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Imperial Guard Forum Resources
« on: April 5, 2009, 06:13:34 PM »
Imperial Guard Forum Resources

"We endeavor in the darkness of battle who cannot win the fight. The time for peace is over and now is the time to die. It is the age of war and our last days must be lived amongst the sounds of our own destruction.

Abhor the Night, it is the Light that Endures!"

Welcome to the Imperial Guard Resource Thread. Contained below is a collection of the finest Imperial Guard material on this forum. Countless adepts have slaved away in the construction of this vast and ever expanding tome of knowledge. To list them all would be folly, but special thanks must be made to Nubis [dixon], Chosen Man, Dr. Ruminahui, Aliaros, Colonel Gravis, and all those who contributed directly or indirectly - or sometimes even unwittingly - to the threads below. Take some time to catch up on the famous regiments of the Imperial Guard. Be inspired by some amazing player's regiments. Enjoy a battle report, or lose yourself in a story. Browse the conversions and painting and be inspired.

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Imperial Guard Forum Resources
« Reply #1 on: April 6, 2009, 08:43:17 AM »
Regiments of the Imperial Guard:

Histories and the Codicium
Collected below are brief biographies of some of the most illustrious Imperial Guard regiments. Be sure to check out some more of the player's regiments in the Articles Section of this site. Also included is some background to our more *unique* and inspirational armies. Hopefully, this should provide the budding Commander with idea's for crafting and personalizing your own force of humanity's defenders. Periodically we run a Codicium where players may submit their armies and backgrounds. The Codicium serves as a place to for everyone to share their army in one place, and every now and then they will be sent for editing before arriving on the ever changing Articles Section linked above. The most current Codicium can be found here. (LINK TO FOLLOW)

The following material is a combination of fan-written material and Games Workshop canon, which has been sourced where possible. There will also be images used in this post, which may have an impact on internet speed.

Official Games-Workshop Regiments
Armageddon Steel Legion
- Preferred Special Weapon: Grenade Launcher
- Preferred Heavy weapon: Missile Launcher

Cadian Shock Troopers
- Preferred Special Weapon: Grenade Launcher
- Preferred Heavy weapon: Autocannon

Text credited to:
Pictures credited to: the_nash

Catachan Deathworld Veterans
- Preferred Special Weapon: Flamer
- Preferred Heavy weapon: Heavy Bolter

The inhospitable Deathworld that of Catachan is famous across the galaxy for it's deadly flora and fauna. Mantraps will devour a full sized adult, whilst brain-leaves can possess the host and make them nothing more than a dribbling servant of the the plants. Spikers shoot iron hard spines covered venomous toxins that turn the unfortunate victim into another Spiker. The Catachan Barking Toad has a tendency to explode when provoked or frightened, destroying everything in ten yards with an intense chemical reaction. Blood-wasps can strip a man to the bone in an hour, whilst Heretic-ants will secrete deadly poison into the soles of the feet. Vein worms burrow into the skin and plant their eggs, the young hatchlings devouring the victim from the inside out. The Catachan Devil, which can grow as large as two hundred feet, giant scorpions said to be descendants of Tyranid seeders which have gone feral. Any attempts to control the jungle fail, and it is only the constant application of flamers and heavy cutting equipment that stops settlements from being reclaimed by the jungle in a matter of days.

Catachan has only one thing to offer the Imperium. It's soldiery. The Catachan Jungle Fighters are perhaps even more famous than the Deathworld they hail from. If you reach ten on Catachan, you're a real man. Strong, loyal to one another and fiercely independent, the Catachans are the best jungle fighters the Imperium has to offer. They move quickly and silently through even the densest, most dangerous jungle. Often covering their rippling muscles in camouflage paint, they specialize in infiltration and stealth. One regiment even successfully stalked and killed the most intelligent and advanced element of the Tyranid vanguard, covering themselves in the blood of Lictors to mask their own scent and using the pheromones of the beasts to attract their prey. Many more enemies have fallen silently to the razor-kiss of a Catachan knife before they even realized the danger.

