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Author Topic: Wheel of Time special Characters (spoiler warning + needs help)  (Read 2004 times)

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Okay, I'm not a regular Warhammer player, neither 40k nor Fantasy, but I love the game (go figure) and the universes.

Another universe I happen to be a huge fan of, is the late Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time. A universe which takes fate, the nature of heroes, magic and the dichotomy of evil and good - and indeed the grey area which most of us find ourselves in - very seriously.

I'm going to present a few characters beneath, and hopefully those familiar with both the WoT and WHF will help me with the crunch - if indeed anyone exist here. :-P

(also; is it just me, or is the text-window completely insane?)


Rand al'Thor
aka: The Dragon Reborn, Lord Dragon, He Who Comes with the Dawn, Car'a'carn, Champion of the Light, Coramoor.

Rand al'Thor is the Dragon Reborn, a prophesized undividual thought to be the reincarnation of Lews Therin Telamon, the man who opposed the Dark One, closed him back in his prison, and subsequently was driven mad and begun the Breaking of the World, three thousand years ago. Although just a simple shepherd from a backwater rural community, Rand has been forced by the Pattern itself to become the leader of many nations and armies, so that the universe can sustain itself, for the Dark One is reawakening, and the time has come to close him back in.

As the Dragon, Rand is a male channeler, being able to draw upon the male part of the One Power, called saidin. Saidin has been tainted by the Dark One ever since Lews Therin defeated him. This inevitable drives all male channelers insane, causing them to be feared and hated in equal measure. Rand is no exception, and even after he has succesfully cleansed saidin, his mind still carries the taint.

Rand is also a ta'veren, an individual chosen, or perhaps produced, by fate itself, called the Pattern, to uphold the balance of the universe. Rand is the current incarnation of an archetype whose mission is to defeat the Dark One, just as Lews Therin was before him. Ta'veren cause strange events around them, bending chance and luck to their favour, as well as people's judgement. The backside is that they are inexorably drawn towards whatever purpose the Pattern has for them. In Rands case, this most likely involves his own death - something he is increasingly longing for.

As the Car'a'carn, or Chief of Chiefs, Rand is also the prophesized leader of the Aiel desert people, hardened by the Waste and internal warfare. His bodyguard of Maidens of the Spear never leave his side, and will not hesitate to kill or be killed if he is in danger. They will also not hesitate to tell him their honest opinion or play jokes on his expense. He may be He Who Comes with the Dawn, but the Aiel society is a quite egalitarian one.

Swordmaster: Rand was given a Heron-marked sword by his father when he left home, signifying a swordmaster. Lan Mandragoran trained him to be able to live up to the reputation such an item creates, and Rand later earned the title by killing a blademaster in single combat. Although he now wields another sword, he is still a master of fencing.

Little Fat Man Angreal - Angreal are remnants of the former age, called the Age of Legends. They enhance the amount of power a channelers can draw upon, and thus also the potency of their spells, called weaves.

Callandor - The Sword That Is Not A Sword, a crystal or glass-like sa'angreal. Sa'angreal are like angreal, only much more powerful, and much rarer. With Callandor, Rand can lay waste to an army of thousands, or destroy an entire city. The only problem is that Callandor lacks a mechanism that all other angreal have, which prevents the channelers from drawing in too much power. Therefore, Callandor can be as dangerous to its wielder as it is to anyone else.


Male Channeler: This gives the character certain spells.
Ta'veren: Something to do with dies, I suppose?
Car'acarn: Always surrounded by a bodyguard of Maidens of the Spear.
Blademaster: Well, good at swinging the sword.
Dragon Reborn/Champion of Light: I suppose he will have to be the commander of any army he joins.
Purchasable Items: Little Fat Man or Callandor, not both at once. One is modest but safe, the other is overkill but unstable.

Perrin Aybara t'Bashere
aka: Lord Goldeneyes, Young Bull, Wolfking

A childhood friend of Rand, and another Ta'veren. Perrin was once a blacksmith's apprentice. On his journeys he has become aware of an old talent that is awakening before the Last Battle against the Dark One;

As a Wolfbrother, Perrin is able to communicate telepathically with wolves and ask them for help, although he does this very reluctantly. Perrin also has enhanced senses, so keen that he can smell an individual person's mood, not to speak of his ability to track. He can also use wolves far away as his eyes and ears, making sure he is never surprised.

