolls were kind throughout the game, though, so the extra cover he had wasn't very noticeable.

Lowlight: Easily O'Shovah and his Bodyguard completely failing the make or break part of the game.

What I could have done better?: Not given the HQ squad away so easily at the start of the game, an absolute tactical blunder, where if I had read someone doing it on the forums I would have groaned and rolled my eyes at the screen.

I've dropped to 21st but I had still drawn one of my games, putting me ahead of those that had lost all three. I was definitely fighting not to be last now. The mighty GlauG had finally been stopped dead in his tracks by Bezerek's Mech Guard who had now tabled all THREE of his opponents, and I have been informed very convincingly, too. Bart (Chuckles) and his opponent Andromiduis (Matthew Thornley), had overrun in their game by a good ten minutes, so I was shouting at him repeatedly for holding everyone up -- when I saw I was drawn against him in the next round it was an absolute treat.

Dizz won his first game of the day, he was very pleased with himself!

Game 4: 5 Objectives, Dawn of War -- Opponent: Bart (Chuckles)

Oh, my old and worth foe, we meet again! And for the glory of fighting off last place.

Chuckles had his trusty Nids: Winged Tyrant w/ Whip and Sword, Devourers, Adversary, Paroxysm and Leech; [2x] 2 Thropes, 2 Hive Guard, 18 Hormagaunts w/ Toxin, Tervigon, Toxin, Catalyst and Onslaught, Cluster Spines, 10 Gaunts, 4 Shrikes, 16 Gargoyles, 2 Fexes w/ Cannons, Devourers and Glands.

I took first turn, deployed on the side with most objectives and threw caution to the wind.

Me and Bart are notorious for having very relaxed games with each other and pretty much amphetamine parrot-talking, laughing at the ridiculousness which are dice and how much fun toy soldiers really are.

And this game proved no exception. I don't really think either of us thought that hard (or at all) about tactics and pretty much played a relaxed game of 40k exactly how it should be fought. I won't go into the details but will do the highlights, as that's all this game was:

* His Zoanthropes didn't hit a single Warp Lance but one, all it did was shake a Fish.

*The inexhaustible expletatives Bart has in his vocabulary expressing his dislike of moving models with flying stands.

* My right flank Fireknife suits spent 3/5ths of the game darting in and out of assault range of the Carnifex Brood.

*Declaring on turn 4 of the game that I should probably start shooting something at said Carnifex brood, with Chuckles responding that I am the first person of the day not to have been absolutely terrified of them and blowing them off the board in two turns.

*Between the two of us, successfullly predicting almost every dice roll which was individually rolled (knowing the Thropes would always miss their Warp Lance shots, that any instant death roll on my suits rolled alone would fail, the Hive Tyrant could only be brought down when he had one save to make - not when he had a handful on his last wound, etc)

*Forgetting at three seperate points in a turn that my HQ Squad had Paroxym cast on them and in the end said beslubber it, and charged them into combat with his gargoyles.

*Charging Fire Warriors into said Gargoyles, hoping to win and consolidate onto an obective in turn five. It didn't happen.

*Charging a lone Crisis Suit into a large brood of Gaunts and winning.

*Realising my Tau initiated more charges against his Nids in this game than the other way round.

And, mine and Bart's favourite part of the entire game: my Fireknife unit, that had been baiting the Fexes all game, I moved them into charge range, declaring if this fulliside of Firepower doesn't drop the last fex with two wounds remaining I will, ture to form, charge ino it to finish the job.

And those three heroic fools did just that. Kicked that mother-beslubberer's eyes into the back of its skull whilst laughing at Farsight bouncing his Dawn Blade off a Zoanthrope's Warp field for the rest of the game.

WIN FOR BART, had to finish on turn 5. Might have gone either way but no way to be sure.

So, the final rankings, I just had to hope it wasn't a draw on the last table so I didn't come last. Let's take a look:

Hymirl and Bezerek fought it out on table 1: Bezerek tabled him -- Bezerek tabled EVERY ONE of his opponents. I've been informed it was all an elaborate ploy to let Hymirl win, get him up to table one so he could just get a whiff of the sweet taste of victory only for it to be brutally and swiftly taken away from him in a matter the entire forum could be proud of. And, oh sweet, look! I'm not last!

Worth noting half the games this round ended in draws!

Oh, beslubber, I haven't added the painting scores yet (added to the first round scores so included in the formula):

WOODEN SPOON for g00gle5. You have never seen a happier bunch of gamers then when the tournament organiser himself comes last, plenty of cheers and clapping for me: thanks a lot, you bastards :D

1st Place: Ben Clark (Bezerek) -- Mech Guard
2nd Place: Ben Green -- Tyranids
3rd Place: Marc Murphy -- Eldar

Best Army: James Newman -- Orks

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Re: 9th 40konline UK Tournament Report
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2010, 04:50:51 PM »
A fantastic day which I had put a lot of effort in to run smoothly; squeezing four games in is a real push but it feels right for the day -- I think we are all agreed that three is never enough and devoting a whole weekend is too much for most people.

In the future I'm probably going to sit out of playing (and you cynical bastards, it has nothing to do with me coming last! I was one 3+ dice roll from winning this tournament a few years ago and I usually place top 10) and focus on organising and just watching.

I have around 15 - 20 minutes inbetween games to take in 24 score sheets, type up the results, tick off achievements, add them to my running scoreboard, reorder the sheet, make sure no one is playing a regular opponent or playing someone else they have in the day already and then assign them tables -- it really is a struggle!

Teg, our very own stats guru, will do something magical with the results in the near future, so keep an eye out for that but in the mean time I compiled this list quickly:

Achievements Scored:

(3) Behemoth Party: Marc Murphy, Popsical, David Smee,
(1) Cavalry Horn: Teg,
( 8 ) Cooking by the book: Hymirl, Bezerek, GlauG, Popsical, 666_Vrykolakas_666, Ben Green, Chuckles, David Smee,
(0) Dishonour before Death:
(3) Fire Truck: Ashley Rowe, GlauG, Adam Wilkins,
(3) Glorious Glory: Teg, Dizz, David Smee,
(3) GMT +15: Changeyname, James Newman, g00gle5,
(2) Good Posture: James Newman, Adam Wilkins,
(7) History is written by the survivors: Hymirl, Changeyname, Marc Murphy, GlauG, Tarrin, g00gle5, Adam Wilkins,
(1) Money-Maker: Dizz,
(14) My Name is Bruce: Hymirl, Bezerek, Changeyname, Angel of Inquisition, Marc Murphy, Ashley Rowe, GlauG, Joel Duguid, Tarrin, Teg, 666_Vrykolakas_666, Rathstar, Dizz, Michael Mitchell,
(4) “Never tell me the odds”: Joel Duguid, Tarrin, Teg, Adam Wilkins,
(6) Off the chart: Hymirl, Bezerek, Marc Murphy, GlauG, Popsical, Ben Green,
(4) Red versus Blue: Andromidius, Chuckles, David Smee, Anthony Crossley,
(1) Spare Change: Adam Wilkins,
(1) The Worf: Adam Wilkins,
(6) Traction Control: Marc Murphy, Ashley Rowe, GlauG, Ben Green, Dizz, Michael Mitchell,
(5) Universally Gifted: Hymirl, Ashley Rowe, GlauG, Ben Green, David Smee,
(5) Unleash the Fury: Hymirl, GlauG, Ben Green, Adam Wilkins, David Smee,
(6)Weighted Dice: Changeyname, James Newman, GlauG, Joel Duguid, Mike Sutcliffe, David Smee,

83 Achievements Scored Overall:

Person that scored the most: GlauG with 9
Person that scored the least: Anthony Crossley with 1

The only achievement which wasn't scored was Dishonour before Death, which I think we can all agree is a very difficult one to get!

I am also amazed that so few people with psykers suffered a Perils throughout all four of their games and got Cooking by the Book! Especially when four of you managed Insane Heroism!