In combat, Catachans are ferocious adversaries, wielding long knives such as the Catachan Fang and the Devil's Claw. Their officers are real men - Colonel Iron-Hand Straken is almost half bionic, his body being sundered by a Land-Shark before he tore out it's throat with his teeth. Their bulging muscles are capable of holding apart blast doors for a time, whilst their grit and determination, coupled with steadfast loyalty to one another means few enemies can drive off a Catachan assault. In the jungle, they lay traps - pitfalls, mines, tripwires - which are a continual hazard to enemies. The largest constructed trap was a pitfall a mile wide, which engulfed an entire Ork warband. Their famed ambushes destroy enemies many times their size. Snipers tip their bullets with toxins from the native flora of their home, whilst Special Weapons Squads close in to destroy the enemy with fire and blade. Many an Imperial Commander has cause to thank the Emperor for the native skill, resourcefulness, and gung-ho determination of the Catachan Jungle Fighters.

Text credited to: Sheepz, Yilherruus, and Dr_Ruminahui

Death Korps of Kreig
- Preferred Special Weapon: Meltagun
- Preferred Heavy Weapon: Heavy Bolter

Elysian Drop Troopers
- Preferred Special Weapon: **Classified**
- Preferred Heavy Weapon: **Classified**

The Elysian homeworld is a hub for trade and commerce, making it a tempting target for pirates who operate from the many astroid fields and gas clouds surrounding the system. Combatting the pirate menace has made the guardsmen of Elysia experts at ship-to-ship combat, lightning aerial assaults, and operating in concert with orbital support.

The premier forces of Elysia are organised into Drop Troop regiments. These soldiers are carried into battle by Valkyrie airborne assault carriers, a signature unit of the Elysians, and deploy by grav chute en masse. This unorthodox method of deployment, far from friendly supply lines, is fraught with danger and leaves the Guardsmen without the heavier weapons available to their comrades in other regiments. Nevertheless, Elysians drop troopers enjoy the support of Sentinel squadrons, Vulture attack crafts and Imperial Navy aircrafts, with whom they share a special relation with. Elysian drop troop regiments also have a higher than normal propotion of Storm Troopers within their ranks, and these elite soldiers often spearhead Elysian assaults on the enemy.

Not having to rely on heavy and cumbersome vehicles like Leman Russes and artillary pieces allows the Elysians to enjoy mobility unreviled by other regiments. This allows them to setup ambushes, hit and run objectives and deployment deep within enemy lines.

Text and Images credited to: Sputnik
Sputnik's longer, unedited version can be found here

Mordian Iron Guard
- Preferred Special Weapon: Grenade Launcher
- Preferred Heavy Weapon: Lascannon

Paetorian Imperial Guard

General Gravis Field Guide to Praetorian Armies

Tanith First and Only
- Preferred Special Weapon: Flamer
- Preferred Heavy Weapon: Missile Launcher

Tallarn Desert Raiders
- Preferred Special Weapon: Plasma Gun
- Preferred Heavy Weapon: Missile Launcher

During the Horus Heresy, the quiet planet of Tallarn was virus bombed by the forces of the heretical Iron Warriors. The lush, peaceful paradise was turned into a desolate wasteland as the Iron Warriors landed.  The brave men and women of the Imperial Guard moved to repell them, but the virus bombs were so virulent that to step outside would be certain death to an unprotected soldier. And thus began the greatest armoured conflict in the history of the Imperium,  lasting seven months and costing so many lives. The wastes of Tallarn were littered with the wreckage of over a million shattered vehicles, but finally the Iron Warrior were repelled. It would never be known why the forces of chaos chose Tallarn as a target, and at the time few were still alive to ask such questions. The answer would be revealed many centuries later at "The Battle for the Cursus."

The world of Tallarn brings two major forces to the Imperial Guard. First and foremost are its armoured forces, considered elite among the forces of the Imperial Guard. Tallarn armoured companies are sought out by Guard commanders as often as possible. The experience of these forces is unquestioned, they are some of the best battlegroups in the Imperial Guard, having been involved in many conflicts. Tallarn armour can be seen in every variant of Leman Russ in existence, elite sentinel forces using every kind of pattern for scouting and patrolling, chimera mounted troops crossing vast deserts, as well as most artillery tanks providing support. It is not uncommon to see many superheavy tank aces in the ranks of baneblades to be from Tallarn. From the "Akhar Basin Massacre" on Belle Prime by the Tallarn 3rd Armoured Regiment to the desert war on Taros, Tallarn armour has lead the way in armoured assaults. 

