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Welcome to the Way of the Waaagh! - Competition Rules and Winners supa thread, I'll be your events coordinator, and first up is a few rules I want all competitors and visitors alike to read and follow. 

• A week out from the opening of a competition I will post a new competition thread in the main section of the Ork forum describing what the subject of the competition will be and any additional steps you will need to do in order to enter.

•  Competitors should post their competition entry in the new competition thread, or if they wish, they may post a link within the competition thread to a post in another part of 40KOnline.
For example if it was a fiction competition you could post your entry in the Fiction board of 40K0 and then post a link to that post within the new competition thread.

•  If you do post your entry in another part of 40K0 please post in its title WotW - "name of competition" Competition - "your name" Submission, so that it is clear to other forum members it is a competition entry.
Ex: WotW - Short Story Competition - Dropfall's Submission

•  Non-competitors are free to comment and discuss entries within either the new competition thread, or linked posts to their hearts content.

•  Competitors have 3 weeks once the competition is open to post their relevant completed entry. If you fail to post your entry before closing day, you will not be able to be included in the vote.

• When applicable all photos must appear as thumbnails. To learn how to do this follow this link to moc065's guide to thumbnail's

•  All photos should be well lit and in focus.

•  Any and all models entered must be legal Ork units from either Codex: Orks, or any relevant Imperial Armour or Apocalypse publications.

•  You may not use a pre-painted model in a painting competition.

•  A painting competition competitor must provide a picture of their unpainted model or models they are entering before, or when they post their entry.

•  Whilst you may want to make a fancy base for your model, the only requirement for bases is that they are properly based (so paint, flock or gravel etc).

•  Please only post a maximum of three (3) pictures of your completed model/s

•  Votes should be based on the quality of the paint job, not the quality of the model/s.

• A conversion competition is about creating a uniquely modeled miniature or group of miniatures based off a GW model. It would be good for competitors to post a description or drawing of the model/s prior to posting a completed entry, but it is not necessary.

•  Converstion competition entries do not need to be painted, just properly glued togther, aka completed. 

•  Votes should be based on the quality of the conversion and whether or not the model is still/is now Orky etc.

•  A short story competition involves a competitor writing a piece of fiction based around Orks. Either from the perspective of another race, or from the Ork perspective. It would be good for those wishing to enter this competition to post a synposis of their story ASAP to avoiding story repetition between competitors.

•  Try keep the unique way in which Orks talk limited to the dialogue in the story only.

•  Once the competition is open, you are under no obligation to keep the synopsis in your entry.

•  Votes should be based on the quality of the writing (grammar, spelling etc), as well as the quality of the story.

•  A Create Your Own Unit competition involves the competitor inventing a new Ork unit, or re-imagining an old unit with no current rules.

•  You may not enter into this competition a new unit, of which you can take as many times as the force organisation chart allows, but with an optional new unique upgrade character (like Boss Zzagstrukk) which you can only take one of per army.
You may however enter a single unique unit with named characters, but the entire unit must be written as one, not seperate parts.

•  It is frowned upon for you to enter into the competition a new unit with the option of taking a new type of dedicated transport (because its a two-part unit). If you wish to do this please send me a PM and I will decide on a case-by-case basis.

•  Please make sure the formating for your entry is well presented. To see the level of presentation I expect, follow any of the "Create A Unit Competition" winners' links in the Winners post directly beneath this one.

•  Votes should be based on whether it fits with the Ork background, if the costs aseem appropriate, and if whether or not the unit is balanced in comparison to the Ork Codex.

•  Tactica competitions are about writing a tactical tutorial about a specific Ork subject; be it how to use Tankbustas effectively or Ork army tactics overall , the choice is yours.

•  Votes should be based on how useful the Tactica is both to newer players and veterans alike. Proper grammar and spelling should be taken into account, but should not be your main focus.