One last shout out to Anthony Crossley, who owns and runs Prometheum Games who sponsored the event and gave out prizes to all the winners. Vouchers worth: £15 for first place, £10 for second, £5 for third and £5 for Best Army. He'll be in contact with you shortly, but for now his website is http://www.prometheangames.co.uk/.

So, guys, have a browse of his website and see what you would like to order, all his prices are 20% off standard Games Workshop retail price.

Thank you for everyone that came, helped organise and again, Steve (Popsical), for staying an extra hour to help clear up with me!

See you guys all soon, and get posting all your own reports in this thread and let's see where disaster struck and glory was to be won!

Edit: One more thing to note: I completely forgot to bring this to everyone's attention but the doughnuts you guys were all treated to at the beginning of the day were courtesy of Bezerek! Not only a modest winner, but he gives you all sugary treats to keep you going when the going gets tough.

And after he's tabled you.
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Re: 9th 40konline UK Tournament Report
« Reply #3 on: August 23, 2010, 03:36:14 AM »
9th 40konline tournament battle report:

Anyone who read my last Batrep knows that I didn't do as well as I would have liked.  I like to think I'm pretty good at playing 40k, but I have come to understand the saying "big fish in a small pond" a bit better now...  I played a lot of games in the aftermath of that, and learned not to over-rely on Deep Striking!  I struggled to work out what to add to my old 1500pt tourney list to bring it to 1750... In response to a call-out from g00gle5, I took a list as similar to my old one as possible and settled on Lemartes replacing one of the Death Company (as it'd been clarified that for the event he could count as the 5th needed to purchase a Dread), beefing up one Assault Squad to 10 men, and adding an assload of wargear.   So it looked like this;

The Baal Defence "A" Team;

1 Commander Dante (HQ)

1 Mephiston, Lord of Death (HQ)

9 Assault Squad (Troops)
     Meltagun & CCW (x2); Combat Squads; Bolt Pistol & CCW (x9); Frag Grenades;
     Krak Grenades; Jump Packs

     1 Space Marine Sergeant
          Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Power Fist; Storm Shield (x1); Jump

4 Assault Squad (Troops)
     Meltagun & CCW; Bolt Pistol & CCW (x4); Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Jump

     1 Space Marine Sergeant
          Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Power Fist; Jump Packs

3 Death Company (Troops)
     Bolt Pistol (x1); Close Combat Weapon (x1); Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades

     1 Death Company #1
          Bolt Pistol (x1); Power Fist (x1); Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades

     1 Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost

1 Death Company Dreadnought (Troops)
        #Smoke Launchers; Storm Bolter; Blood Talon; Blood Talon w/Meltagun

1 Sanguinary Priest (Elites)
     Jump Pack; Bolt Pistol (x1); Close Combat Weapon (x1); Frag Grenades; Krak
     Grenades; Blood Chalice

1 Stormraven Gunship (Heavy Support)
    Extra Armour; TL Lascannon; Twin-linked
     Multi-Melta; Bloodstrike Missiles (x4)

1 Stormraven Gunship (Heavy Support)
    Extra Armour; TL Assault Cannon; Twin-linked
     Multi-Melta; Bloodstrike Missiles (x4)

Models in Army: 26
Total Cost: 1750

So pretty small and hard-hitting.  The Storm Shield was there to give me a second Invulnerable save for the 10-man RAS (and hell, I'd take two if I could) on top of Dante, who usually rode shotgun with them, and the Priest.  Mephy and Brother "Lucky" (I'll explain the name later) the DC Dread usually rode one 'raven, and the Death Company in the other.  I'm used to winning Objective-based games by tabling the other person, but I was hoping that the option of combat-squadding the big squad, as well as the other 5-man squad, would be enough in case of stiff resistance. Of course, at about 10 the night before, I realised that I hadn't got models to represent all the changed wargear!  So I hacked the arms off of all my Inferno Pistol Marines, and my Sergeants, and quickly whipped up some magnetised arms...  Primed, hairdryered, drybrushed, hairdryered, washed, hairdryered, highlighted, and bam, they were done.  At about 1:30 AM.

I woke up stupidly early (well, about 6:30), only to find that the drive there was really, really fast.  I think I got in around 8:20, just enough time to enjoy my free cup of tea and doughnut before we kicked off...  Best of all, I'd remembered my camera, unlike last time!  Click the thumbnails for full view, where I remembered to take pics. :)

First Round:  Me vs Mike Sutcliffe and his Tau, Seize Ground (3 objectives) and Spearhead Deployment

I was amused, besides myself there was a Mike Mitchell, a Marc Murphy, and a Mike Sutcliffe.  Lots of misheard name-calling!  I ended up being drawn against one of the other Mikes for the first round, and interestingly enough, he was playing Tau.  Interestingly because one of my regular opponents is a n avid Tau player, and another one used to play them, so I enjoy seeing the different kinds of lists people put together for them.  Notably, Mike's list was VERY heavy on the firepower, to memory;

Battlesuit Commander

2X 3 man Battlesuit squadrons with Flamers and Missile pods
Stealth Suit team, including a fusion gun or two
Piranha squadron, 2 Fusion guns one Burst Cannon
1 Pathfinder squad, and 2 squads of Fire Warriors, each with a markerlight drone.  Might have all been Fire Warriors.
2X Hammerheads, one with a Railgun, one with an Ion Cannon
1 squad of 3 Broadsides, all with Railguns

I won the choice of first turn (as I did in my first 3 games, in fact) but chose to ignore the "Good Posture" Achievement for the sake of strategy, and chose to go second.  Since it was Spearhead, he placed two objectives in cover in his table quarter, then I placed mine behind a small copse of trees in mine.  He deployed the Fire Warriors on his objectives, his Hammerheads on the board in one corner, and his commander in some ruins near the Hammerheads.  His Piranhas hovered menacingly behind the troops, with one squad of Crisis Suits to the rear.  I decided to go for my usual tactic of starting nothing on the board!  Dante and pals were to Deep Strike, while everyone else was to come in from the board edge. 

Since he had first turn, Mike basically ended up with two turns of not much to do, and spread his troops around his board quarter.  He also used some pesky Xenos wargear to bring in his Broadsides on a 2+ roll.  My second turn, and I got lucky; Mephy and Lucky's Stormraven roared in 24" past the side of buildings which occupied much of the centre of the board, with a clear shot at the rear of the Ionhead.  My 5-man Assault Squad jumped right onto my objective from the board edge, as Dante Surgically Struck his squad right into Mike's corner, next to the Railhead, which scared him more than a little as I explained that they dont scatter!  2 Meltas and an Inferno pistol immobilised the poor thing, and blew off its main weapon.  Unfortunately, the Stormraven's twin-linked Lascannon was denied by a Disruptor field!

Turn 3, and the ENTIRE army fired on Dante and his squad, including another group of Crisis Suits which turned up!  The exception was the set of Broadsides, which fired on the Stormraven, only to shake it...  Which, between Power of the Machine Spirit and Extra Armour, didn't mean a lot.  Between some good luck for me and some bad luck for Mike, I lost a single regular Marine.  Thankyou, Storm Shield!  In desparation, he assaulted me with the Crisis Suits, but did me no damage in return for all but one suit being slain, Dante doing his usual lacklustre performance (for a guy with I6 WS6 and a re-roll even before the stuff from the Priest giving him FC, he's a constant underachiever.  If it wasn't for his special rules, I'd ditch his ass for a Reclusiarch, Astorath or the Sanguinor).  His last suit broke, and was run down in short order.  In my turn, the second 'Raven didn't turn up, but that was okay.  The one with Mephiston and the Dread in advanced, but didn't drop its cargo this turn.  Dante and chums multi-assaulted the second Crisis Suit team, and a squad of Fire Warriors, beating the crap out of both for IIRC no casualties in return.  Once again, the Tau were run down by the frenzied Scions of Sanguinius.  Problem was, they were stuck with another turn of shooting... 