The second force Tallarn is notorious for is its famed Desert Raiders. The raiders are the infantry forces of Tallarn, instructed in the ways of mobile guerrilla fighting. Masters of hit and run assaults, the raiders are notorious for striking out of nowhere at the heart of an enemy, and fighting their way back to Imperial lines. It is not uncommon for raider regiments to operate on their own behind enemy lines for extended periods until they have that perfect time to mount a devastating assault on the enemy. Tallarn raiders will often use local xeno mounts, horses, or chimeras for transport in these operations. Tallarn rough riders may not be as famous as other forces like Attilan Rough Riders or Death Korps Deathriders, but along with such units of raiders regiments mounted Tallarn formations are deadly. It is not uncommon to see such rough riders also using local mounts, like the Mukkali of Goru-Prime.

The people of Tallarn have a tribal culture, based in domed cities or underground in caverns carved from the planets rock. The world is covered in deserts of sulphurous sand from pole to pole. Nothing grows on the surface except for crops husbanded carefully by the people. The world has no large water sources, and vapour traps are used to collect what little moisture remains in the atmosphere. The world is a windswept desert with violent and dangerous sand storms that can strip the flesh off a man’s bones.  Despite this, the people of Tallarn have survived and prospered into a loyal world of the Emperor, or the Aba Aba Mushira. In return they offer their finest to his service, and Tallarn desert raiders are form a portion of the elite light infantry of the Imperial Guard.

Text credited to: Chosen Man and edited by Sheepz. Further information on the Tallarns and the Cursus was written by Latalis and can be found here along with Chosen Man's longer, unedited version.
Pictures also credited to Chosen Man.

Valhallan Ice Warriors
- Preferred Special Weapon: Flamer
- Preferred Heavy Weapon: Mortar

Vostoryan Firstborn
- Preferred Special Weapon: Plasma Gun
- Preferred Heavy Weapon: Heavy Bolter

Cruel and Unusual: Example Player's Regiments
Contained below are some of the different builds and armies for you to view and take inspiration from.  Joink has a fantastic example of a fully Mechanized army, comprising of Stormtroopers and Carapaced Veterans. Killersquid's Raterial Guard never cease to amaze me, proof that Guardsmen don't have to be entirely human. Wuxiong has posted his nicely themed Red Army force, showing that a simple and effective colour scheme can go just as far to theming an army as using entire Stormtrooper models or Rats! Aircav shows us some shots of his amazing airborne force, with all the converted vehicles to boot. Draginstra has provided us with an artillery themed force, using rules from the Imperial Armour books and a tutorial on Heavy Mortars that can be found below.

Joink's Mech Stormtroopers (Hyperlink to profile)

Killersquid (As above)

Wuxiong's Tiananmen Red Guards
The Tiananmen Red Guards are light infantry with enormous amounts of troops. They fight with skills of guerrilla warfare combined with massed infantry tactics. Though lacking heavy armour due to less industrialism, their skills of terrain warfare more than make up for it. This is largely because the Red Guards have proved themselves as guerrilla specialists and they seem to see themselves as best suited to that tactic. Red Guards are known to salvage abandoned Imperial vehicles.

Tiananmen was once an impoverished world. War torn by the Ork invasion and contaminated by corrupt leaders. But this changed with a change of leadership through revolution. From the ashes of that bloody revolution emerged the Tiananmen Red Guards, this was how the Red Guards were known. The Tiananmen Red Guards in turn fought off another invasion, but this time against the Tau Empire which had a larger impact.

There is now a large Anti-Tau sentiment, propaganda often demonising the Tau Empire and the Xenos. Slogans such as “Death to the Tau!” are often shouted in Anti-Tau rallies accompanied by huge red banners and propaganda posters. It is understandable how the Tiananmen are in rivalry with the Tau in every war. The Tiananmen always tried to counter every Tau plan. This was why the betrayal within the 40th Corps prompted Tiananmen to become a member world. The 40th Corps accepted this new membership and Tiananmen regiments are now seen within the heart of the 40th Corps.

Further reading on the Tiananmen Red Guards can be found here.


Dragainst (SPELL!)



Unlike many of the following replies, the articles here have been published with the consent of their respective authors. Any official Games-Workshop material has been used without permission and may be subject to copy write. No challenge to the status of these copy writes is intended. If for any reason you wish to have your submission removed or edited, please contact a moderator.
- Thanks

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Imperial Guard Forum Resources
« Reply #2 on: April 6, 2009, 08:46:45 AM »
Imperial Guard Fiction:

Contained within this dusty tome is the complied works of our talented scribes, for viewing at your leisure. Remember all fiction is still to be posted in The Fiction Board. To let us know of anything of interest which you have read or written, there is a floating topic for you to post links in. When posting in any topic besides the links one just mentioned, please remember the forum rules about old threads.