•  This type of competition is all about writing a piece of fiction about the exploits and background of your Ork army similar to the stories in the Galaxy At War section in the Ork Codex.
It would be good for those wishing to enter this competition to post a synposis of their story ASAP to avoiding story repetition between competitors.

•  You have one post to write your Army Background.

•  Votes should be based on the quality of the writing (grammar, spelling etc), as well as the quality of the army’s background story.

•   All the Core Rules as well as those applicable to the type of competition being run in the Additional Rules section must be followed to the letter. Breaking any rules will result in one (1) warning, and any subsequent infractions will result in disqualification from the competition if a competitor. If a visitor you will get a swift kick by a Mod.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, your events coordinator & rules tyrant.


Here's is a comprehensive list of the Ork forums competitions, and who won them.

• Create A Unit Competition - Tunnel Diver by Gutstikk

• 8 to 29/12/10 - Saint Snik's Ork-Mas Competition - DropFall's Submission - Winner of the 'Judges Choice' & the 'People's Choice'awards.

The winner of the inaugural Ork forum competitions was closely won by Gutstikk, and to him and his winning entry go the bragging rights.
Gutstikk's winning entry can be seen here below.

If you wish to look at all the entries, as well as the results of the poll, please click me.


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On battlefields throughout the Maelstrom, where the thunder of defensive batteries deafens the valiant defenders of humanity as they make their last stand across many worlds threatened by ravaging hordes of Orks, the sinister rumble of a new Mekination goes unheard until it is too late. The Tunnul Diver, an inspired contraption one-half mining equipment and one-half battlefortress, is used to break through enemy lines by tunneling beyond them and then obliterating enemy strongholds and defense weapons. The surprising speed and devastation of an assault by such a vehicle can potentially break an enemy holding force, while affording an approaching horde of Orks the luxury of a pause in bombardment.

Though Gubmut the Rok Eater claims all credit for inventing the Tunnul Diver, he had little to do with actually crafting the prototype. Instead, he imprisoned a group of Mekboys in the depths of his homeworld, Borstal Septima, a mine-prison where those Gubmut the Rok Eater captured or conquered inevitably ended up.. Chained to a lump of metal atop a pile of raw materials, and kept from murdering each other by an attendant throng of Squighounds, the only way for the meks to escape their incarceration was to build their way out of it. Each Mek added a little something to the machine to aid them in their escape, and the Tunnul Diver was the result. The front of the vehicle was made into a mighty drill, supported by two claws that moved ore from in front of the machine into its engine, where it was used to fuel the machine. As they tunneled their way out the meks modified the machine, adding wrecking balls that could be fired to bust up rock, providing a point for the drill to bite into. Later on, the meks modified the drill to house a slagmelta cannon, designed to reduce metal veins to molten slag when the drill proved insufficient, and added a vent to the rear that could give the Tunnul Diver a speed boost to power through steep inclines.

While the meks proved clever enough to tunnel their way back to the surface, Gubmut the Rok Eater had no intentions of rewarding them for building the machine he'd been theorizing. Instead, recognizing an opportunity, he had the meks thrown deep into another shaft to repeat their efforts. In this manner the first fleet of 50 Tunnul Divers was created without Gubmut ever hefting a tool in the process. Eager to implement his new style of warfare, Gubmut uses the Tunnul Divers to strike behind enemy lines on mining worlds to break the defenses of the enemies. Once in possession of their mines, the Tunnul Divers carry a crew of Meks deep into the tunnels below the surface, to expand Gubmut the Rok Eater's ever-growing line of subterranean assault vehicles, which he then hires out as needed to other Bosses while amassing an incredible personal fortune.

BSFrontSideRearTunnul Diver2141210
Unit Composition:
•  1 Tunnul Diver

Unit Type:
•  Tank

•  Slagmelta Kannon
•  Tunnul Drilla
•  Pushin Shovel
•  Boosta

Special Rules:
•  Dive! Dive! Dive!
•  Savin' You fer Later
•  Look Out Above!