Turn 4, and Stealth Suits turned up too. I was less lucky than before, and the squad ended up looking like this; 

And then lost even more men, resulting in the squad being I think just the two Melta troopers, Dante and the Priest!  However, Reinforcements were on the way!  Mephiston and the Dread saw fit to de-bus, assaulting the Ionhead and objective-camping Fire Warriors respectively, while Lemartes swooped in from above, Stormraven 2 speeding 24" onto the board and opening fire with the Asssault canon on the Piranhas.  I got lucky, and destroyed one of the Fusion gunners, also stunning the Burst Cannon.  Dante and the remnants of his squad shot and then bundled the Broadsides, who I deemed the largest threat left on the board, and slew all but one, who broke and ran off the board!  Mephiston ripped the Ionhead apart as only a bite-sized Daemon Prince can, while the Death Company Dread and its hand-mounted Power Blenders (AKA Blood Talons) killed the Fire Warriors bar one lone survivor, who broke and ran for his life! 

Turn 5, and Brother Lucky earned his name;  he was a millimetre out of range of the Fusion Gun carried by the Stealth Suits, and the melta from the Piranha couldn't penetrate him on 2D6!  We decided that he'd been interred as a good luck charm against Melta weapons before the Black Rage had overtaken him...  Mephiston weathered a storm of Pulse fire, unwounded, and there wasn't a lot left for the rest of the Tau to do but go down fighting to defend the last objective they held.  In my turn, the Death Company came onto the field from within their transport, but rather than charging the remaining Tau Troops, they went after different prey; the growing pile of Drones from all the wrecked vehicles...  The Stormravens let rip with all the firepower at their possession, taking the Piranhas, the Tau Commander, and the damaged Railhead off the board.  Dante's squad shot and assaulted the last Troops, Mephiston made short work of the Stealth team, and the Death Company failed to even approach making their points back, gloriously destroying a pair of Gun Drones.   

(I'd actually written up until the middle of game 2, only for my computer to crash and leave me with only the above, so I ended up letting this sit another day.  Hopefully my memory is intact still!)

Turns 6 and 7 were a Benny-hill-esque chase scene; Mephiston ran down the last Fire Warrior, while the DC and Dread had no choice but to chase the aforementioned Drones!  The last shot of the game was the Stormravens gunning them down in a hail of heavy fire to assure a total victory!

So, I felt pretty good after game 1...  I was told I was probably in the lead, on account of Mephiston scoring me a total of 4(!) Achievements!  Unleash the Fury AND Universally Gifted in one go against the Stealth Suits, as well as History is Written by the Survivors, and that plus tabling poor Mike S also got me Off the Chart!

Part 2 after work!  :)   

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Re: 9th 40konline UK Tournament Report
« Reply #4 on: August 23, 2010, 09:25:25 AM »
Here's a brief overview of my 4 games.

Game 1.
Against Tarrin
Eldar vs Tau
Seize ground - 3 objectives - spearhead

I started all off the board.
Tarrin put almost everything on the board including around half a dozen tanks and a shedload of markerlights.

A decent chunk of my army arrived in turn two, and I risked a precision deepstrike with my Autarch/Spiders right behind his tank line. They scattered a little resulting in two dead troopers, but the money shot was still on.
First shot of the tournament is up the tailpipe of his rail gun hammerhead and bags me the Money Maker special achievement.

Tarrin then preceded to shoot the living crap out of my army with utterly ruthless efficiency. He would light up a unit with 8 or 12 markerlights and then obliterate it before moving on to the next.
He dropped a Remora behind my lines and exploded a Wave Serpent full of Banshees. BS5 Missile Pods and Stealth suits managed to shred the other tanks and infantry.
My only other achievement of note was when he tried to ram my warwalker squadron with a devilfish and I managed a death or glory krak missile through the windshield and into the face of the plucky little blighter sitting at the controls.
Despite him shooting up the vast majority of my army I did manage to hold onto one objective with an unmolested storm guardian squad, while Tarrin took the other two.
I managed to kill three tanks and three fire warriors in the whole game.
He killed 1472 points of my army.


Game 2
Against Ant (Prometheus)
Eldar vs Deathwing
Capture and Control - Pitched Battle

I looked at this matchup and fancied myself to win. How hard could it be to kill 20 terminators and a couple of dreadnoughts as they arrive piecemeal?
Turns out that it's pretty damn hard, particularly when the Serpent holding the Banshees gets splatted in turn 2 forcing them to leg it across the board.
The fact that they couldn't manage to run faster than 2" all game didn't help either.
Despite a promising start, in which I killed off a couple of squads of shooty terminators and a landspeeder, I then struggled to make a significant dent in the remaining terminators while they marched inexorably onto the objectives.
I did manage to bladestorm one squad mostly to bits, but I misjudged the distances and the survivors just in charge range, which effectively denied me one objective. I did somewhat remedy the situation by having the Farseer smack the supporting dreadnaught about with his witchblade, but the objective remained out of reach to both of us by games end. On the other objective the storm guardians and pathfinders were utterly outclassed by the veteran marines, and with the Banshees still just out of charge range come the final whistle I lost the match by one objective to nothing.

Still... another vehicle to add to the tally, and my Farseer and Avengers had survived another battle

Game 3.
Against Mike
Eldar vs Tau
Anihilation - Pitched Battle

I decided to set up my tanks on the table in this game since there was enough tall scenery to deny any significant shooting at the the three skimmers.
Turn 1 saw my opponent only manage to get off about four clear shots with missile pods.
Resulting in BOTH of my Wave Serpents getting blown to bits and leaving my Banshees, Avengers and Farseer stranded on my table edge for the entire game.
The Farseer did survive the battle by cowering behind a large fuel tank and casting fortune on himself until the end of the game, but the banshees and avengers all died horrible deaths to concentrated fire.
Never mind. In a display of incredible bravery the storm guardian managed to shoot and assault their way through just about the entire right flank, including a stealth team a piranha squadron, their attendant gun drones and a crisis team.
On the left flank the warwalkers turned up, failed to hit anything with their shooting and then assaulted and ran down three fire warrior squads and a crisis team over the latter half of the game.
With a cameo appearance by the Autarch and his Spiders managing to claim their second hammerhead of the tournament, and a flanking maneuver by the Dragons in their Falcon claiming an Ionhead and a unit of Broadsides, this game actually turned out to be a pretty comfortable kill points win to the Eldar, 9-5 or something similar.

Game 4
Against Adam
Eldar vs Orks
Seize Ground, 5 objectives - Dawn of War

4 Battle wagons full of boyz and nobz plus a bike squad is a fearsome sight.
Especially when you have nothing that can deal with AV14 at range.
On the other hand, yet more precission deep striking by the Autarch and his team meant that the nobz ride was a twisted tangle of molten goo before the end of turn 1.
Unfortunately despite leaving themselves out of charge range, I had not reckoned for the power of the waagh, and so the Spiders and Autarch were reduced to an icky smear by the end of turn 2.
The onrushing boyz overran four objectives, and some powerclaw action saw the Banshee's Serpent and the Dragon's Falcon also go down in short order.
But the Eldar are made of sterner stuff than their stat line would have you believe. The Banshees ripped through one squad of Boyz in a hurry and then scampered up the flank towards a second mob that was presently holding two objectives by itself. The banshee's numbers had been thinned by this point though and their second assault stalled against the green tide.

In the center the Avegers unloaded from their Serpent, and ably supported by the appearance of the flamer toting Storm Guardians, were able to burn and bladestorm another mob off the face of the planet.
The Dragons followed up and cooked two more Battlewagons for the fun of it.
On the right flank the warwalkers yet again managed to do absolutely zero with their shooting, but then gamely charged into assault with the bikers. By the time they had both finally succumbed to the powerclaw, they had killed off 4 from 5 models and successfully held the bike squad out of the battle for the entire game.
Back in the center the big Nob mob including the Boss and a Mek with a custom forcefield were busy looking menacing on the central objective. But they didn't reckon on the bravery of the poets and greengrocers of my crack Storm Guardian squad.
Leaving the Avengers to hold the home objective and offer supporting shuriken fire, the Guardians nimbly ran up the field, flamed the greenskins to within an inch of their breakfasts and then enthusiastically charged them.
With the benefit of a generous helping of Doom, the Stormies managed to hack every last ork down with no losses in return, leaving them firmly in control of the central objective.
The final result was a 2-2 draw, though the Storm Guardians were keen to claim the moral victory.