Some stories will contain swearing, violence, and other adult material. If you are easily offended, don't read them.

Pulped Fiction
Sergeant Bolkov Returns - by CheesyRobMan
- An Imperial Guard Kill Team Struggles to achieve a vital objective. Complete work.
A Stay of Execution - by cubbie
- An unfinished story, however a well written short piece about 'maintaining morale' ;).
Maiden Guard - by Khermi
- A dark one-shot set in an Imperial Guard Command Bunker.
The Enemy Within - by ShaneM
- Tensions within an Imperial unit come to a head during a Tyranid invasion.
Outrider - by Erenthal
- Completed work about a unit of Imperial outriders.
The Imperial Guard - by Mud Man!
- Basic training on an Imperial Transporter.
Valley of Death - by imperialnutcase
- A lengthy but enjoyable story chronicling the actions of an Erin regiment.
Girl - by diluted
- A dark and creepy piece about an Imperial soldier who takes refuge in a deserted house.
Saved by a Space Marine - by Ginger
- When a bunker collapses on a Squad of Guardsmen and their Marine reinforcements, Tyson struggles to escape.
Johansen and the Angel - by Disturbing_Clown
- Incomplete, I gather, but can be read as a one-shot. An Imperial Guard Armoured Fist Squad gets into trouble in a ruined cityscape.
Songs of Earth - by Locarno
- Not entirely Imperial Guard fiction, but a very good read. A long story that chronicles the brave actions of the armed freighter Songs of Earth in the Cradle Drift War.
Object of the Damned - by ImperiusDominatus
- Not so much an Imperial Guard story, but a good one-piece. CSI: 40K goes horribly wrong.
The Follies of Youth - by Damnation
- Death Korps of Krieg fight a desperate battle.
A Lucky Day - by Doofus
- A 'true story' of Imperial Guard heroism, resourcefulness, and... luck. Features dead Eldar.
Valkyrie Down - by Lord Flonky
- Ten part work which might have been inspired by the film 'Black Hawk Down' ;). Still a decent read.
Colony - by Onanon
- Story turn comic. Dark and slightly confusing, but with a certain creepy charm. Onanon has written quite a bit of fiction, all of which tends to be very good, but also very dark and creepy. I've compiled it all here, in no particular order: The Trooper, The Commissar is a Man of Action, At Home, He is a Commissar, Still, Against it All, The Commissar Stands Alone, Lesson 1, As It Should Be, Clean, Against it All, The Commissar Stands Alone (Redux?), Incubation.
Cleanse - by Sir Sam Vimes
- Orders are to be followed always, aren't they?
The Longest Road - by Ukos
- “No matter how far you go, you can always come back to yourself.”
A Stormtrooper's Tale - by Inquisitor Malak
- A Stormtrooper Squad fights the Tyranid threat, but nothing is ever straightforward.
So Dies a Hero - by CriscoCommissar
- Entertaining piece chronicling one Guardsman's life in a series of flashbacks.
Listowski's Nightmare - by bluewpc
- Listowski fights to save the men under his command, but do the acts he is forced to commit make him less human? A good, but lengthy story. I think a special disclaimer is warranted here. This story is very dark, very violent, and has quite a lot of swearing and questionable material of an adult nature. It will not be to everyone's taste.
The Dossier of Inquisitor Vandyre - by Sheepz
- An Imperial Guard Company is decimated whilst training on an unremarkable mining planet. The investigation of Inquisitor Vandyre uncovers a chilling journal.
In the Lines - by Captain Krash
- A Catachan Sergeant teaches a new recruit some hard lessons.
Armor of the Hunter - by rolling_thunder
- An Imperial Guard Armoured Company goes into battle.
Loss - by Talon Raven
- More well written background on the Avian regiments from of our veteran Officers.
Absolution - by Jorgen2720
- Relatively short. A soldier flees in cowardice, but he can't outrun his conscience.
Heaven Sent - by thegoodfish
- Probably the best piece of 40K fiction I've seen on the website (in my mind). When trooper Garagan saves the life of a Sister of Battle, it has changes the course of his own forever. Also check out Bragg's Command.
The Imperial Constitution - by Camo
- Is there such a thing? A look into the political workings of the Imperium.
Cadian Barracks - by Khorneismydog
- Inspired by the film 'Jarhead'. A take on Cadian training.
Jenna - by malicant
- Imperial Guard in a muddy ditch shooting at things. If it sounds samey, you'll enjoy the ending.
Best Intentions - by Sheepz
- A group of Penal Legionaries protect a research facility from a Tyranid Invasion as a Mago-Biologis  battles to create a bio-virus that will halt the invasion. But as the legionaries begin to disappear and turn on each other, Trooper Koval beings to suspect things may not be so straightforward.

