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Author Topic: Arming your ICs  (Read 1152 times)

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Arming your ICs
« on: September 12, 2009, 01:36:57 PM »
Hey all!

I'm working up models for the start of a Harlequins army, and I'm kind of wondering how I should go about equipping my characters. From what I've seen, Pistol, Kiss, and powerblades are the standard armament. I can see how this affords a bit of flexibility, as well as conferring that precious extra attack. The other option I was looking at was Kiss and Riveblades. Is the loss of the extra attack worth it for being able to insta-kill with either weapon? The kiss for high T models and the blades for armoured ones.

Secondly, do you equip all your ICs the same, or switch them up? And how useful is all the fancy extra gear they can take? Dread masks look great on paper, as do Domino feilds and phase shifters. I was less impressed with the Rictus mask, and the grenades (haywire and plasma non-withstanding). What's the general consensus on these items?
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Re: Arming your ICs
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2009, 06:12:40 PM »
I tend to go low on equipment, to spend points on other things, the Solitaire being the exception. So I stick with one weapon and a pistol for Shadowseer and Great Harlequin, but I have a few different combinations if I need a kiss or riveblade or such on any of them.
I have a few differetn Solitaire models; CCW+blades+pistol, kiss+pistol, ccw+neuro-disruptor, and so on, so I can stay WYSIWYG and still radically change his role on the battlefield.

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Re: Arming your ICs
« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2009, 10:42:01 PM »
personally I love the d-field, its saved my life many a time

also I do the complete opposite. As most of the players I use harlies against know of the solitares destructive powers, he is the first to go down by shooting. Its come to my attention though that the Great Harlie gets into h2h 90% of the time. That being said Ive started to increase his wargear to make him my h2h monster, and use the solitaire as bait.

Also I love warppacks on my DJs, mobile firebase ftw :P


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