So in the end I was 1/1/2 for the day with some pride salvaged in the achievement stakes.
I'd managed to get the Money Maker with my first shot of the day, and claim a death or glory kill, both against Tarrin.
I also kept my Farseer alive for the entire tournament, and with open season on Battlewagons in the final game I had well exceeded the required number of vehicle kills to claim that achievement too.

All in all a great day.
Four great games against three great guys and Tarrin.
I'll definitely be intending to go again next time around.


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Re: 9th 40konline UK Tournament Report
« Reply #5 on: August 23, 2010, 10:56:53 AM »
Thanks for writing all this up guys (google5 for starting it). I just got through Googles; but I will be back to look (at the pretty pictures) you posted and read more batreps.

Work is calling so see you guys later.

Cheers and thanks again.
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Re: 9th 40konline UK Tournament Report
« Reply #6 on: August 23, 2010, 12:49:06 PM »
Hi people, glad to be a part of the crackin saturday we had  :P
No really it was great, lets expand next year so chris (google5) has to get a refund on his life  :P :P seeing as we will own it!

Ok my army was designed to be out of the ordinary by the standards of tournie nid current lists.

HQ Tyrant dble ST hive com 2x guard whips
HQ Malanthrope
ELI 2 lictors
ELI 2 Zoans in a pod with cluster spines (thopes on a rope)
TRP 16 Spine gaunts
TRP 12 Termagants
TRP 4 Warriors Death Spitters
TRP 3 Rippers Toxins
TRP 3 Rippers Toxins
TRP 3 Rippers Toxins
FAS FW Spore
FAS FW Spore
FAS FW Spore
HVY Fex Crush Claws Brain Leeches
HVY Fex Screamer Killer Adrenal Glands
HVY Biovore

No Tervigons, No Trygons, No Warrior Primes, No Mawlocs, No Hive Guard etc, you maybe surprised at how well i do without them  :P so all those who say you need these in a competitive list, i say WRONG  :P :P :P.

Game 1
Versus Bezerek (mech guard) (he of poisonous doughnuts which make your dice suck against him!)
This battle (if you can term it that way) was brief. Spearhead 3 objectives.
Turn 1 consisted of my glorious nids advancing across the table top claim 2 objectives and my biovore killing half of his psyker battle squad and pinning them.
Then bezs manticores wiping out my warriors and causing a wound or two on my tyrant guard.
Turn 2 saw me advance into an obscene storm of underhanded and dastardly fire to lose my malanthrope and tyrant guard and a fex!!!
My spores landed and immobilised two chimeras and blow some guns off, plus my biovore routing the psyker squad.
Turn 3 The end is nigh! My thropes arrive suffer perils and blow some guns off some more chimeras. Bez flays my tyrant the second fex and both my thopes plus assorted gauntts.
We call it a day, as i only have the biovore and some sundry gaunts left, as my rippers eat themselves a plenty, lictors betray me and hide in a burger king in the local hive city.

Game 2
Versus Tau balanced list.
Name of Mike Sutcliffe (i hope)
Turn 1 sees a general advance of the green glowers and the biovore killing 8 fire warriors and pinning the squad.
Tau fire claims a wound on a tyrant guard and a couple of termagants.
Turn 2 all three FW spores land slap bang amidst the tau ranks killing 3 fire warriors, wounding 2 crisis suits, 1 broad side and immobilizing a piranha (destroyed)! I generate 10 spores as submunitions from the mess, which proceed to immobilize another piranha (destroyed)kill a crisis suit, wound another broadside and blow the melta off the last piranha, oh and pin the broadsides and crisis suits!  :o
To be honest i cant remember what little damage he did to me as i was in awe of the sheer carnage that my 105 pts worth of spores had done!
Turn 3 saw my thropes arrive and kill the last piranha, the pod killed 4 fire warriors and pinned the squad and my lictors arrive and wound his hq suit.
Mikes stealth suits and a further crisis team arrived and killed the thropes and failed to wound the malanthrope.
Turn 4, my tyrant and guard slay a fire warrior team enmass, my lictors kill a crisis team and rippers pin the broadsides and a crisis suit in combat ready for the fexs to arrive.
The malanthrope crushes an ionhead with ease. Almost no counter fire now as the tau fold under the pressure.
Turn 5, The end, the lictors and rippers kill the stealth teams, all remaining suits fold. To his credit the tau hq charges my tyrant and guard, he dies and explodes sadly causing no wounds.

Game 3
Versus Ork mech, Pitched Battle, annihilate.
Name to be remembered later sorry.
Turn 1, I was worried hes pure mech, orks roll forward in tanks, biker move to flank. My plan is to wait for them to arrive short as hes got death rollers on all tanks.
Turn 2, Spores arrive immobilizing a tank and blowing guns off two tanks, lictors arrive and immobilize anothe tank on rear armour. Ork hq with nob squad disembark to assault my lictors, Hq takes a wound lictors die.
Turn 3, thropes arrive to destroy a tank, biovore kills some bikers. Orks disembark from all tanks and move forward.
Turn 4, Fex assaults tank and destroys it, Tyrant fails to kill second tank which rolls thru him and spine gaunts and some rippers, killing 1 ripper base 4 gaunts and taking a wound off a guard. Bikers assault thropes killing one, biovore kills 2 nobs.
Turn 5, Tyrant assaults last tank killing it, thrope dies but has kept bikes in combat just in time for screamer killer to blend the bikers then die to the nob squad. Ork infantry squads are culled enmass by the warriors death spitters and dakka fex and biovore.
Turn 6, Orkses have only the hq and 6 nobs left, they are assaulted by the tyrant dakka fex 12 gaunts and 6 rippers, its brief and bloody, but only one winner is possible ME!

Game 4
Versus Tarrin (nick) Dawn of war (i wave the night fight rule, seeing as my nids glow in the dark it wouldnt be right! Really it wouldnt!)
Turn 1, starts with usual nid advance< tau pansy around at the back firing silly guns  :P
Turn 2 sees my malanthrope in combat and killing a squad of fire warriors. Spores arrive to kill a squad of fire warriors and pin some stealth suits (damn these things rock)
Turn 3, my nids are relatively unscathed all MCs are alive, but game needs to be abandoned (on my insistance) due to nick needing to take care of personal matters.
Result DRAW

May i say at this point this was a great day, all 4 oppos were great sports and the games were fun if extremely violent! 3 tablings and i feel comfortable saying i may have been able with luck to have tabled nick too! 7 turns would have been needed, but at that point my karma was good so who knows.
A creditable 8th place and only defeat to the winner of the gig, saw me happy as a ripper in entrails.

Next year its the Death Korp of Kreigs turn, till then, get the ear defenders ready!
Thanks to my oppos and to google5 for a great day  ;D
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Re: 9th 40konline UK Tournament Report
« Reply #7 on: August 23, 2010, 01:20:40 PM »
Match 2: Me vs Adam's Orks!  Pitched Battle, Capture and Control

So, it turned out that my 2nd opponent was a friend of my first!  Which was cool, but it meant that he'd heard all about my first game during the break. ;)  His list was roughly;

4 Battlewagons with Deffrollas
Big Mek, Kustom Force Field
Nobs, all with individual equipment including kombi-skorchas and power klaws
3x 20ish Boys, with Nobs with Power Klaws

His tactic seemed to be using the KFF Battlewagon at the back of a shield wall made of the other three BWs, and using the Invulnerable save to advance all his boys to the other end of the table...  Naturally, I decided the KFF one had to go first!

We both stuck our objectives roughly opposite one another, on my right hand side of the board.  I once again won first turn but chose to let him have it, and he deployed his Warbikers on the opposite side from the objectives, while everything else was in Battlewagons holding his objective.  I left Dante and chums to DS, the 'ravens in reserve, and my 5-man squad on my objective.  For a laugh, though, after joking with my opponent, I left Mephiston on the board, staring down the Bikers. 