Regimental Background
Asper Palatines - Capt.Witham
- The history and actions of the Asper Palatines Storm Trooper regiments of Imperial Guard.
The Etheran Snow Hounds - by Nosferatu
- In depth backstory to the Etheran Snow Hounds. Includes pictures of the regiment.
The Avian Regiments - by Talon Raven
- Background for the illustrious Avian Regiments of the Imperial Guard.
The 0th Anomien Guard - Onanon
- Backstory to a tragic, flawed, and engineered Imperial Guard regiment.
34th Solinus Stormtrooper - by Samurai Ichirou
- Planetary information and Ops Report
Vertane 82nd - by Valar
- Urbanized regiment of the Imperial Guard, with information regard planetary disposition.
181st Stygian - by Psycho Mantis
- Information on the system containing the famous Stygies forgeworld. Could it be?
Churakee Rangers - by Sheepz
- Information on the planet of Churakee and about the Ranger Regiments.
9th Belkurus - by Ajo79
Volyak XXI Rifles - by MajorMcNicol
The Benatarian Regiments - by Gornon
Marutainian 97th Infantry Regiment and 98th Armoured Company - by CommissarBartholome u
Nerconian Snowguard - by Jackofblades

Most of the fiction currently in the Articles section is of Imperial Guard nature. Contained within is Foleran War - a lengthy but entertaining piece by Ailaros, and several other nice bits of writing, some of which may be repeated above. I would have linked Foleran War, but a website defect prevented me from retrieving the first section.

Various works have been placed here at the Moddissar's discretion and without the consent of the author. If you feel a particular piece of writing has been missed, don't hesitate to drop us a personal message, linking the thread and telling us why it should make the cut. Also, give us a message if you wish for whatever reason to have your work removed from this list. We've aimed for completed works only, and those possessing substance and a decent standard of English.
- Thanks

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Stories remaining to be read:
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Imperial Guard Forum Resources
« Reply #3 on: April 6, 2009, 09:49:11 AM »
Imperial Guard Battle Reports:

News from the frontline is flooding in. This vast wealth of data has been downloaded and assimilated from our pict skulls by our most learned Tech Moderati. Take a few moments to learn some valuable lessons from these Battle Reports.

All reports contain pictures or maps. If you have a slow internet speed, you may experience some problems.

Imperial Guard against:
Chaos Space Marines


Dark Eldar



Ordos - Daemon and Witch Hunters


Space Marines
Raterial Guard vs Space Marines -by Killersquid


IG vs Tyranids, 1850. - by Badmovies.org
IG vs Tyranids, 1550. - by badmovies.org

Various reports have been placed here at the Moddissar's discretion and without the consent of the author. If you feel a particular battle-report has been missed, don't hesitate to drop us a personal message, linking the thread and telling us why it should make the cut. Also, give us a message if you wish for whatever reason to have your reports removed from this list. We've aimed for picture reports only - since these have the greatest quality - and those possessing substance and a decent standard of English.
- Thanks

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Imperial Guard Forum Resources
« Reply #4 on: April 6, 2009, 09:59:32 AM »
Imperial Guard Projects, Conversions, and Painting:

Contained in our data-banks below are completed Imperial Guard projects, including various super-heavies and other odds units as well as more general armies. We also have conversion tips and tutorials to help the Imperial Guard modeler, and painting tips and tutorials for getting those uniforms looking just right. If you are after advice on a conversion, painting, or looking to start a project, remember to post in the relevant boards. If you want to showcase your Imperial Guard Army, of view pictures of other player's armies, we have our own dedicated thread which will provide plenty of opportunity and inspiration.

Most, if not all of the links below will contain pictures. As above, this may affect your internet speed.