• May take any of the following:
  - Armored Plates for +10pts
  - Grot Riggas for +10pts
  - Wreckin' Ball for +10pts each *
  - Grabbin' Klaw for +10pts each *
  *Maximum of two each, mounted one per side of the vehicle
• May take up to 4 of the following:
  - Kustom Mega-Blasta for +20pts

•  Kustom Mega-Blasta - As per Codex:Orks, page 89

• Slagmelta Kannon - Rock quarried by the Tunnul Diver as it burros underground is stored in a holding container on the back of the vehicle and heated into molten sludge, which is fired through the opening at the tip of the drill under great pressure for the sake of melting through objects too difficult to smash aside.
Range: 12”  Strength: 8  AP: 2   Type: Heavy 1 Special Rules: Ordnance, Large Blast, Slag Heap

•  Tunnul Drilla - A large drill mounted in front of the Tunnul Diver that permits it to bore through the hardest of substances as it digs its way under the surface, it's also quite useful in breaching enemy fortifications.
This model may treat impassable terrain as clear terrain, provided it doesn't end its movement in impassable terrain. As this model enters impassable terrain it must take a dangerous terrain test.

•  Pushin Shovel - This is a large steam shovel mounted over the drill on the front of the vehicle, used for hefting objects out of the Tunnul Diver's path or lifting enemy targets off the ground to strike at their soft underbellies with a devastating collision.
Enemy models may not make death or glory attacks against this vehicle. When this model rams an enemy vehicle, resolve the attack against the rammed vehicle's rear armor.

•  Boosta - The Tunnul Diver is capable of discharging sludge carried in its holding tank to give it a bit of extra thrust, adding greater punch when smashing into especially difficult substrate.
This vehicle may move an additional d6 inches during the movement phase provided it is capable of moving. Additionally, once per game it may reroll the results of the reserve roll to determine if this model arrives from reserves.

•  Armored Plates - as per Codex:Orks, page 93

•  Grot Riggas - as per Codex:Orks, page 93

•  Wreckin' Ball - as per Codex:Orks, page 93

•  Grabbin' Klaw - as per Codex:Orks, page 93

•  Dive! Dive! Dive! - One of the features of the Tunnul Diver that makes it attractive to an Ork Boss is its capacity for sneakin' behind enemy lines by burrowing underground.
Provided the Slagmelta has not been destroyed, at the start of your turn before making reserve rolls you may place this model back into reserves. This model always enters play from reserves via deepstrike.

•  Savin' You fer Later - When mounting Grabbin' Klaws on the Tunnul Diver, the Mekboys go to great pains to ensure they're even better at holding things in place. After all, rock walls held in place by the Grabbin' Klaws are all that stands between the crew of the vehicle and a rockslide into the next life.
Vehicles affected by this model's Grabbin Klaws suffer the effects of Crew Stunned vehicle damage.

•  Look Out Above! - Once in a while something goes terribly wrong and the Tunnul Diver doesn't emerge quite when expected, if at all. Eventually a large rift opens in the ground above it as rock falls into the tunnels below. A cunnin' Warboss can use even these mishaps to his advantage, since often the cave-in is so sudden that enemies above ground get sucked into the abyss along with the Tunnul Diver!
If this model contacts any other models when it Deep Strikes, and as a result of the Deep Strike Mishap roll is not placed on the table, place each unit it contacted into reserves.

•  Slag Heap - Units suffering casualties or vehicles suffering damage rolls from this weapon count as being in dangerous terrain on their next turn.

Both results of the Saint Snik's Ork-Mas Competition are in. And DropFall is the winner of the 'Judges Choice' & 'People's Choice' awards. To him go the bragging rights, and the spoils (Teef lots of Teef).

Here's another look at his winning entry, and below the fluff that started it all.