Turn 1, and the Bikers advanced on Mephy, trying to gun him down but hitting with typical Ork accuracy, and not even managing to wound him.  The Battlewagons made a beeline for my objective.  In response, Mephiston killed one biker with a plasma shot before charging down the rest, and consolidating towards the Battlewagons...

Turn 2, all that Adam did was move the Battlewagons another 12" towards my objective...  My Assault Marines moved up to meet the challenge, whilst Dante descended behind the KFF Battlewagon with his entourage!  Mephiston flew another 12" closer, and one Stormraven moved 6" onto the field to provide fire support.  Shooting, and Dante's barrage of melta fire managed to wreck the KFF BW despite the saves!  On the downside, a whole horde of angry Nobs were about to get out and complain that he ruined their ride...  My other Melta immobilised the rightmost Trukk, the Stormraven immobilised the leftmost, and gunned down some Nobs.  This was about to get very messy;

Turn 3, and it was my turn to be on the receiving end of a devastating pummeling!  A WAAAAAUUGH was called, and the Nobs skorched Dante's retinue before assaulting...  the massed fire only took a single Marine, but my luck was about to take a serious dip...  Dante wounded the Warboss maybe once, the Priest wounded the Warboss once, a few Nobs died and in return the Priest was killed, along with about half the Assault squad...  The Warboss managed to score a single hit on Dante, which in turn wounded, which in turn killed him... until I remembered that Dante';s Mask had nerfed the warboss, and my opponent agreed that Dante would have survived.  I amazingly made my leadership check, and then my Initiative check to Hit and Run!  Next turn would be sweet revenge!  Mephiston fared a little better, killing off several, who did him no damage in return, and ran for their Orky lives, as we both forgot that Mob Rule would have made them Fearless and killed some off instead...  Lastly, my 5-man Assault Squad died without doing anything in return...  Not impressed, guys!  My turn 3, and the DC Dread's Stormraven came in, it was payback time in Spades!  The DC Dread disembarked neatly behind the Boys who'd killed my 5-man squad... Brother Lucky was about to get his Power-Blend on.  Mephiston sedately wandered past fleeing Orks towards the Nobs, and Dante's squad also strolled back over to the Orks who'd given them a major bloody nose... Even without Furious Charge, they had some axes to grind; 3 melta shots took down 2 Nobs, one making his KFF save.  The Stormravens exploded the "live" Battlewagon, and one of the immobilised ones, the explosion doing enough damage to the Boys inside to get me the "Fire Truck" Achievement and pinning the survivors.  The Death Company joined the party, multi-assaulting the Nobs AND the fleeing Boys, turning the entire thing into a messy bundle.  Long story short, the Orks went down, a single Power Klaw to the Death Company was all they landed in the end, before the one surviving Nob was run down after unsurprisingly failing to get a pair of 1's on his break test...  Dante's squad rolled back to the objective, while Mephiston and the DC toodled towards the last mobs of Orks left.  Brother Lucky lived up to his name once more; after only hitting with 2 of his 5 attacks, he then managed to hit and wound repeatedly with those 2 dice enough times to take out the entire mob he'd assaulted!   

With only an immobilised Battlewagon and half a pinned squad of Boys left, Adam didn't have much of a turn 4...  Dante broke from his squad, and shot the last Battlewagon with his pistol while Brother Lucky rolled towards the pinned Boys, his wingman Mephiston close behind.  Amusingly, Dante managed to take a wound from the exploding BW, failing his 2+ save, but that was the last damage I took before Stormraven shooting, Mephiston and Lucky sealed the fate of the remaining Greenskins.  Total Victory to me, once again scoring over 1750 VPs!  Sadly, my luck was about to run out...  Part 3 soon!

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Re: 9th 40konline UK Tournament Report
« Reply #8 on: August 25, 2010, 02:33:29 AM »
Ok so just wanted to say I will be posting battle reports here on the weekend but till then well im so busy I shouldnt even waste the five minutes I have just be on here. Sorry Google ill go back to my desk......

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Re: 9th 40konline UK Tournament Report
« Reply #9 on: August 31, 2010, 08:00:10 PM »
Aye, was fun.  Even though I'm really achy now for some reason, as if I'd been in a tournament fight.  Wargaming for 8 or so hours isn't that easy!

My list:

Bjorn the Fel Handed - Plasma Cannon

Rune Priest - Chooser of the Slain, Storm Caller, Fury of the Wolf Spirits

Dreadnought - Multimelta

3 Wolf Guard
- 1 Thunder Hammer
- 1 Paired Wolf Claws
- 1 Frost Axe, Meltabombs

5 Wolf Scouts

- 1 Mark of the Wulfen
- 1 Meltagun
- 1 Power Weapon

10 Grey Hunters

- 2 Meltaguns
- 1 Power Fist
- 1 Mark of the Wulfen
- 1 Wolf Standard

10 Grey Hunters

- 2 Plasmaguns
- 1 Power Fist
- 1 Mark of the Wulfen
- 1 Wolf Standard

10 Grey Hunters
- 2 Plasmagun
- 1 Power Weapon
- 1 Mark of the Wulfen
Razorback - Twin-linked Lascannons

12 Blood Claws

- 1 Power Fist

Predator - Twin-linked Lascannons, 2 Heavy Bolters

= 1749pts


First game was Take and Hold against a four Battlewagon with Deffrolla and a Mek with Force Field list.  Oh, and a 10 man Nob unit which exploited wound allocation to the max.  Lovely!  And then three units of 15 Boyz inside the wagons.  And three bikers.  So yeah, sevenmodels placed on setup.

I set up my army reasonably far back from his wedge formation with multiple lines of Grey Hunters, with my Blood Claws placed further back as reserves, with my tanks and Dreads intersperced behind the Hunters.  He gets first turn, lovely.

Long story short, he gets into combat with all three boy units on turn two, after my shooting does nothing against his Wagons (yeah, Force Field...).  All three of his Mobs are slaughtered by my Hunters for minimal losses and I send them running - only two Boyz manage to escape (who then sit on an objective all game and refuse to die to firepower...).  I manage to shoot out two Wagons (forgetting they were open topped, hense SHOULD HAVE EXPLODED OVER HIS NOBZ) and took off the weapon of another in a Death or Glory attack with my regular Dread (again, forgetting it was open topped, and also confusing 3rd and 5th edition damage tables - it should have been wrecked!).  He then ran over both my Dreads with Deffrollas, scattered my remaining Hunters with Deffrollas, ran over both my tanks with Deffrollas (see a pattern?).  My Wolf Scouts showed up in time to ambush the Bikers as they tried to flank me and wiped them out however!  Last turn involved a fight with most of the remaining Hunters and Claws engaging the Nobz and taking them down to 3 models (screw you wound allocation) but also killing the Big Mek.  I made a mad rush to recapture Bjorn for the win, but rolled a crappy 1 on the run roll on my Wolf Guard survivor when I only needed a 3!

All in all, if I remembered the rules for Open Topped I'd have probably won.  My opponant 'forgot' about it until it was time to assault out of them.  Yeah.  And Deffrollas being able to attack tanks?  Yeah.  And wound allocation explots?  Yeah.  And failing to roll a 3 for running?  Yeah.

Result: Loss, but a very bloody one.  I got a huge number of victory points still as all the Ork player had left was an under half strength Boy and Nob mob with two damaged Wagons.  Not that I had much either...

Result: Loss


Game two was against Tarrin's Tau, Capture and Control.  He decided to only deploy his Pathfinders and placed them on the high ground on top of a pair of huge pringles tubes chemical containers, while I deployed my army in a long wave formation. 

I advanced on his position, with my Scouts arriving very early right behind his Pathfinders, and I chased them off the table with Bjorn's Plasmacannon.  I then forgot to charge the stationary Devilfish with my Scouts, and it proved to be a thorn in my side for the rest of the game.  Then his reinforcements trickled on, wiping out my Scouts with Stealth Suits, and Deep Striking his Shas'el to knock out Bjorn.  I then proceeded to get shot to pieces as I charged across the table at him, my Predator being destroyed, my Razorback being crippled, and a Remora taking out my other Dreadnought.  All things considered, I was lucky to capture his objective and not get wiped out!