Conversions and Modeling
Heavy Mortar Conversion Tutorial - by Armored Kangaroo
Hoplite Sentinel Conversion Tutorial - by Parak
Heavy Bolter/Stubber Conversion Tutorial - by captain_custard
Cadians to Stormtroopers Conversion Tutorial - by Markay
Lasgun Conversions - by Parak


Building a Baneblade
Imperial Dropship
Brother Argo's Steel Legion

Your IG Army
This wonderful thread can be found here. It showcases contributions from all over the world by our members and contains some awesome conversions and inspired paint schemes. It is the only place outside the various modeling boards for you to showcase your Imperial Guard army, and is certainly the best place for it! This is also a floating topic. If for whatever reason it somehow drifts from the frontpage, there will be no repercussions for anyone posting pictures of their army in this thread. However, comments bring it back to the top for the sake of a 'wow, great' will still be treated as threadomancy or spam.

Imperial Guard Painting Competitions
In addition the the army thread, the board periodically holds painting competitions. A link - and congratulations - to all of our previous winners.
Good job!

Some of the threads linked in this section have been done so without the permission of the author. If you wish to have your thread removed, please contact a moderator. Any threads you feel should be present but aren't, drop us a link via personal message. Threads here are based on merit. They should be completed or at a stage near enough to completion for them to be viewed without a full conclusion. They should be legible, and contain pictures of your work where appropriate.
- Thanks

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Re: Imperial Guard Forum Resources
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Valhallan Ice Warriors

-Preferred Special Weapon: Flamer
-Preferred Heavy Weapon: Mortar
Valhallans have a formidable reputation for unwavering courage when on the defensive; normally the only way to capture ground held by Valhallans is by wiping them out. When attacking, they combine massed artillery barrages with Infantry wave assaults*1 - few can withstand such tactics. After destroying the Orks on their home world, regiments of Valhallans joined with other Imperial Guard to rid many worlds of Ork invaders*2. Always the Valhallans fight with the same determination that they displayed in the ice cities of their home world. In battle their courage and resolve earn them the respect of other regiment all over the Imperium.


MORE INFANTRY INFO PLEASE. 1 Paragraph would be great. Just some suitable Platitudes about them charging Orks with rusty bayonets or saving Graxalax from falling into turmoil (without spoilers :P) or being completely at ease on any frozen tundra. Something like that.

The 54th are known to have fought in the 13th Black Crusade. *******

The 93rd Valhallan fought in the Soldane Campaign in M38. ***

REMOVED DISTINCTION. Added underlined to smarted it up.

In addition to the massed waves and tenacious defense championed by Valhallan infantry, they also have a number of illustrious armoured divisions which have seen action in some of the more famous conflicts in an enternity of war. The Valhallan 8th are known to include Leman Russ Demolishers and have fought on Sallan's World. ***** They also include a Leman Russ Executioner which fought in the Advance on Sallan's Point. ***** It also includes a Destroyer Tank Hunter which was put on sentry duty defending a fuel or ammunition dump. ***** The Valhallan 14th is a force which took part in the Gravalax Incident under Lord General Zyvan. ***** and ******

The 28th are honoured among the tank armies, being allowed to carry a red eagle symbol. It includes at least one Leman Russ Vanquisher which is the second vehicle of the first squadron of the first company. It is also known as N-company. ***** It also includes a Leman Russ Exterminator as the third tank, fourth squadron, fourth company. Known to have taken part in the Retreat to the Auriga Parallel on the Ice World Adhara. ***** Also, a Leman Russ Conqueror is present and has subtle camouflaging unlike the other tanks in its company or squadron. ***** The Valhallan 1st Heavy Tank Company is attached to them. *****

The Valhallan 193rd includes a Stygies VIII pattern Leman Russ Vanquisher and took part in the Defence of Canaan's World. One was the first tank of the first squadron of the third company. *****

Valhallan 1st Heavy Tank Company
The 1st Heavy Company includes a Mars pattern Shadowsword which is the third vehicle of the company. The company is attached to the Valhallan 28th Armoured Regiment. *****

Notable Valhallan Ice Warriors
Captain Kubrik Chenkov - Valhallan Captain
Sergeant Helvstok - Valhallan Sergeant
Commissar Ciaphas Cain - Valhallan Commissar (although he wasn't born on Valhalla, Cain spent the majority of his early career serving with the Valhallans)
General Jenit Sulla - Served with Commissar Cain with the 597th, later was promoted to general

*1Codex Imperial Guard 4th Ed.
*2AUS WD 286
*3Codex: Imperial Guard 3rd Ed.
*4For The Emperor by Sandy Mitchell
*5Imperial Armour
*6Ciaphas Cain: Hero of the Imperium
*******The Thirteenth Black Crusade
********Warhammer 40000 Rulebook 5th Ed.


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