Congratulations to all of the contestants as they were all great submissions and we appreciate your efforts all around.
  - Skeetergod's Submission
  - Jack_Merridew's Submission
  - Dropfall's Submission
  - Angel of Death 007's Submission

To view the competitions' main thread click here. Saint Snik's Ork-Mas Competition.

No Ork has the slightest clue when or where the legend of Saint Snik began, but every Ork begrudgingly agrees after much bickering on how it began... sorta...

It was during a long winter, or was it a wintry planet? No one can be sure, but the Orks were forced to take refugee from the freezing blizzard that had been going on for the best part of a month, curtailing any rationale thought of attack; the few who had tried either frozen to death or died upon reaching the Imperial lines. The Oomie Imperials' were similarly hiding out in their warm dugouts beneath the earth, but unlike the Orks who utterly bored they were already fighting amongst themselves, the Oomies had some pansy, emperor-lovin holiday to raise their spirits and wait the storm out.
It was during one of these lightless days as the guardsman were singing another of their Gork-awful tunes that thankfully no Ork could hear; storm and all that, did a daring kommando that legend would tell you was named Snik, made his way slowly across no-mans land with a handful of very sneaky Grots behind him; all of them dressed in ridiculous head to toe thick dark red furcoats, with heavy bags carried over their shoulders.
The exact details pertaining to the events behind those Oomie lines are often contradictory, and more often than not exceptionally nonsensical, be it one Orks' version saying Snik gave every Oomie within a 10km radius an ear to ear 'smile'; to anothers' that said the Grots were doing all the knife work whilst Snik sat on his arse eating roast aurochus; to the majority favourite, that Snik went 'And to 'And with a hundred Oomies at once, not that Orks can count...
What is well known as fact; or as near as a word of mouth legend comes to fact, that hours after Snik and his Grots had faded into the whiteout of the blizzard, the Imperial lines went up in a display of explosive might.
The multitude of explosions were so numerous and powerful the ground rocked beneath the Orks feet and the seemingly endless storm abated, if only for a few seconds.
When the explosions stopped and silence settled in again, many an Ork waited for Snik to return, but Snik and his Grots were never seen again... Well at least not for a year or so when, like a furry red ghost, he came strolling into another Ork camp, bizzarely on another world. He quickly loaded up with bombs, disappeared towards the enemy, and put on another fiery display for the boyz.

Since those days the exploits of Saint Snik; as he is affectionally know, are spoken of over mugs of fungus beer by highly intoxicated Orks about how he knew an Ork who knew an Ork who had met Saint Snik, or between Yoof and Skarboy with the ever boastful 'I made em some of dem bombs'. Whatever the truth, the legend of Saint Snik and his Grots of Giving grows, year by year, Ork by Ork. If you're very lucky, and the fight has been boring of late, one day you might meet an over dressed Ork in dark red fur, with sack carrying Grots in tow. If you do, sit back, wait a little and watch another legendary explosive spectacle.

Saint Snik's a comin to town!

OD from TV:
Here for your reading pleasure, a brief history on the evolution of the Blue Jean Boyz


“The Orks just spread and spread like a plague across systems and worlds.  We can’t just wipe out an infestation like this, but today we can eliminate a portion of it.”
               ~Maethulas Rea Ath Falchu, Altioic Pathfinder

The Blue Jean Freebootas had never been much of a threat until M.38 when a Saim Hann Farseer named Morsalo Denatai Eranda sensed a future full-scale attack upon several Exodite worlds stemming from the tribe.  Those worlds would not only be devastated but would result in the slavery of their brother Eldar and the destruction of several World Spirit systems.  When she looked further into the visions along with an entourage of other fate weavers it became quite clear that these Orks were on their way to plunging several Eldar worlds into danger and were retrofitting a Space Hulk that would soon enter the warp and lead them ever closer to the Exodite system of Quanloc.  This Space Hulk was known to the Orks as the UnkaDelik and was commanded by the feared Ork Warlord GorSkul Da Great.

