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Dark Heresy Eldar characters???

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i know you could just make your own career paths for the eldar and do it that way but i was wondering if anyone knew where to find some already made because me and my friends all play but i would love to create a eldar for myself.

Rogue Trader, a 40k RPG (exact same system as DH in terms of d10's, characteristics, etc.), has, in its's extremley limited Xenos section, a profile for an Eldar Corsair. Creatures Anethema has profiles for a Dire Avenger and an Ranger, along with profiles for an Eldar Sniper Rifle, a Shuriekn Catapault, and maybe a Shuriken Pistol. Other than that, its all going to be fan made stuff.

Heresypedia has an article on in-game Eldar:

Currently the only official Eldar for Dark Heresy are those listed in Creatures Anathema (The Ranger, Dire Avenger, Guardians (I think), and an Autarch-like NPC).  Rogue Trader also has the Corsair.  Creatures Anathema has stats for the Shuriken Catapult, Shuriken Pistol, and Long Rifle, but no other Eldar weapons.

I can't really see Eldar working in Dark Heresy as a regular PC.  Players are working for the Inquisition, which has pretty much sworn to kill off all Xenos.  Having an Eldar running around with the PCs regularly just feels... wrong.  Having a recurring NPC/unofficial ally of the PCs' inquisitor could work though.  But unless you're the GM that's not really a great option in your situation.

Eldar would work much better in Rogue Trader where Xenos and their equipment is much more tolerated (and in some cases prized).  And rumour has it that one of the eventual supplements/other games set in the DH/RT universe will allow players to be Chaos Cultists and/or Xenos.  You just need to wait for the books to be published.

i understand that it wouldn't work that well but i mean you can always make up something up with some story to make it legit like, "the black library has sent some of there guardians of the library to help out in the struggle against well everything except eldar lol i mean its just a game and meant to be fun and to add some eldar path options would make it that much more fun which is why i brought up this post.

Not really no. Eldar are alien, they are not just elves like in LotD, and they don't live in peace with humans like in D&D where they only practical difference is pointy ears. At best Eldar view Humans like you would view a moderately bright dog.

Most the times I hear 'it would be fun' as an excuse for doing something it makes me think that no, it would be silly.


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