Perrin has always been a careful and calm person, preferring a simple life instead of adventures, and he loathes the axe he carries to kill with, vowing to throw it away when he no longer hates it. He also carries a hammer that he got from a smith he worked with to finally become a master smith. Perrin is also a good shot with his longbow, the choice weapon of his home region.

Ta'veren: look above.
Burly: He should be the strongest a normal human can achieve, as he's positively massive.
Wolfbrother: Supersenses, being able to call on wolves to fight for him.
Lordo of the Two Rivers: Allowing the army to purchase Two Rivers longbowmen?

Items: Hammer, Axe (although he dropped the axe in one of the later books, I think he deserves two ccws) and longbow.

Matrim 'Mat' Cauthon
aka: Son of Battles, Young Lord Mat, Prince of Ravens.

Mat is the third childhood friend from Emond's Field in the Two Rivers region who had to flee from his home when it became apparent he was Ta'veren, destined to somehow save the world from the Dark One.

Mat has always been a trickster and a charming rogue. He prefers gambling, drinking wine and fine wenches to battle anyday, but unfortunately the Pattern disagrees with him.

Like a few Two Rivers folk, Mat has strange memories of a time long gone, when his ancestors lived in a great kingdom. This is termed "the old blood singing".

Mat was once infected by an evil dagger he had stolen from a cursed city, causing him to become paranoid and slowly withering away. When the evil was healed, he awoke with holes in his memory, a stronger link to the ancient past, and an uncanny - and some would say devilish - luck.

Later, in hopes to fill the holes in his memory, Mat went through a Doorway to another dimension. Here dwelled strange beings able to bestow gifts and powers, and he unwittingly made a deal with them. Although he nearly died, Mat emerged with a set of new items and abilities; not only were his old memories restored, but all those of his previous incarnations back to the Breaking.

Mat's previous incarnations seem largely to be generals and commanders, who all made mistakes and died from them. Mat however, is able to draw upon these experiences, making him the single greatest commander in this Age, with literally hundreds of years of experience.

Mat carries two strange items; a glaive-like weapon much like a sword stuck on a polearm, which is called an ashenderei, which he uses with great skill, once besting two swordmasters-in-training at once, and a foxhead medallion which makes him immune to the One Power. (although he can still be indirectly harmed.)


Ta'veren: see above
Dark One's Luck: perhaps an even more extreme version of the Ta'veren rule perhaps?
Master Strategist: like, really good.
Items: Foxhead medallion (magic immunity?) and Ashenderei.

Moiraine Damondred, Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah & al'Lan Mandragoran, Last king of the Malkieri and Moiraine's Warder.

(note, this is based on their appearance either early on in the books, or just an average, not the latest appearance.)

Moiraine is an Aes Sedai, a part of the sisterhood of female channelers who has subtly overseen the world for the last three thousand years. Although not among the most powerful, she is no puny, and makes up for any lack of strength with pure dexterity and skill.

For twenty years she has followed the trace of the prophecies regarding the Dragon Reborn, and she is determined to do anything in her power to make sure that he is ready to face the Dark One when the time comes.

Moiraine carries an angreal shaped like a woman with flowing hair. It is presumably an angreal of relatively average power.

Lan Mandragoran is the last king of Malkier, a now-dead nation swallowed by the Dark One's beasts. When he was born, his mother and father swore his royal oaths for him, including that he would never stop his one-man-war against the blight covering his dead land. He is called Aan'allein by the Aiel, which roughly "One Man Who Is An Entire Nation", and called Dai Shan, or "Diademed Battle-Lord" by those inhabiting the neighbouring nations to his dead Malkier.

If he were to raise his standard, thousands would follow him to reclaim his lost land, but he refuses to lead more into pointless death.

As Moiraine's Warder he is connected to her through mystical means. He sleeps less, needs less time to recuperate, stays healthy despite most environments, and can sense the creatures of the Dark One. He carries a chain mail, an unbreakable sword and a cloak that makes him extremely stealthy, almost like a chameleon.


Female Channeler: Gains access to certain spells.
Item: Angreal.

Warder Bond: Some sort of regeneration or other buff you can come up with. Will never leave his Aes Sedai.
Blademaster: Duh.
Warder Cloak: Makes him... uh, stealthy? But he's a bodyguard so... maybe evasive?
Competely and utterly badass: um, yeah.
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