Worse still was that most of the various clans of the Saim Hann were engaged in a bitter war against invading Imperial colonists backed by the formidable Space Marines attempting to usurp several Maiden worlds themselves.  Thanatos of the Kerila clan stepped up with a bold plan to infiltrate the hulk before it entered the warp.  Using several Eldar ships they would attack the main space force of the Orks, while two ships would run a risky gambit.  First they would bomb a hole into the hulk, and then launch a Webway portal machine before sealing the bombsite with a portable force field generator.

Once done a strike team could infiltrate the massive hulk and plant several explosives into the hulk’s warp generators and flight systems.  Each explosive would be timed to detonate in unison, which would drop the hulk out of Warp space and spiraling out of control into the sun of the Zeltnar system.

Thanatos however was still recovering from injuries he had sustained in a crash of a Falcon he once piloted with his brother, and trusted his plan to Maethulas Rea Ath Falchu, one of the Pathfinders who rescued him from certain doom before his once valiant craft exploded.

Along with Maethulas went several other Eldar warriors, all trained veterans of untold campaigns and experience, each of them more than capable warriors.

But things did not go according to plan.

Not long after being onboard the strike team was detected and several of the explosives moved by inquisitive Ork Mekboys either unknowing of their explosive capabilities or in a desperate attempt to disarm them, they detonated in the wrong coordinates.  The Space Hulk dropped out of the Warp going towards an Imperial planet known as Banai 3 instead of the star.

As the Hulk spiraled out of control towards the planet Warlord GorSkul Da Great set off to destroy the Eldar on board ordering his Meks to “Stop dat weird lookin blue green ball dat’s commin at us!”  The Warlord attempted to rally his boys, most of which were clutching their ears to block out the warning sirens that had erupted throughout the Hulk.

Meanwhile the Planetary Defense Force had already started their offensive against the Space Hulk firing every defense laser and scrambling every ship they had at their disposal, knowing full well that it was unlikely they would be able to prevent the Hulk’s collision with the planet.

Several Orks attempted to escape in crude escape pods, some even purposefully jumped thru holes created in the ship due to atmospheric pressures that the Hulk was never designed to withstand.  As the ship screamed thru the atmosphere it began to break into several sections, the largest of which crashed into the heart of the Ocean.  When that section collided with the water Gorskull was thrown thru one of the many armor glass windows seemingly doomed to a watery grave.

The resultant crash sent a massive tidal wave that wiped out most of the inhabitants of the planet.  However the Orks survived on the wind.

Unlike other races, the Orks reproduce through spores found in their skin cells, any of which that land in a suitable climate take root and eventually spawn Orkoids such as Squigs, Snotlings, Gretchen and of course Orks.  These spores were spread throughout the entire planet, and eventually spawned several settlements the world over, which despite heavy human resistance, was destined for Ork control.

Of course the facts behind this course of events were of little consequence to the Orks, as few survived the crash, and even fewer cared as to how they arrived on the planet in the first place.

Over the centuries and many failed Imperial and Space Marine attempts at extracting the Orks from the planet several centers of Ork Kulture emerged, such as the coastal city of SkarArg, the desert palace of DelGor, the cut throat island of Kragga, the polar forest of UzGarg and the Rebel Grot Outpost of LugZod. 

Each of these areas as their own local legends such as the Mad Mek Morzog, the Pirate King Greenbeard Da Great (the amnesic former Warlord GorSkul), Da Bad Dokta Zodgul, Legendary Megagrot Furt (shh don’t let the boyz know he’s a grot unda dat Mega armor!), XagSkull the Stabby Killa, the Brew Boy SnaggaDreg, the Desert Outrider DakkaDelGor, and countless others are constantly vying for power and followers, and perhaps one day will issue forth a new Waaagh which will perhaps reclaim their predetermined destiny of destroying and enslaving the Exodites of the Quanloc System.


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