The last turn saw three Grey Hunters huddled around Bjorn, facing two Skyrays, 2 Devilfish, a Hammerhead, 8 Drones and 16 Fire Warriors.  If they survived, I'd win the game.  Unfortunately, they didn't.  Such is life!

Game ended with me handing over a large chunk of victory points, and getting a small number in return (I killed the Shas'el, two Crisis Suits, 6 Stealth Suits, 6 Pathfinders and 8 Fire Warriors.  He killed all bar 11 Grey Hunters, 12 Blood Claws, my Rune Priest and my completely crippled Razorback!).

Result: Loss


Next up, to my surpise, was Chuckles' Tyranids.  A mix of Hormagaunts, Termagants, Gargoyles, flying Warriors and Tyrant, two Carnifexes...  Pretty much every unit in the codex bar Genestealers (okay, you get the idea).  Very balanced.  And it was a simple Annihilation pitched battle.  This was going to be bloody!

I deployed in a long firing line, with my Predator and Razorbaack on the far left to anchor the flank and Bjorn anchoring the far right with the Blood Claws holding back just before the gunline to counter assault.  Chuckles deployed in a long wave attack as well, with his flying units on my right and the Carnifexes storming down the middle, with two Zoanthropes on either flank and a pair of Hive Guard on the left.

Shooting?  Ineffectual on both sides with just a single wound on a Carnifex with an extremely long ranged Plasmagun shot and one dead Gargoyle and a wounded Shrike (flying Warrior) from Bjorn.

The fliers swooped over my right flank, and my Blood Claws charged out to meet them head on, wiping out the Gargoyles with only a single loss, while the Tyranids advanced en mass towards my line.  A few more wounds were put onto a Carnifex, my tanks were a fraction of an inch out of range of the Zoanthropes on my left (and I then moved back 6" to kite them along while still firing Lascannons ineffectually - while the Hive Guard then immoblised the Razorback), and my Rune Priest dispelled everything the Zoanthropes and Tyrvigon (however you spell it) tried to cast.  Chuckles was most displeased.  But hey, at least I wasn't hiding him in a transport!

Wolf Scouts showed up on turn three, assaulting the Hive Guard and Zoanthropes and getting counter charged by a swarm of Termagants.  Combat lasted three phases, and ended with the Wolf Scouts being barely scratched and no Tyranids surviving.  The Blood Claws were wiped by by the Shrikes, and my Grey Hunters holding the center were massacred along with the Rune Priest by a wave of Hormagaunts.  The two Carnifexes assaulted the Hunters on the left who were huddled in cover, along with the Dreadnought standing nearby - resulting in a Carnfiex being killed and the Dreadnought exploding.  Bjorn, seeing the Tyrant baring down on him, decided to back up a bit while pumping out shots at the Zoantropes, who returned the favour by blowing off his Plasma Cannon.  The Grey Hunter on the right formed a defensive ring around him, before being assaulted by the remains of the Hormagaunts that just massacred the center pack, and killed the bugs convincingly.  The last two Zoanthropes were then killed by Bolter fire.

The Strikes then got finished off by Bjorn's Heavy Flamer and charge combo, and he moved into the nearby woods to protect himself from the Tyrant.  The Tyrant itself suffered a Perils of the Warp attack, and took another two wounds from long range Lascannon fire from the two tanks.  The Grey Hunters on the left managed to finish off the second Carnifex.

Finally, Bjorn and the Tyrant engaged in single combat.  Both striking at I1, they double killed each other!

Game ended with 7 Kill Points to me, and 6 to Chuckles (poor guy only got one extra point from Bjorn being uncaptured at the end!).

Result: A very narrow victory for me!

Chuckles suffered from a lot of bad luck this game.  Had he rolled average, I don't think I would have won.  He played very well indeed, and really put the pressure on me.


Game four was Dawn of War against an infantry Ork player.  While he had a nice looking army (actually he won the award for best army, so I may be understating this) the composition was lacking due to him forgetting the case with all his vehicles in and having to turn all his objective markers into proxy Meganobz.  Hense, he had 10 Meganobz!

Basic jist of the game (since I've now forgotten much of the details due to not getting around to writing this until nearly two weeks after the event...) was his Meganobz and Slugga Boyz charging across the table at my line of Grey Hunters and Bjorn, with both sides practically wiping each other out and Bjorn wading through Meganobz in assault.  The Wolf Scouts decided to come on via the only table edge they shouldn't have, and got the grand total of a single Deffkopta kill.  The Runepriest forgot he was hopeless in an assault and soloed another Deffkopta - who had a Grabba Klaw and thus smashed the Priest's face in.  One of my reinforcement Grey Hunter packs managed to absorb a rear assault from Snikrot and his Kommandos, routing them and then blowing the Ork Deffdread sky high with Meltaguns before contesting an objective on the final turn.

Result: Draw, with one objective each and the third contested by three Grey Hunters (who, if next turn happened, would have been demolished by 20 Shoota Boyz, a Killa Kan and a Warboss on Bike).


So, I came 19th out of 24 players with 1 Win, 1 Draw and 2 Losses.  Not a great showing, admittedly, but I had fun!

Lessoned learned?  Firstly, bring a better army composition.  I lacked in real anti-tank firepower or mobility, though whenever called upon to take part in assaults (usually being assaulted myself) I found my Grey Hunters were more then a match even for dedicated assault specialists.  And Wolf Banners are a bargin!  Bjorn, while cool, is a bit of a liability.  Rune Priests, while very useful, are not combat specialists!

Also, I need to remember rules more effectively!  On reflection, there were a few rules I missed that may have actually turned the tides in some of my games.  But alas, hindsight is a cruel mistress.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who organised and ran the tournament.  I'll do my best to show up again next year!
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Re: 9th 40konline UK Tournament Report
« Reply #10 on: September 1, 2010, 05:00:19 AM »
All in all, if I remembered the rules for Open Topped I'd have probably won.  My opponant 'forgot' about it until it was time to assault out of them.

I played against the same guy and he did exactly the same thing to me.
I had no idea battlewagons were open topped until he revealed it when he assaulted out of one...
...meaning that the "weapon destroyed" and "immobilised" results I'd already scored against another two should have been far more serious.

I scored a draw against this guy, but it almost certainly would have been a win had he "remembered" to tell me about open topped.

Never mind.
Just a game.


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Re: 9th 40konline UK Tournament Report
« Reply #11 on: September 1, 2010, 04:16:46 PM »
Yep, just a game.

But its nice to win games sometimes!
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Re: 9th 40konline UK Tournament Report
« Reply #12 on: September 2, 2010, 02:35:56 AM »
OOops, i didnt know they were open topped either lol.
They all appeared model wise to be enclosed, so i presumed they were  ::)
Presumtion maybe the mother of all cock ups, heck i beat him tho, tough on you guys tho soz.

Google5, i will volunteer to be next years WYSIWYG judge if you like, may help limit this kind of stuff.
Anyways you have my number, so let me know next time if your short of help ok  :)
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Re: 9th 40konline UK Tournament Report
« Reply #13 on: September 4, 2010, 06:23:55 PM »
Battle Report

Ist Rakis Guards Tank Army

The detachment deployed in good order to Planet Bracknell, expecting to find Xenos hordes in the need of repressing. However, in the main it was deluded Space Marines that had to be contended with!

