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Author Topic: The start of my new Bretonnian-Vampire Counts army!  (Read 5091 times)

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The start of my new Bretonnian-Vampire Counts army!
« on: February 22, 2010, 06:52:26 PM »
Hi everyone!

So I've decided to get into Fantasy, and have set my sights on a Vampire Counts army. I haven't fully fleshed out a background yet, but I know I want them to be an army from the Bretonnian duchy of Mousillon. I've had a few ideas... the most attractive being the newly self-appointed duke of Mousillon, the infamous black-armoured knight, turning out to be a vampiric descendent of Maldred, the last duke.

Anyway, the reason I'm posting here, is because during the assembly and painting of my last army (a Cadian/Catachan/Ork kitbash to achieve a post-apocalyptic motorcycle gang to fight in the wars on Armageddon) I didn't take any photos -- and now, I regret not being able to reminisce about its construction. :'(

So, I was gonna post a work-in-progress sort of thing, and update it as I get more models done.

So here goes.

This is my first unit of skeletons. I wanted to get some done before getting too invested, because I'm going to be painting a lot of these, and I wanted to make sure it would be bearable. They're a fairly simple kit bash between VC skeletons and Bretonnian Men-at-Arms. In the future, I'll be using TK heads and spears (with Bret spearheads), as they're easier and cheaper to acquire on eBay. As it is, I like 'em.

My first three zombies. They were tons of fun to pose, and I'm really glad because I'll be putting a lot of these guys together, too. I'm bashing zombies with bowmen for this one, as I got a bunch of bowmen from the Bretonnian battle box that I obviously can't use as a VC player. It's a bit complicated, given the differences in arm construction between the two models, but totally worth it.

Here are my first black knights. They're pretty much unconverted, just a simple head swap with some Tomb King heads whose crowns I love. It's a little simpler than I'd prefer, but ultimately, when people look at the army, I want them to see a Bretonnian force, and then do a double take, which means my knights need to look knightly. I plan on painting the horses an appropriately eerie, translucent color.

That's it for now! Next on my to-do list is to finish up a unit of black knights, so I can paint them, and maybe get some 500-point games in! My overall goal is to have a 2,250 point army done by May, in time for KublaCon. We'll see if I get there.
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Re: The start of my new Bretonnian-Vampire Counts army!
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2010, 06:49:42 PM »
Looks great Bishop! I've never seen an undead army like this but have thought about it some years back :)

I also like the painting a lot. Do you want to paint the whole army with this color scheme?

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Re: The start of my new Bretonnian-Vampire Counts army!
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2010, 08:50:25 PM »
Mousillondead, nice.

I'm not entirely convinced by the Black Knights to be honest, I think the TK heads don't really work on them. But that's just my opinion, and you said you like the TK heads, so fair play to you
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