HQ – Company Commander and squad with Autocannon in Chimera with Heavy Bolter and Heavy Stubber
Troop 1 – Veteran Squad, Plasma Gun, Grenade Launcher in Chimera with Heavy Bolter and Heavy Stubber
Troop 2 – Veteran Squad with 2 Flamers, Melta gun, Powerfist in Chimera with Heavy Flamer and Heavy Stubber
Troop 3 – Veteran Squad with Melta gun, Grenade Launcher in Chimera with Heavy Bolter and Heavy Stubber
Heavy Support 1 – 2 Leman Russ with Lascannons
Heavy Support 2 – 2 Leman Russ Demolishers with Lascannons and Heavy Stubbers
Heavy Support 3 – Manticore with Heavy Bolter
Fast Attack 1 – Vendetta with 3 Twin Linked Lascannons and Heavy Bolters
Fast Attack 2 – Vendetta with 3 Twin Linked Lascannons and Heavy Bolters

Game 1

With 2 of the 3 objectives in building in my deployment zone, Troop 1 deployed on the first objective, the HQ and Troop 3 deployed on the second, leaving their Chimeras as fire platforms. Deployment was Table Quarters, so Leman Russes and a Vendetta to the left, Demolishers and a Vendetta to the left with the Chimeras including Troop 3 in the middle of my deployment – all I had to do was hold on!

Joel’s Dark Angels (beautifully painted!)  weren’t subtle, a Terminator Assault Squad with Master Belial and a Chaplain in a Land Raider Crusader was obviously going to make mincemeat out of any IG squad they came across. Turn 1 saw the LR advance, the Deathwing teleport in amongst my Chimeras and his Vindicator trundle forward (fortunately still out of range). On the right the Vendetta soon put paid to the Demolisher Cannon of the Vindicator leaving it as not much more than mobile cover, The Demolishers engages the Tactical Squads in the same area wreaking massive damage. On the left the dreaded Land Raider started to move forward, in spite of the concerted firepower of the Vendetta and the Leman Russes, all that was achieved was to knock the Multi Melta off it. However, the concerted fire power of 4 Chimeras, a3 squads and the HQ terminated the Deathwing threat (pun intended!). Things were looking not too bad.

Turn 2 saw the game move quickly towards its final pattern, the land raider continued to advance – though now less its Assault Cannon and disgorge Belial, the chaplain and the Terminator squad into the building with the objective and my squad – it was a short battle, the heroic guard never even got to swing a chainsword!  Irritatingly the Lascannon armed Dreadnought which had been lurking at the back took out one of the Demolishers, whilst  the rest of the dark Angles squads were thinned out by my remaining units.

Turn 3 and 4 saw the rest of the Dark Angels tactical squads and the dreadnought sent tot have a chat with the Emperor, leaving the Terminators and the Land Raider. Master Belial and the Chaplain tried to move toward the second objective I held but were taken down by  disciplined IG fire (and a Demolisher round).

Turn 5 saw it looking like a draw, one objective each, but the Land Raider surged forward, crashing into the building with my objective and surviving a Death or Glory Melta Gun attack to contest my objective – Rats! Foiled Again, a massive win in VP terms – but a tournament loss – I HATE LAND RAIDERS!

Brilliant game, thanks to Joel, just didn’t see the Land Raider making that last game winning move!

Game 2 in due course.
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Re: 9th 40konline UK Tournament Report
« Reply #14 on: September 7, 2010, 06:04:09 PM »
Great write up angel cant wait to hear more  :)
These are my thoughts and opinions.
I am no more right or wrong than you or any other.
I reserve the right to agree/disagree with anything i please, as do you.
Forums are an arena to exchange ideas, not brow beat and shout down others.
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Re: 9th 40konline UK Tournament Report
« Reply #15 on: September 9, 2010, 03:33:30 PM »
Game 2 (see above for Army List)

The second game saw the Rakis Guards on the trench table against Ashley. The board had a trench running right across the board on the middle line and then on the left back toward my baseline before running off the left side of the Board. The game was Capture & Control with deployment zones 12” in them long board edges and an objective in each deployment zone. The objective in my half was close to the middle in a building 12” in, the other on my left at the edge of the trench system.

One again the Guards faced Space Marines, this time Lysander and a terminator Squad with Thunder Hammers in a Land Raider (not a good omen), Kor’sarro Khan, Sternguard, a couple of tactical squads, a terminator Assault Squad, a Land Speeder, a Scout squad and a Technmarine with a Thunderfire Cannon. I deployed first, covering off my objective with a squad in a Chimera, left flank held by the Leman Russes, the Demolishers fairly central and the HQ and 2 other squads on the left planning to move forward and size the other objective. The Vendettas were fairly central ready to scout move in response to the Marines deployment.

Then Ashley deployed, or rather didn’t. Using Khan’s outflanking ability his whole army started in reserve with the exception of the Scouts deployed close to his objective and the Techmarine with his cannon.

Turn 1 saw my 3 Chimeras on the left move forward towards Ash’s objective, the Vendettas take up central positions and both tank squadrons move forward away. With only 2 targets the Guards got a bit of target practice in, leaving no targets by the end of my turn.

Turn 2 started kind of quiet – no opposition on the board, a bit of tank shuffling and the Chimeras on the left moved forward with one being bold moving 12” and crossing the trench. It couldn’t last and sure enough Marines started popping up on both flanks! On the left the Land Speeder, a Tactical Squad and the Terminator Assault squad all came on, on the right a further squad appeared. The Speeder fired to no effect and as they had moved the Marines had no weapons capable of getting through the armour of my vehicles. The assault phase came quickly, the Terminators closed with the Chimera which had crossed the trench, but the combination of strength 4 lightning claws and only hitting on 6’s meant that – apart from a few nasty scratches to the paintwork – no damage was done. However, on the right the marines closed with my Leman Russes and the sergeant managed t clamp his melta bomb to one of the tanks which was destroyed.

Turn 3 – time for payback! The remaining Russ moved forward and then brought its Battle Cannon to bear. 1 shell – 9 less marines, though the sergeant has survived, the Demolishers couldn’t bring their weapons to bear as the sergeant was taking cover (hiding?) behind the wrecked Russ. On the left the Chimera which had been assaulted pulled back and then all 3 with their squads and let rip at the Terminators and the squad, thinning their numbers in a satisfactory fashion. The Land Speeder fell to a Vendetta, things weren’t looking too bad – then Lysander arrived! Lysander’s Land Raider moved a full 12” on my right then disgorged the passengers and their Thunder Hammers, they rushed forward and assaulted the Demolishers both of which were destroyed. The lone sergeant ran out from cover and managed to clamp another melta bomb on the surviving Russ destroying the battle cannon – things not looking so good now!!

Turn 4 saw a complete failure to dent the Land Raider, but on the left the Chimera borne squads finished off the Marines and terminators. The lone sergeant on the right led a charmed life and lived to bomb another day! The remaining Russ did take down one of the Terminators with its Lascannon and the Vendettas did left Lysander standing alone – there was still hope! The Land Raider moved towards my objective, but threw a track on some difficult terrain, Lysander moved towards the objective, but still had a way to go. The Sternguard and Khan had arrived on the left, well back in cover clearly placed to make a last turn run at the objective in Ash’s half.

Turn 5 saw the Chimeras and squads move forward to take the objective and engage Khan and the Sternguard, 3 Chimeras, their squads and the Vendettas were too much and the Sternguard were scythed down leaving the Guard in possession of the objective. Lysander couldn’t get close enough to contest my objective, but even though he was down to 1 wound came close.

The game ended on Turn 5 leaving the Guard victorious (and lucky) and still hating Land Raiders – were there any Xenos in Bracknell?

Mod Edit:

Oops, forgot to mention the Marine Sergeant in Turn 4 chased down the remaining Leman Russ and finally destroyed it. He definitely gets man of the match!

Game 3 to follow in due course

No need to double post, just use the modify button as I did here for you. moc065

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Re: 9th 40konline UK Tournament Report
« Reply #16 on: September 10, 2010, 03:53:50 PM »
Game 3 – There are Xenos to purge!

The third game saw the Rakis Guards Tank Army pitted against the brilliantly painted yellow Tyranids of Mike Mitchell. The mission was Annihilation with a Pitched Battle set up – perfect for me, but probably the worst for Mike. To add insult to injury I got to choose table edges and got first turn (I’m sure the dice gods will take their revenge at some other point…)

It was pretty clear the game would hinge on whether the Nids got to me in sufficient strength to engage in close combat or not. The board was reasonably open (sorry Mike) with scattered buildings. I deployed with everyone in their vehicles as far back as possible – tanks in the middle, flanked by Chimeras with the Vendettas taking the flanks. The Manticore deployed in the far right corner behind cover.

I’ve not fought against the new ‘big’ Nids before, so the Trygon and 2 Tervigon all at T6 and 6 wounds were a big concern. Mike deployed (from my perspective) on the left a Hive Guard Brood ,  a Tervigon, and3 Zoanthropes with a Tyranid Prime. The Centre saw another Tervigon and the Trygon, together with a gargoyle swarm and the left a large Ravener brood and a Shrike brood. There was also a Termagaunt brood, but they took no part in the battle, hiding at the back!.

I won’t try and give a turn by turn account, mainly because they were all very similar. Needless to say I did a lot of shooting and Mike did a lot of running! By turn 3 only the Zoanthropes had the ability to hurt me at range, the central Tervigon was down, as were the Shrikes and the Gargoyles. The Tervigon on the left was still coming, but had taken 4 (I think) wounds. The loss of the Shrikes meant the Raveners went out of Synapse control and (rather irritatingly) legged it across the board as fast as possible.

Turn 4 saw the Manticore unload it’s last missile onto the Zoanthropes and eliminating that threat – it had done a sterling job in thinning the swarm – you’ve got to just love 3 S10 Blast templates against creatures who don’t have a 3+ save – well unless you’re those creatures I suppose! However, the Raveners now got stuck in and made short work of a Chimera on the right, the Tervigon on the left assaulted the Demolishers and the Tyrgon hit the Lemann Russes – lots of big claws etc., result no tanks!!!!

Turn 5 saw the remaining Vendettas, Manticore (with it’s heavy bolter) and Chimeras blast away at the remaining Raveners, Trygon and Tervigon – they died! Mike was left with his sole Gaunt brood hunkered down on his base line, and the game ended. It was a win 9 Kill Points to 7, so very close.

It was a good game, but not one where tactical ability was put to the test. It could not have been a worse game or set up for Mike, but he was a great opponent and he wins my prize for the best painted Army. Mike – if you want a grudge match next year I’m up for it.

[Note to self – use camera to take pictures for Battle Report next year]

Game 4 in a bit.

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Re: 9th 40konline UK Tournament Report
« Reply #17 on: September 14, 2010, 05:53:58 PM »
Teg, our very own stats guru, will do something magical with the results in the near future...

Yeah, I would probably have gotten round to this earlier if the Chaos Gods didn't somehow disable my subscription to this thread to spite me for not using my CSMs, thus causing me not to notice the results had been posted for three weeks...

Anyway, STATISTICS!!! (they're like lies, but UP TO ELEVEN!!!)

Some actual numbers are:
24 players

15 was the (sickening) top score
10 the upper quartile
the median
the lower quartile
2 was the (laughable) lowest score

8.23 was the mean score
3.17 was the standard deviation

Thanks to every I played against, whether I gained death or glory!  I think the last two games were some of the most fun games I've had for a long time.

FYI, my Space Marines W/D/L is now at 5/4/11...

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Re: 9th 40konline UK Tournament Report
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Game 4 – More Space Marines! This time Mike Murray’s Blood Angels. At least there were no Land Raiders, but there were 2 Storm Raven Gunships, one carrying the death Company and Chaplain Lemartes, the other a Death Company Dreadnought and Mephiston. Then just for good measure there was Commander Dante with a Sanguinary Priest and a full Assault squad and finally another 5 man Assault squad.

The Mission was 5 objectives with a Dawn of War deployment, the Board was fairly open, the major feature being a large building in the centre of my table half flanked by a smaller building on each side. The objectives were fairly evenly scattered across the table, one in each of the 2 flanking buildings and a further one in craters fairly near the centre point – the other 2 were to play no role in what was a very up close and personal game!

Mike went first, or rather didn’t – his whole army was in reserve! I deployed with my HQ and 2 troops on the left, one covering the objective, the second poised to move against the central objective, the Leman Russes deployed on this side, close to the central building, on the extreme right was one of the Vendettas. On the left I deployed the Demolishers on the left hand side of the central building with a good field of fire, a squad to cover the objective in the flanking building, the Manticore behind the flanking building and my other Vendetta on the left flank. Then I waited! No targets in turn 1, but Turn 2 started with a bang!

The Death Company in their Storm Raven appears as did Dante, the Sanguinary Priest, and the large and small Assault Squads – only the Storm Raven with Mephiston and the Death Company dreadnought were still to come!  The Storm Raven roared up the left (from my perspective) side of the board moving a full 24” and then used Power of the Machine Spirit to engage the Vendetta successfully taking off a Twin Linked Lascannon. Dante, the Sanguinary Priest and the 10 man squad deep struck immediately behind my Demolishers (not good!), their Descent of Angels rule allowed them to assault my tanks  – oops, no Demolishers!!  This large squad then consolidated forward in front of the central building – but in the open….

The second squad also dropped in on the left and assaulted the Manticore, immobilising it and destroying the main weapon system before it had even fired!  Time for payback!

On the left the Vendetta engaged the Storm Raven and in spite of its 4+ cover save from having moved flat out took it down. One of the Death Company died in the crash, the remainder disembarked and looked more than slightly irritated. My troop in the Chimera pivoted and both they and the Chimera engaged the Assault squad by the Manticore thinning their ranks down to 3. On the left the Leman Russes moved forward to draw a bead on Dante & Co and with a spectacularly accurate (or was it lucky?) salvo eliminated the entire group – Dante failed his invulnerable save and got minced by the strength 8 Battle Cannon – perhaps there was hope?

Turn 3 saw the second Storm Raven arrive on the right and engage my right hand Vendetta – but to no avail. On the left the Death Company advanced quickly and assaulted the Vendetta on that side, immobilising it, but not doing any damage to the remaining weapon systems. The Assault Squad that had damaged the Manticore now set about the Chimera, wrecking it and depleting the squad who were pinned.

In response, the right hand Vendetta took out the second Storm Raven depositing Mephiston and the Death Company Dreadnought perilously close to me. The left hand Vendetta took down the other Death Company members, leaving Lemartes, but succumbed to their assault. Lemartes had taken a wound and was now ‘Super Lemartes’ with strength 5 and 5 attacks!!!

Turn 4 – On the left Lemartes now finished off the Manticore, the Assault squad moved to claim the objective nearby.  On the right, Mephiston engaged the Chimera that had moved towards the central objective wrecking it and pinning the squad, the Dread moved closer, but was not in a position to engage. On the right the Leman Russes and all available Chimera firepower engaged Mephiston and the dread. The dread lost a Blood Talon and Mephiston suffered a couple of wounds, but even in the face of Battle Cannons and Lascannons his Toughness of 6 and 2+ save meant he wasn’t going down to a single hit! On the left the remaining squad advanced on the 2 marines holding the objective, closed and won the assault, I now held 2 objectives to the Angels none.

Turn 5 saw Lemartes leap to the objective on the left and unsurprisingly despatch the 2 remaining guardsmen. On the right Mephiston closed with the squad whose Chimera had been destroyed and with the Dread eliminated them. He then advanced towards the other squad holding the objective on the right. There were no Blood Angel troop units left and I still held an objective, could I still snatch victory?

Sadly, no. In spite of Lemartes falling to a well placed Multilaser shot, Mephiston despatched my last squad, the return of fire took him to his last wound and destroyed the dread leaving Mike with only Mephiston on the field. But neither of us had any troops, so it was a draw. A tense and close match, where probably the one shot that eliminated Dante and his squad saved me.

2 wins, a draw and a loss, overall 6th was a result I was very happy with. A brilliant day and 4 great opponents – thanks guys.

Next time, perhaps an Officer of the Fleet to make those reserve rolls more difficult for marines that choose not to deploy on Turn1, more melta guns to deal with Land Raiders. Food for thought!
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